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SWOT analysis is a framework used for study of business or personal, to identify its internal strengths and weakness, external opportunities and treats. Actually this is simple technical model helps to evaluate both the side good and weak. This model may able to measure and assess the actual condition of present situation.



  1. Introduction to SWOT Analysis
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  3. SWOT Map
  4. SWOT Analysis template excel
  5. Blank SWOT Analysis template
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  7. Editable SWOT analysis template
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Introduction to SWOT Analysis

Any small or big business, once comes at on stage when it becomes necessary to evaluate their internal and external condition. Generally, in business, dozens of decisions are taken at place for various objectives. Those decisions can be impacts on long or short terms. Hence, it is very important that before take any decision needs to analysis the present situation. There are many techniques to analyze condition, which one of the most popular is SWOT Analysis. Because it is expose both the side of views of any business or person.

Actually, “SWOT” word is made by first letter of the words, those are Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. All four letters are major element of this analysis will cover overall view of objective. The basis of the analysis is to define an objective, and then use the analysis to determine what internal and external factors may support or hinder that objective.

2 x 2 Matrix | S-W-O-T Table

Simply there are four columns table formatted matrix that represent in a 2×2 matrix. Probably, SWOT analysis can be create in simple four columns table, which formatted in a 2×2 matrix. All four columns represent all four basic elements of SWOT analysis which may showing internal and external factors respectively. Generally, a table describes categories with top two columns as internal factors and two external columns at below. You’ll find templates for excel with simple formation, even you can include additional data in your analysis. Hence, this may be helpful to you for customize information, table and improve your analysis by simple way. Here you can see the sample SWOT Analysis Table for reference:


Map of SWOT Analysis | S-W-O-T Mapping

SWOT Mind map or SWOT – Map for analysis is a graphical technique. A SWOT analysis Map is representing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of an organization in simple graphical network. This map will help you to identify potential internal and external factors that affects your objectives. Hence you may able to make a perfect and strategic decision for improvement of objectives. Actually, its describes the balance of your both the sides that is positive and negative. For your better understanding, here simple example given as below:



Here is some important template of SWOT analysis may help to make the basic framework for your analysis:


SWOT Analysis Templates


SWOT Analysis template excel



If you have plan to develop new product, or improve the sales of existing product, you have to make sure by conduct SWOT analysis. Now days, it is very hard to stand in the market due to too much competition in the market. Hence, before take any decision for new product introduce or improvement in existing product can be drop your market share if had not taken necessary steps. So what to do? – Analysis the data from market, mean self-comparison by SWOT analysis with competitors. Identify our Good and Bad part that hinder your business objectives.

To making a standard format for the SWOT analysis can be time consuming job. Hence, here you can find readymade format which will help you to do quick and by easier way. This template will help you for self-comparison with your competitors. It will make the comfort to identify your weaknesses and threats which will making your business down.

Blank SWOT Analysis template



This blank SWOT analysis template offers single matrix with summary for analysis. In the template you can enter your identified information and analyze both hindrances & opportunities associated with the proposed objective. Here you can able to summarize your collected information specifically, which may help to comes on right decision.

SWOT analysis is widely use technique for regular projects. But this may also can use for the personal SWOT analysis. Even contents will be different for the analysis of both the type that is business and personal. Naturally this will help you to understand your strengths, weaknesses, skills and possible improvement.

SWOT Analysis template word



Here is different type of the SWOT analysis which may help to go dipper to your business objectives. This template may help you to understand your current and future projects. You can make the plan and road map for your upcoming project on base of SWOT analysis. Here some example that may help you to understand what really have to do by this template:

  1. Strengths: A resource or capacity of the area that can be used effectively to achieve objectives now or in the future.
  2. Weaknesses: A limitation, fault or defect of the location that likely will hinder achievement of objectives now or in the future.
  3. Opportunities: Any favorable situation present now or in the future in that particular area.
  4. Threats: Any unfavorable situation that is damaging now or could prove damaging in the future.

As above you shown, all four basic element of the template described particularly, for each field you have to enter the texts for complete each one. So that, it will make at complete picture which will gives an understanding for analyze further.

Editable SWOT analysis template

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Editable SWOT analysis template


I have personal experience that, most the businesses are ignore SWOT analysis for starting any new project due to limited time. Hence we inspire to save your time and providing ready made template which will gives you comfort to complete SWOT Analysis. This template is fully editable in excel application with easier moving fields. You can edit this template as your internal requirements.

Personal SWOT Analysis template



For the instant personal SWOT analysis, this template is perfect for your needs. This template is made in simple excel application, which will provide a complete control. The template may include all basis analysis elements are Strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Even you can examine your professional strengths, and weaknesses.


SWOT Analysis Summary

Summary of the SWOT analysis is final step of the analysis. Which may explain the overall report as conclusion of analyzed factors. Hence, it will be set as end of the SWOT analysis to easier for reader to understand overall analysis conclusions. Moreover, it may include a most important points which highlights the major potential views.