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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Template | Free Visio Excel Word PDF

A work breakdown structure is a key tool for breaks the project into manageable smaller components. It may be used in the project management and systems engineering to organize works in deliverable oriented parts. Actually, breaking a works into manageable sections can be effective for execution.

Actually, Work Breakdown Structure [WBS] is an essential visual tool can be used for defining hierarchical structure to more effective, and track the works. Structural breakdown of the project into small components, can be helps to focus on priority and important works. Even it will more effective to accomplish the works and easier for organizes the teams’ work in sections.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview to work breakdown structure
  2. A Beginner Friendly Guide to Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  3. Work Breakdown Structure Templates – WBS Samples, Examples & Formats
  4. Work Breakdown Structure Purpose and Limitations
  5. Benefits of Work Breakdown Structure [WBS]
  6. Why WBS [work breakdown structure]?


Overview to work breakdown structure

Actually the work-breakdown structure provides a basic framework for development of the project’s planning & effective controls. It may help to organize through dividing works into definable parts. Normally, organizational works can be technical, costs, manpower, plans and schedules, processes etc. That may be easier through this structure to coordinate various resources and processes.

The best part of the WBS is the things can possible to describe in visual presentation. Even well-designed WBS makes it easy to assign one tasks to one section or to one team for accomplish.  Hence, It will be easier to tracking & cost effective system for work management.

A Beginner Friendly Guide to Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)

Probably WBS simplifying the structure of large scale projects and defines a works into small part of sections as you know. More important is should be making a works state and simple to effectively implement and complete on time. Here, we tried to making a WBS template simple with easier for everyone to understand. Let’s see how to do it:

What is basic function of the WBS?

First thing you have to understand what Work breakdown structure is doing? –

(1) Defines all the things a project needs to accomplish – Cover all the details of projects that needs to complete over the time.

(2) Organized into multiple levels – It is breaking the project’s tasks into multiple levels which are deliverable-oriented.

(3) Display graphical at each level – That may be top to Bottom (parents level to sub-operations)


How WBS works?

Normally, WBS can able to break the works of the project in small components. It will work on some basic fundamentals that making its special.

  • (1) The team identifying the “Key Functions” – Deliverable, which dividing in smaller systems and sub-deliverable.
  • (2) These sub-deliverable need to further decomposed until it can possible to assigned to one person.
  • (3) At this level, it will be easier to specify “work tasks” to produce the sub-deliverable.
  • (4) Now, each specified “work tasks” maintain on schedules, and time allocation within a specific level of effort.

Let’s simplify with visual example:

With WBS, it is normal to have at least three levels of decompositions. Even it can be more levels for the extremely complex projects. As you can see below example for the bicycle manufacturing unit. It is broken down into three levels of whole manufacturing of bicycle.

Example of Work Breakdown structure Product - 3 Levels
Example of Work Breakdown structure Product – 3 Levels
  • Numbers Indicating “% of total” for particular level.
  • WBS includes only “a deliverable” like “bicycle Frame” // Not Includes “An Activity” such as Welding Frames’ Steel
  • The total of all these levels at individually should be “100%”


Work Breakdown Structure Templates – WBS Samples, Examples & Formats

The work breakdown structure (WBS) template diagrams are used for decomposing a task into smaller segment. This template will be helpful for the making a WBS for your project. This example template diagram may describe in typical formation such as tree, nodes and table formats. We are sure that these templates will be save your time and money. Because these templates are facilitating all the process for easier to creating work breakdown structure for the project.

Project work breakdown structure – WBS for Project Management

WBS for Project Management, Project work breakdown structure template
Project work breakdown structure template


When you are working with huge project, it is obvious that so many things are requiring to handle it can sometimes make the confusion due to time limits. It is obvious that unorganized works makes clumsy. That is the reason you have to use work breakdown structure that may help in this regards. Here you can find the best project work breakdown structure templates with various formation. This is actually basic structure may help for the breaks your project’s tasks into smaller parts as easier for manage individually.


Work breakdown structure template – Free Excel PowerPoint Vision Format

Work breakdown structure format, WBS templates
Work breakdown structure template


The Work Breakdown Structure, generally abbreviated WBS, is a key project deliverable that is used to manage a project works and assigning the works to teams. This template exactly helps to do that. In this template you can manage each tasks, costs, individual assignments at various levels of breaks. Even estimate the costs and budget for each sub-deliverable / operations.


Example of Work breakdown structure – Construction Diagram Excel

Example of Work breakdown structure template pdf, Example of Work breakdown structure format
Example of Work breakdown structure template


This Example Work Breakdown Structure can identify the entire project’s tasks, and provides a standard framework for managing the works effectively. There are two methods for the presenting a work breakdown structure is the “WBS outline” and The “WBS Diagram”. This template is created to use the WBS diagram method to effectively manage each project’ task through visual presentation. Actually, this is a unique formation, which may effectively work to break the entire project into small segments.


Work Breakdown Structure Excel – WBS chart excel template

Work Breakdown Structure Excel format, Work Breakdown Structure Excel template, Work Breakdown Structure Excel example, Work Breakdown Structure Excel sample
Work Breakdown Structure Excel


The most common and easy to design is WBS outline method. Normally this method can be design & implement for he WBS is very simple and effective for defining tasks on it. In this template, you can find the table which is designed to use the WBS outlining method with sufficient technique. Actually it is very easy in excel for define each tasks and level using hierarchical structure and numbering common outlining.

Sample Work Breakdown Structure – Excel Templates & Examples

Sample Work Breakdown Structure template, Sample Work Breakdown Structure format, Sample Work Breakdown Structure example, Sample Work Breakdown Structure sample
Sample Work Breakdown Structure


This sample work template describes the systematic approach for distributing the works among the members in a particular group. Normally, the levels of work distribution can be at least three levels. It can be increase fourth, fifth or more, it may depend on the extremely complex project. This template will be help you manage all the tasks, decomposed the project and effectively manage costs and expenses for the project budgeting.

WBS – Work Breakdown Structure – WBS Templates | WBS Dictionary

WBS – Work Breakdown Structure template, WBS – Work Breakdown Structure format, WBS – Work Breakdown Structure sample
WBS – Work Breakdown Structure template


This is unique template may help to making exact estimation of the entire project. This will be including parent levels and sub-levels that are deliverable for the project tasks. Even this template acts as a structural outline instrument. See the above picture will be help you understand the things of works are identified with each other.

Product Work breakdown structure – Example PPT / Excel Templates

Product Work breakdown structure template, Product Work breakdown structure format, Product Work breakdown structure diagram chart, Product Work breakdown structure pdf
Product Work breakdown structure Diagram


Actually, the product breakdown structure is same thing as normally WBS can do. Here the product breakdown helps to organize the components more manageable. This is the best reliable tool for documenting, analyzing, and communicating the results of a project. Here you can download the product work breakdown structure for you manage your project works. This template made in excel application is more reliable and flexible tool for operating.

Excel Work Breakdown Structure – Formats & Templates

Excel Work Breakdown Structure template, Excel Work Breakdown Structure format, Excel Work Breakdown Structure sheet, Excel Work Breakdown Structure sample, Excel Work Breakdown Structure example
Excel Work Breakdown Structure


Creating a work breakdown structure with excel is very simple but you have to take care of something very important before create it. Even it will easier to creating breakdown structure diagram, chart and hierarchical relationship.

Simple Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) – Template Excel

Simple Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) template, Simple Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) format, Simple Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) pdf
Simple Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)


This is a sample of a high-level work breakdown structure (WBS) for decomposed of huge project into smaller segments. Here you can see above with the picture having a various levels or functions are divided. These divided functions will be help to improve productivity to perform their operations separately. Even Each function has its own responsibility and assignments that will increase accountability of any individual person or team. These will be makes a more focused works and action-oriented central for the works.

Work Breakdown Structure Purpose and Limitations

The purpose and limitations of this templates, or use the above samples and templates.

The purpose of this templates are to:

  • Identify the work to be done.
  • Identify the types of resources required for the work.
  • Develop estimates for each work element.
  • Identify storage locations.

These templates do not address:

  • Who will perform the work?
  • When the work will be completed.


Benefits of Work Breakdown Structure [WBS]

The WBS is foundational part of the project planning that help to organize key deliverables required to make the project successful. Any project takes a lots of time money and efforts so that you have to make sure that will be carryout perfectly to completed. Creating one offers several benefits, such as:

Project Schedules

Normally, when you are creating a Work breakdown structure, it will be easier to making a project schedules, and budgets. Because the WBS is the basic or foundation of the project plan. Whenever establish WBS, you all know the deliverables needs to accomplish the project, as well as their hierarchical relations. Hence, it will be much comfort to allocate resources, planning and scheduling, budgeting and time limits.

Higher productivity

The important things of the WBS is the easier for identification of the team’s skills, and through it you may understand requirements to accomplish works more quickly. You will get the idea for deployment and assignment of work scheduling to right peoples for the right job. Even more it will facilitate to determine manpower for deployment for particular task. These right choices will be gives an advantages to increase the productivity of overall project works.

Commitment & Accountability

With Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), entire project is decomposed into smaller segment until the easier for assignment to individuals. Hence, it will be makes a work package to easier to dedicate single assignment to single person. And that will be raise the accountability for assigned task. Even as the terms of single person can be a team. It is obvious that individual assignment will be gives a high level overview of their responsibility. Hence, each team / person will be responsible for specified part of works at a time. Obviously it will be makes them more committed and dedicated to completing their segment.

WBS helps to calculate of time & Costs

The work breakdown structure not only sectionize the works for entire project. But it also helps to estimates the costs and calculate time for complete individual task. Obviously, it is great way and looks very realistic for project where all the things you can manage with systematic way. Here with, it will be easier to project plan, scheduling and budget for each section.

Effective tracking

The project manager, team members even customers can track the costs in relation to the allocations. It will be easier to track any issues, even areas where problem occurred can quickly identify and address before it may affects more processes.

Why WBS [work breakdown structure]?

  • The work breakdown structure provides the capability to break the scope into manageable activities, assign responsibility to deliver the project scope.
  • It may help to establish methods to structure the scope into a form that improves visibility for team.
  • This is a hierarchical representation of the products and services to be delivered on a project.
  • Elements of scope are decomposed to a level that provides a clear understanding of what is to be delivered for purposes of planning, controlling, and managing project scope. In its entirety, a WBS represents the total scope of a project.
  • A WBS is not a schedule or organizational representation of the project. Actually it is a definition of what is to be require to deliver through project.
  • When the scope is clearly defined and team get understand properly, the project manager enable to determine who will deliver it, and how it will be delivered.
  • This is the “planning tool” that can be used to ensure the project success on any scale of project.