Work Order | 11+ Free Work order form format template for Excel

Free Work order form format template for Excel

What is work order?

A work order is structural document describes particular requirements of any specific job or tasks, actually its gives to manufacturer by customer either in terms of schedule and plan or task notes. It may include delivery schedules, specific product or services requirements, technical specifications and general terms which affects end applications. Generally, such an order may be from a customer request or created internally within the organization.

  1. What is a work order management?
  2. Why work order is important in production?
  3. How to Prepare work order?
  4. Establish and develop work orders in production
  5. How to use work orders to initiate production runs?
  6. Using work orders to manage production and to establish production records
  7. Blank work order templates
    1. Maintenance Work Order Template
    2. Sample customer work order format
    3. Work order request form
    4. Sales work order template
    5. Production Work order template
    6. Production work order sample format
    7. Sales order template – sample format
    8. Work order invoice template
    9. Maintenance work order template – Sample Format
    10. Maintenance work order format – Sample
  8. What is the difference between work order and purchase order?

What is a work order management?

Work order management is systematic and structural process control system which thought management track, review, monitor and control work orders are in ongoing under manufacturing processes or facilities. These systems will enable organization to keep on track each customer’s order and internal processes related to manufacturing. In short, it is intensive procedures to maintain ideal workflow in manufacturing processes.

Why work order is important in production?

Actually, it is not necessary to use work order in the production lines if management system includes perfect visual management, sustaining standard works, empowered people and comfortable working environment will boost productive & eliminate unusual paper works. But there all things are not possible merge in single management system for small and medium scale industry, hence work order is best option to enable production control by safe hand. here are some reasons will explain why work order is important in manufacturing:

  • It will enable to track each customer order’s product dimensions wise, quantity and real positioning.
  • Generally, copy of the work order is also distributes at all department, hence labor can also check the current position and situation of running order.
  • Work order describe technical, product specific and individual (as per order) details of customer demands, it will helpful for all levels of peoples to follow instructions accordingly.
  • These format is also covered the raw materials and bill of materials details; it will help to eliminate miss-configuration of product setup.
  • It may easier for management to calculate any product cost
  • Production planning can insert details of schedule of production, sequences of processes and delivery aspects, these details make its self-completes order.
  • It will help to calculate and report scrap at appropriate equipment / machine.

How to Prepare work order?

These article will help you to manage system for assign tasks and preparation of work order for your organization. These work order will help to manage manufacturing, assembly, labeling, packing, installation and servicing of product for improve system.

Establish and develop work orders in production

  1. Actually, preparation of work order is joint operation of production and quality assurance with assistance of production’s inputs. Mostly it needs to make on planning stage of production’s initial stage.
  2. Preparation of each work order is depends upon customer requirements, machine availability, manpower and resources dedicated to particular unit. Hence before prepare work order remember that, you have to consider all the resources available at your unit.
  3. If you have more than two assembly try to make separate or highlighted work order for addressing each assembly, because sometime sub-assembly having its unique tasks that needs to highlight in order for point particular task.
  4. Work orders specify production processes and product verification activities, and their sequence, and provide the forms for recording results of product verification activities, traceability, and release of product. Work orders are designed to fulfill the following functions:
      • Initiate purchasing and production activities;
      • Communicate production schedule to purchasing and production personnel (by specifying completion due dates for key operations);
      • Document the production plan and product verification (quality) plan and communicate it to production and inspection personnel (by listing all manufacturing and inspection/testing operations);
      • Provide a platform and format for recording completion of production and verification operations and their results, and for recording material and process traceability data where applicable;
        • Provide product identification and inspection status identification during production.

      (a signed-off in-process inspection operation indicates that products may be moved to the next processing stage).

    •  Become the principal manufacturing, acceptance, traceability and release record in the product History Record for the distributed devices.
  5. It is important that, quality assurance team and production engineers are jointly review the work order and do approved for distribution and circulation. Controls on work order, amendment and reporting is depending on document system.

How to use work orders to initiate production runs?

  1. It should be usual practice that, each production startup will on work order details. Once its issued from production planning team, it is initiate start first phase of production.
  2. Production team verify the work orders are initiated by the production scheduling function.
  3. The authority retrieves the appropriate work order for the particular product (or subassembly) to be manufactured.
  4. The team follows the job number, number of units, batch number etc.., information which will be used for production lines.
  5. Every sub-unit, sub-assembly and related departments are considering work order’s due date for completion of each operation, and determine at floor level processes.

Using work orders to manage production and to establish production records

  1. The work order identifies the job number and product particulars such as name, type, part number, etc., and assigns serial or batch numbers when applicable. The work order also specifies the ordered quantity and the required completion date.
  2. These work orders lists all operations and processes necessary to manufacture or assemble the product. In-process inspection is also calls out as independent operations. These are sequence immediately after the manufacturing operations that they verify.
  3. Work orders accompany products through all production phases. The orders are kept by supervisors of the areas where the associated products are currently processed.
  4. Upon completion of a manufacturing operation or inspection, the operator or inspector makes a record of production/inspection data or results, as required, and dates and initials the block where the operation is called out.
  5. The work order is completed and closed out with a record of the final inspection and release of product, and are maintained in the product History Record.

Blank work order templates

Work orders with defined production steps and processes, and inspection points, and with pre-formatted blocks for entering production, inspection and trace-ability records. Based on following templates, Production Work Order. Established for each product (or family of products) and maintained in product Master Record.

Maintenance Work Order Template

Maintenance work order format, Maintenance work order template, Maintenance work order examples, Maintenance work order samples, Maintenance work order pdf, Maintenance work order ppt, Maintenance work order excel, Maintenance work order word
Maintenance work order template


These templates describe information of the maintenance activities, equipment maintenance requirements and assignment of maintenance works to particular team or person. Maintenance work order is an order to team or person for do needful to complete the tasks or goal described in an order.


Sample customer work order format


When the customers are gives any order, the business making a document which having contains all the related information required to meet its end applications. These order is specifically defining to provides a tasks to manufacturing unit / supplier. It may include the material quantity requirements, technical details and also may include any taxes are applicable for product or services.


Work order request form

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Work order request form


Sales work order template

Production Work Order format, Production Work Order template, Production Work Order examples, Production Work Order samples, Production Work Order pdf, Production Work Order excel, Production Work Order word, Production Work Order free download
Free Production Work Order template / Format


Production Work order template

Production Work Order format, Production Work Order template, Production Work Order example, Production Work Order sample, Production Work Order pdf, Production Work Order ppt, Production Work Order excel sheet
Production Work Order Templates Free Download in pdf / Excel sheet


Actually, these document is used for internal purpose to communicate customer’s requirements with other departments. Production work order is also called job order, its indicates the inserting job at internal management for producing customer specific order. Generally, in production work order customer expected part number, size, quantity, specifications and technical details are requiring to involve for internal use.

Production work order sample format

Production work order format, Production work order template, Production work order example, Production work order sample, Production work order pdf, Production work order ppt, Production work order excel sheet download
Sample Production work order format / template download in excel sheet


Sales order template – sample format

Sales work order format, Sales work order template, Sales work order examples, Sales work order sample, Sales work order pdf, Sales work order ppt
Free Sales work order templates download in word document / excel sheet


Work order invoice template

Work Order invoice template, Work Order invoice format, Work Order invoice example, Work Order invoice sample, Work Order invoice pdf, Work Order invoice ppt
Work Order invoice template – Sample formats and templates download


Maintenance work order template – Sample Format

Maintenance work order format, Maintenance work order template, Maintenance work order examples, Maintenance work order samples, Maintenance work order pdf, Maintenance work order ppt, Maintenance work order word, Maintenance work order ppt,
Maintenance work order Samples / Examples / template – Free download in excel and pdf format


Maintenance work order format – Sample

Maintenance work order format, Maintenance work order template, Maintenance work order example, Maintenance work order sample, Maintenance work order pdf, Maintenance work order ppt, Maintenance work order excel sheet
Equipment / Machine – Maintenance work order template / Format / Examples / Samples



The BS templates here presenting an exclusive format of the maintenance work order format. Which is useful document for maintenance department. It may use daily basis, if work tasks need to receives and process the requested tasks. These format’s goals are providing a documented support to maintenance team to achieve its overall goals are to schedule & complete these service in timely manner. All the individuals are needs to complete these form and return to maintenance head once it’s complete it’s tasks.


What is the difference between work order and purchase order?

Typically, when any company, contractor or organizer demand for the product or services, supplier will be providing a bills them. It can be in form of invoices for supplier and purchase order for customer. Usually, work order is little different thing which can be used for technical conformations, as well focus quantitative orders. Here are some basic points that makes clear about both the things:

Purchase order

A purchase order also called ‘PO’ in short form. Usually, the purchase order is document that used to purchase items from a vendor or any other sources. Typically, this document prepares by customers as an offer to purchase materials, or services from vendor. This document will require to send to vendor as requisition for purchasing. Here as below some explanation about purchase order:

  • Who create: Customers
  • Used of PO: As an offer for purchase items from vendor.
  • What information can include: Vendor Name, Number, Purchasing item details, unit price and total price, applicable taxes, terms & conditions, payment mode, and delivery schedules, etc.
  • Who can approve: Usually, procurement / purchase manager is approving this document internally at customer’s facility. Once, the vendor received this purchase order, they will be return as PO acceptance letter or confirmation.

Work Order

A work order typically describing a quantitative and technical orders that needs to performed to be work. When the customer makes a written request for the specific items or services, it will be use a work requisition or work order. The work order may include the details such as order number, details of services or products, short description, delivery location, request date, expected delivery date, conditions, etc. Here as below some explanation about work order:

  • Who create: Customers (It can be internal / external)
  • Used of Work order: As a request for purchasing for work, job or services.
  • What information can include: Work order number, request date, job description, description of location for works, quantity, requester name, details of expected delivery, conditions, payment details etc.

Typically, internal or external customers require to send work order for acknowledge and expecting product or services. Some companies are creating a work order for internal use. Such as sending work order department from another department for any repair works, electrical or IT related works.