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Free Action Items Template for Excel & PDF (To Do List)

An action items template is a to do list document may help to organize tasks, activities, events and or action that require to take place. Usually, the action items list is arising from meeting, it could be assignment of tasks to complete by an individual, team or group.

In business management, an action items template document may include activities, tasks, event, and actions which are require to accomplish. Normally, this document is mostly cover specific actions lists for individual with assigned tasks list. Typically, the action items are results of the discussions from meetings, this list could be complete on decide target dates. The person whom is responsible for the list of actions, and assignment should be perform the actions.

Best Practice for tracking action items

Usually for tracking purpose some details are necessary in the format such as action item number, date of the action, name of responsible, etc. There are also details which are part of the format are details of the actions, due date, title description, expected results from the actions, and potential deliverable. The action items tracking sheet may help you to frequent monitoring on the actions which are pending and under the progress. Actually, the entire process is conduct on time manner. Most of the project manager, or any associated reviewer are track each details to shorting the date based, and due dates.

Here are some of the important points which focus on the potential tracking requirements:
  1. It is important to note down each details which are discussion in the meeting. The tracking process will be helpful if all the details are on action items list
  2. The items list may help you to searching date of done for completion of each action. You can determine and alter if any update with particular item.
  3. You can determine and ensure the name of the person who will work on the action item with a potential commitment for due date.
  4. One of the important in the sheet is number of each action, it should unique and related which may help you to track each actions in order to search.
  5. It is very important for the managing each details of action items. Each concern personnel should be get the proper details of each action require to complete on time.
  6. Some Key details for the tracking purpose should be adequately detailed such as name, priority, progress details, due date etc.
  7. The reviews of the pending details may easily traceable with the sheet. Hence, even you want to track with number, title or person can be easier with action item template.

Usually, to make an easier an action items you need to include some details will be makes your sheet more flexible.  There are number of methods can be used for action items list. Even more, you have to include some fields which are works as key identify of particular task. Such as Action item, date, description of item, even you can use specific identify of each even with unique code or number.

An Action Items Example

Probably, it will be easy through action items for small businesses can effectively Convert into strategic targets into business action plans. This examples will be show you, how to implement each task describes effectively. Simply, first of all you have to define the measurements for your planning for each item. Something important that may help you to understand:

  • Once the strategic planning section is completed, action items list will be in action.
  • Obviously, when you complete your plans, you have to need to execute each item in order.
  • The action items list’s works should be start when you are going to develop business plan. You have to consider action items during the defining strategic goals.
  • Consider some important and traceable fields in your action items template. Such as item number (Unique), date, due date etc.

Simple Action Items Example:

 What [Action Items]

A business wants to increase sales & market share by 15% a year over the next 5 years. Actually behind this strategic goal, business expecting to become industry leader in their product market. Defining a goal for increasing market share is one of the important and initial action than business taking.


Who [Responsible person]

Usually, Sales manager is responsible for actions to achieve potential growth of the business as well sales operations. Even a team member, and business owners are also equally responsible to understand business requirements. Typically, sales team is never responsible alone to achieve expected growth; even to achieve it, operations group should have done in conjunction with sales team.


How [Process Steps]

There are actually so many method and processes that you can use to grow the market share. You can add new product, modify product, remove any product for further improvement, or change the strategies etc.

In case you are going to add new product launch in the market, you need to prepare very comprehensive and focused market research. Even you have to make sure that the product are viable, and should be potentially grow the market share. Significantly if you are going to change your strategies, and any other process change, you have to take note of feasibility of the impact of changes.


When [Start / End]

Time and measurements, two things are very important when you are going to develop something you wish to complete as you expect. You have to define the time scale as well when it will be start and when it will be complete. Both the parameters are important for any operation. You have to put in place time measures. Such as New product launch at any festival days; A market research study to be completed in six months; etc.

Black Action Items Templates for Excel & PDF

Actually, the action items template is used to record and track each item which are results of meeting discussion. It may work as checklist of actions. Mostly it is makes individually easy to handle to complete their tasks accordingly. The action items template covers each plan details, assignment to individual, with specific due dates. All the assignments are need to perform at various levels of business such as production, marketing, quality, at top management, human resources etc. These actions’ reviews are takes on after the due date, usually in next meeting.

Printable Action Items Template

Action Items Sample
Simple Action Items Template

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This simple action items template or list will be help you to manage your tasks or goals in state format. The template may include action item number, date opened, description of task, priority, responsible person, due date, completion date, notes and status of each task. Simply, this list is help you to prioritize your works, as well focus on actions which are require to complete the project. Even you can also monitor your actions in status details. This simple action items template is free for download. You can modify with excel sheet.

Free Action Items template

Action Items Sample Download
Sample of Action Items template

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When any meeting hold in any business, obviously the major points, pending issues and other improvement points may discuss during it. So it is also common practices that each participant will get assignment of works as points are discussed in the meeting. These lists of all those jobs makes the work of everyday more important and makes your business more productive. So that task items can prove to be an important tool for you to finish important tasks prior to completing important tasks by working lists generated from the meeting.