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Employee Grievance Form [Grievance Examples & Templates]

An Employee Grievance Form is a document may contain employee expectation and dissatisfaction with the management or person. It will be inputs for the grievance procedures. Even through the grievance form company can resolve internal dispute.

Typically, employees to be expecting from company to provides respect, realistic job preview, adequate compensations, and safe working environment. During the job in case of any internal or against management, any internal dispute or dissatisfaction is raise. That results require to fill out employee grievance form to identify actual causes to resolve it.

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Actually, it can be very serious matter for the business management if they avoiding a complaint from employees. Dis-satisfactions, and internal dispute may be convert into the chasm. Hence for the management each employee grievance is important to resolve through communicate with employee, and understanding the grievance for resolve timely.

Common reasons of the utilization of grievance forms

Internal dispute between employee can be serious for team management, even for the company. Hence, it should be solving it as possible on time. But the details of any dissatisfaction or any dispute can be only realizing through any written document received from employee. Hence, management also provides a standard grievance form to employee if any hint gets from the group or teams. Here are some common purposes or reasons for utilizing a grievance forms:

  • Through the grievance form, management can identify the troubles having with any individual employee or group.
  • The form can be input for the further investigation, to find out the proper solution in response of issue submitted in form.
  • The details will be help to management to better understand and exact the details behind the grievances.
  • It is obvious that the management get know the reasons behind the individual performance, and assessments if poor performance identified.
  • On reviews of bunch of grievance forms, management may identify common issues, solutions and cautious with avoiding such issues within the organization.

Typically, the employee grievance form is one of the important document through management can know the extract details about grievance. Even more, it may also have disclosed the details of internal dispute among employees or group. Mostly, the reasons could policy, harassment, or violations of employee’s rights. Hence, this form is great way to collecting the details of any internal dispute of employees.

The causes that may results in grievance

In the common word, grievance means any kind of dissatisfaction, either It is a victim of discrimination by management, or internal disputes due to any reasons. When employee feel that something happening unfair with him on job. It can be one of biggest factors that may results grievance. In organizational environment, a grievance may arise due to several factors are: (1) Poor working condition, extreme rules & regulations, labor laws, unfair treatment in promotion, etc. Here some instant causes that may results in grievance:

Work Environment (Working conditions)

  • When employees feel uncomfortable in work environment, such as poor safety, bad physical conditions, working types etc.
  • Usually, management is responsible for providing a tools and spares, but if unavailability of proper machinery, equipment, tools & spares may cause dissatisfaction.
  • In some cases, negative approach to disciplines can be one of the reason for that.
  • Every company want to grow fast, but they forgetting limits of humans and even machinery, hence they defining unrealistic targets that may impossible or hard to achieve for employee.

Inter-Personal reasons

  • Normally, poor communication, reliability, internal dispute, etc., can be results of poor relationships with the team members. The performance of team members can also down due to results of grievance.
  • Sometime, top management, leaders or superiors’ autocratic decisions, leadership styles can be cause of dissatisfaction among team members.
  • At employee or team members side, normally employee should follow the orders and instructions strictly. In case of any misbehavior cause of poor relations with seniors can be reason of internal dispute.
  • Conflicts with peers and colleagues, is on the hidden and important factors can be cause of dissatisfaction and dispute.

Management Policies and Rules

  • Wages Rates may common and obvious reason of dissatisfaction of employee with organization. Normally, every employee expecting good wages from company.
  • Some Human resources policies, such as leave policy, overtime policy, overtime related rules etc., can be major reason for the dissatisfaction.
  • If the management clearly define the roles and responsibility will be make picture each one’s role in the process. But if it is unclear may results role conflicts at any workplace, unit even at each department.

Some other reasons that may also causes of the internal dispute and employee’s dissatisfaction such as lack of personal career planning, skills of worker, job responsibility, improper planning etc. These as above various sources of grievance may require to solve early as possible, to eliminate possibilities of losses of individual as well company.

Grievance Procedure

The employee grievance is a systematic process that may needs to follow entire procedure step by step. Usually, In the procedure, the formal written form or grievance form moves one level to next level until reach at higher authority. The authority verifies the details, investigate the issue, and identify solution to finish the internal dispute or any dissatisfaction. Here are the usual steps that to be describing the common procedures:

Discuss complaint with senior

Usually, any complaint between about any type of dispute or dissatisfaction with company can be needs to solve at low level. Normally it will be good to solve in the first discuss with senior. At the initial stage of the complaint from employee, it is good if supervisor, senior person talks with both the parties and solve at first discussion table. If grievance to management can also need to discuss by employee to senior person.

Submitting form to human resources

This is the second step of the grievance procedure to submitting complaint form to a Human resources consultant for the further review and actions. Normally, submission process is conducting by employee, whenever employee feels that the complaint will not be resolved during the primary discussions. To follows the second step of this procedure, employee will be preparing and submitting form for review at human resources department, as well at next level of authority.

Reviews at second level team (HR, Consultant, Supervisors)

Usually, the at the second level of the management can be performing any type of application, issues and points which are outstanding for organization. As usual, at the second level team are review the complaint with associating with human resources department. Normally this team will be review entire process, event, and discuss on various related points. As on end of the discussion, team will be deciding to either reject, partly accept or accept the complaint. On the acceptance of the complaint mean team will be preparing plan, points or any document to establish resolution process as draft.

Final Appeal to Top management

If the complainer is not fully satisfying with the middle or second level of team decisions, drafting or actions, that employee should be free to appeal to top management. Once the employee submitting their primary details of forms, reasons of dissatisfaction of second level decisions, and grievance details. Later on, top management will be review the entire details for further actions and communication. Might the management will provide a final written response to employee with proper solutions, or details for the enable to close the grievance form.

Usual time scale of discard of complaint

The time limits for escalation & discarding of any complaint from employee can be varying due to organization’s internal policy, and procedures. Even it is also depending on the type of complaint, at which level of complaint and against whom. The top management is final authority for the accepting or rejection of form. Hence, in between the time is important part that will be taken at part of the procedure.

How to handle grievance procedure? – Step by step

  • First of all, it should be clear that the issues or details of grievance form. Whether requires to be resolved through formally or informally.
  • Second step can be identification of personnel or representative of management, who able to handle the entire process. The select an appropriate person to deal with the grievance procedure systematically.
  • On base of the grievance information, as well feedback from co-workers, interview of grievance should be collect and use for reviews. The method, communication, and investigation process should carry out on base of the evidences.
  • At the on step, management should be invite the employee for the meeting to discuss on the grievance topic. Even, also should be involve the senior of the employee.
  • During the meeting, communication, interview through any medium, you have to get on the note to understand, what actually employee expecting from the grievance process. Given the opportunity to employee for explain the details of their grievance.
  • In case of team comes on any decision, it should be informing the employee in writing of the decision. Even more, also should explain in the draft of decision, why team reached at on these decisions.
  • If the employee is not satisfying on the outcomes from the grievance procedure, what actions can employee take and what are the rights for further appeal against top management.

Employee Grievance Forms – [ Excel & PDF Formats]

The employee grievance forms may help to outlines the structural details of employee’s complaints, and details that may help to conduct the grievance process. Usually, it may contain the details of events because grievance occur, details of violated policy, procedure or name of person against complaint registered. Actually, creating a forms with limited resources, and time can be costly for the business peoples. Hence, here are some ready made “Employee Grievance Forms” are available for Download. These forms are absolutely free of charge, evermore these forms are created in excel sheet, which makes these forms more flexible, and easy to use. The forms will be helpful you to understand and used as reference for creating your own forms for your business.

Free Employee Grievance form

Grievance form Example
Employee Grievance form

Download Grievance form in Excel | PDF Grievance Form Download Free

Typically, in the employee grievance form template may contains the various information related to grievant. It may include employee contact information, details of the date and time of the occurrence, details about the issue or violation, and names of the people involved. Here we tried to prepare the employee grievance form may helpful for your business. Normally, the grievance form will be help settle sensitive condition in department. Actually, the role of this form is very important in the entire grievance procedure. Because through the form, all the communication, investigations, and decisions can be needs to conduct.

Printable employee grievance form

Blank printable employee grievance form
Printable employee grievance form

Free Black Printable Grievance Form for Excel | PDF Form download

Employee prepare and submit the grievance form to human resources department and also used for discuss with seniors. It is obvious that they need hard copy of the form, which will be taken for discussion. Hence, it is important that the form should be easy for print to make the comfort copy in paper. Here as you can see the above grievance form is very easy to print with multiple paper size. You can download soft copy, and modify as per your requirements.