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Product roadmap template – Excel Word PDF format download

A product roadmap is a visual document that mapping the product’s targets, milestones, and stages of development describes on timelines. It may contain strategic planning steps for executing product development stages on estimated time period. This is the one of the best tool for businesses can implement their product development dynamically.

Actually, the roadmap is a tool used for graphic presentation of product development stages, and estimate the completion of product to support of allocation of resources for particular time slab. This roadmap template may help to management for allocate a budgets to complete the development of product on time.

Overview to product Road map

A product roadmap is a structural plan for presenting development stages on graphic views. Normally it is set of business objective needs to achieve on time. It may lead the information for direction of your product & related activities. This information will help the management to take the decisions through review the progress of the project. Even more, product roadmap helps for the allocation of works to internal teams, resources management and assist to arrangement of operation.

What can be purpose of roadmap?

The purpose of the roadmap is a strategic plan that describes a targets / and or wished outcomes. That may also include development stages / milestones to reach defined goals. Even it will make an easier the complex processes and path of achievement through visual with simple method. That are the reasons normally businesses are prefer to make a product roadmap.

What can be strategic roadmap?

Normally, it is hard to defines separate common roadmap and strategic road. I believe every product roadmap is strategic. because roadmap is self-presentation of visual plan for state path to achieve long and short-term goals.

Actually, the product roadmap provides a visual framework to guide the management to easier for effective actions for improvement in development. Visual presentation enables management in the business to clearly understand require actions, and decisions require for positive directions.

Product Roadmap Template – Excel / Power Point PDF format

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Product Roadmap Template


This is unique roadmap template designed for mapping the development stages, functions and timelines for the business. In this example roadmap you can plan the product, normally objectives and mapping sequences of processes to meet the goal. Even more you have highlight specific part of the processes, tasks or on time that you have to needs for improvement. This template may help you to improve the functions by reviews the step of each process of the map as needs at real activities.

The template may contain the steps information that needs to successful achieve the goals. It may include product details, goals and targets, initiatives, releases, features of the products, require time to complete, and status of the whole development stage. Normally, these details are common in the product roadmap. Here all the require details are tried to incorporate in this template. Even you have to include more specific details you can add simply.

Product Roadmap Template – Free Excel Sheets PPT slides download

Product Roadmap excel format, Product Roadmap format, Product Roadmap samples, Product Roadmap example, Product Roadmap Template excel sheet, Product Roadmap Template download
Product Roadmap Template


This is simply timeline based product roadmap template that may include a various feature that help to describe the roadmap for the product. The template made with excel and support of PowerPoint support. Hence it is easier for the everyone to modification and improve it as business requirements.

Creating a product roadmap is not tough job, but the important is the roadmap uses high-level graphic and visualization that should be easier for understand for everyone. This template as you can see, it is quite simple and professional appearance that is important. Naturally the product roadmap template provides a sustainable framework that will be easy and flexibly set for your business. Even more in this template, you can describe the objectives and goals separately.

Benefits of product roadmap

Naturally, when you are doing something in the business, you could expect maximum benefits from it. Same things that you making a product road map, you expecting more benefits to achieve quick your goals. But you should be choosy about that, before the making a product road map which type of road map is perfect for your business. Even, how to maximize the benefits can get to select right platform, right contents and right directions. It is much important for your business that perfect document can gives an advantages for your running business.

#1 Communication & Participation

It is fact that nothing can replace the importance of communication & participation while planning your product roadmap. Actually this is the essential part of the management system. You may get the inputs from wide range of individuals to assist for making a product.

Now days, the business strategies are being change across the globe. Business management are trying to involve more workmen and employee in the management decision. They expecting to state communication between various levels of manpower and management. When you talking about the product development, it would be extremely necessary to share the product strategies to all the employees in the organization. Hence, it may be helpful to reduce the communication gap, receive new ideas from expertise from workmen, and competitive product ideas from customers, vendors and interested parties.

#2 Well-focused Product vision

This is the opportunity to get an insight the “product vision” in the roadmap planning. When the product vision is well understood by all employees can get real the benefits from the product. Normally, each product started with its own vision, and explanation for can get proper way to know, why the product was conceptualized in the first place. Through the product roadmap on focused product vision can get better opportunities, journey of development, objectives and goals and effective market placement.

#3 Managing overall backlog of the product

It is hard to decide when you are creating a process of backlog for the product. what really needs to include in the product backlog is very important. A product road map planning can be help to understand the existing status of backlog is valid and still aligns with business vision. Actually this is the time that you can compact your list into a more reasonable backlog.


Remember that, there are some things that you have to needs to focus and include in the product roadmap. It may include the product strategy, releases, features, goals and objectives, specific milestones, estimated costs etc. This information of product road map may be lead your overall project effectively.

This is the one of the best tool for businesses can implement their product development dynamically. Normally it is a part, significant part of a management peoples for regular works. If roadmap maintained correctly, it may help to review strategic objectives, tracks of development.