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An address book template is records may contain contact information of peoples, businesses or any place. The book may be recording individual details such as name, address, telephone numbers, emails or any other contacts. Typically, address book can maintain with diary or papers, and also in soft copy in computer.

The address book can maintain with order in alphabetical words, which will be helpful, quick and easy to find out any name, number or even any contact of someone. Actually, this is convenient way to keep track of personal and professional contact information with single document. Now days, peoples are maintaining their contact in the computers, mobiles as well email applications. But some time it can be make trouble due to loss of data, internet problem, or break the phone memory. At the movement, hard copy / paper document can help to search any contact easily.

Examples of Address book Sample & template

The address book may contain the names and contain details of peoples you know with emails and other important details. Actually, in the business, contact details are playing a significant role. It can be helpful to quick get information about customers as recorded in address book. Hence, the records prove beneficial for both business as well as personal uses.

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There are two ways to get address book, you can purchase it from the stationery shop or you can make the template – soft copy in the computer. Both the effort is costly as time consuming and wasting the money. However, you can download this ready made template having all the details which are usually require for the making effective address book. These templates are free of cost, even you can modify as per your requirements.

Address book template excel


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There are so many platforms to maintain records of each contacts. But these can be time and money consuming jobs. Hence, if you want to free and ready made formation of the contact list, you can use this ready made template for address book. This address book is made in the excel sheet, so it will be easier for you to maintain the records, as well customize the format as your requirements. This theme is really user-friendly edition, it will be definitely reducing the risk for the lost the data, and contact information.

Free address book template

Email address book template
Outlook address book example templates

Simple Excel Sheet Download | PDF Address book 

This template may help to maintain the records of contacts that peoples you know. Usually, the records can be handle with alphabet wise without any trouble. Even user can track each record through filter function available in the excel sheet. You can track and review each details in case any change of number or address. Typically, the template may include, name of contact person, full address, alternative address if any, office and home phone number, cell number, email address, and website if any. This information is sufficient to maintaining for individual.

Address book template word


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It is no longer surprising that you can also maintain the contact records i.e. address book in the word document. Usually, this is very different type of the recording which is use when any business or person needs a print. Mostly in the businesses, address book sample in word document may help to print out when business want to send any letter or courier to particular person, or on address. With the Word document, simply you can print any particular Address and contact details easily.

Word Address book template


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Creating an address book simple sheet is not easy if you don’t have sufficient tools and knowledge. Hence, here you can choose any template which is fit to your business requirement. You can find here many variety of the address book templates, such as word templates, excel address book, personnel, business etc. All the templates are made with excel sheet, so it will be easier for you to customize, edit and re-organize the labels of each field. You can download these templates as suitable for your business.

Address book template printable


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In the business environment, address book is very useful to organize the contact details more effectively. The business peoples always expecting the address book help to organize the contact details as well they can print the labels as and when require. Because business peoples always require to sending couriers, emails, as well contacting the client for business purpose. Hence, the address book should be enough printable to make the works easier.

Excel address book template

Blank address book template
Address book template

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The ready made templates are always good options for saving time and money. This template gives you flexibility, advance functions, and facilities to tracking each contact as you want. When you download this template, you have to just require to change some fields if your requirements are different. Otherwise this template will be fit any kind of requirement either you are business man or you want to this template for personal use.  It is doesn’t manner what your purpose of use, the address book template will be work fine with any kind of operation. Hence, you can download this template free of cost, as well as customize it as per your business or personal requirements.

Address book template in excel


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As a business man, you may probably need with various contact information, multiple contact details every day. Usually, it can be easier to track with containing client or customer information from the outlook software. But when you are not using the outlook, or any specific software, definitely you need any application through you can make your contact list. Excel spreadsheets may help to organize address book more reliably and flexibly. You can store the multiple contacts details, notes, and all the details you expecting to track along with contacts.

Why Address book is important?

If you are business people, address book template may help you to categorize of users with more perfect and effective manner in their regular business days. Its makes easier the communication tasks while any person frequently needs to mail their clients. While mailing, searching particular address can be smooth and easy that reduce the burden and time.

To making quick and easy of mailing and courier tasks, address book plays major roles. Even the person can change and update the addresses as and when require without any trouble. In short, address book can handle the multiple contact details with various form, such as alphabetical order, numeric setup, etc. However, there are such ways to update the address book template that may help individuals through below:

  • The address book may help in organizing the contacts in alphabetical order. Even you can also setup numbering order.
  • As you know, the template can well-organize the permanent as well temporary addresses, including contact names, address, telephone numbers, emails and website url as well.
  • Mostly in emergency situation, you can immediately find any contact details, person’s mobile or mails.
  • Most of the peoples are saving the important number. Such as food home delivery numbers, nearest shops details, hospital, police station number, etc.

There are actually so many advantage of the address book. You can maintain the individual contacts as well other details such as notes, reminders etc., things that make your works more effective. Usually, the address book is works simply, but its uses are really wide, and almost each business is preparing address book for maintain their contacts including suppliers, customers as well personnel.