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Employee overtime record sheet template for excel

An employee overtime record sheet keeps note of the employee’s daily hours, especially the hours additionally done to their job. This document may contain the individual employee’s additional hours extended of time beyond the minimum working hours.

Actually, the working hours and the policy for overtime should be clearly communicate to all employee of the organization during joining. It is organization’s responsibility to maintain records, communicate and pay the overtime of each employee on monthly, weekly or daily basis. Generally, Human resources department is maintaining overtime records of each employee. It may be monthly, weekly or daily pay scale / period.

Employee Overtime record sheet template

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Employee Overtime record sheet template


This is standard employee overtime record sheet template used to manage employee regular overtime hours. Overtime sheet may include the date, description of duties, overtime from and end time, and total additional hours worked.  It can help to organization for analyze the exact duration for which an employee had done overtime. Actually, this is the shows as balance sheet of time and payable amount to employee against its working hours.

You can maintain this overtime record sheet weekly or monthly basis, even it can also manage records for a year. The standard practice of human resources department is verifying the working hours and overtime hours of each employee against the production hours and approve the overtime hours for payment.


Monthly Overtime sheet template in excel

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Monthly Overtime sheet template in excel


This is simple overtime sheet maintain a record of the monthly overtime of an employee. The document contains the simply date, in-time and out-time, total overtime hours, reason for overtime and approvals from authority. But this information will help to track the individual employee performance, dedication of their job and calculations for the overtime. Generally, the calculation of overtime hours and its payment be accordance to daily wage of individual employee.

In the monthly overtime sheet template calculates daily overtime hours and payable amount. And end of the month, total net payable overtime amount is calculating. Human resources department is verifying the records and pay accordingly.


How to manage overtime hours of employees?

  • Generally, any organization cannot employ any employee more than eight hours in any one day and more than forty-five hours in one week on regular working hours. but in case of excessive works, it is possible employee has to work overtime hours.
  • If in the event of work overtime or extended night shift works, it is important that consent of employee will provide to organization.
  • However, overtime hours for any employee should not exceed government rules.
  • There must sufficient transport facilities provided by the organization to use in an emergency.

How to calculate overtime hours of employee?

  • Every organization may be having its own overtime hours pay policy, but generally, when any employee paying extra time over regular working hours, employer get paid for exceed time period. In some organizations are paying one and half times hourly rate for overtime hours worked by employee entitled for overtime, and on Monday to Sunday and on regular days.
  • The hourly rate of employees shall be calculating = monthly salary / total working hours (8 hours-daily x working days) = hourly rate


Generally, overtime amount is depending on the overtime hours given by employee to their job. Human resources department calculates the number of hours of individual employee. Later on overtime amount is include in the total salary amount, same the employee gets paid. The impact of the overtime system makes positive for the encourage employee for more dedicated and extra works. Actually, it is beneficial for the employee as well as company too.