Sample Annual Budget Template

Annual Budget Template for Excel – Personal | Household | Project

The Annual Budget template is outlines a business’ estimated incomes and expenditures of a 12 months’ period. The budget sheet may help to business for estimation & balancing of the business’s revenues and expenditures.

It is actually allocation of: Potential expenses estimation, against the potential incomes of the business. However, business budget is depending on the feasibility estimates. Hence, business can setup their targets and goals to maintain their profits and keep track financial activities.

The comprehensive budget template may help you design your various potential expenditures. You can budget your business’ expenses for short-terms as well as long terms mean for a year. When you are going to prepare annual budget, you have to keep in mind multiple things, because of its time scale. Such as market trends, environment, internal business requirements, customer’s needs etc. Hence, annual budget should be much controlled as well closed to estimations.

This tool may help you get to overall business financial goals. the budget gives you flexibility to maintain & track regular expenditures, as well directive focus on comparison between actual versus planned during the year.

Long term plans

When we are talking annual plans – definitely the annual budget can count in long-term plans. Practically, annual budget is much different to monthly or quarterly budget – because of time period of the budget. The long-term plans may be needs extra attentions, market trends, environment, researches, and long vision to create perfect budget. However, the long-term plans of the budget provide much benefits to business.

Provides a guidance

The annual budget is plans or allocations of the potential expenses with incomes. Hence, you can check it day-to-day for a year. This information may help you to compare the actual expenditures that occur during the regular days. Overall’ it may actually guide the exact financial spending as your regular financial expenditures.

Overview of business expenditures

If you are expecting accurate overview of your yearly expenditures. The annual budget may provide a platform through you can check regular expenses of the business. The budget also describes how much potentially able to spend regularly. Even more, you can compare the actual figures with planned figures to know – where the overall financial system going on.


Annual budget templates for Excel

The annual budget template will be help you to design your finance in a more sophisticated way. Actually, this is best option for planning the entire year of your potential incomes and expenses. It may help you to keep track your regular expenses, monitoring on each business expenditure with no hassle. You can use these templates to create an own business budget for a year.


The best part of the annual budget is – it may be help you to plan your revenues and expenditures for the year, even you can track it without any issues for next 12 months. You do no needs to plan again and again for same ledgers.

Blank Annual budget template excel sheet

Annual budget Format
Excel Sheet – Annual budget


The template may be help you to rough estimate of personal expenses and income for a period of 12 months. The above sample template is personal annual budget template, which is help you to manage your annual plans in single sheet. This budget template is create with Excel application, which is easy for operating, maintainingm as well as customization.

There are actually two parts in the annual budget. First is for incomes, and second is for potential expenditures. The general incomes such as salary, interests on investment etc. and expenses are generally – home expenses, transportation, health and medicines, charity and gifts, daily living expenses, entertainment, saving as well loans etc.

At the top of the template, you can see there are first section is for auto calculations of entire sheet mean for a year. All the income for the month will be automatically show in this section under the to total income column, as same, all the expenses will be show under the total income with total expenses head. The balance will be automatically calculating in this section even you can manage average expenses and income for a month.


Printable annual budget template

Attractive annual budget format
Blank annual budget Excel Sheet

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Using this template, you can manage your budget of your business as well as personal for a year. Even more, you can easily track incomes against expenditures – to ensure nothing goes unseen or missing – and that all the expenses, savings, as well debt re-payment targets may easily achieve. With this template you can manage:

  • The template will provide systematic platform to manage budget of your all incomes and expenditures for a year.
  • Manage records of your regular incomes as well expenses for a year.
  • Easily track all the information of the planned expenses budget.
  • You can easily track which expenses are going to over budget! – the tracking system may help you to find out individual expense details.
  • The template will be help to reach your saving goals easily.
  • The annual budget is actually long-term plans. Hence, you can keep monitoring on each expense, trends of markets as well as many more.
  • When you expect to overview the expenditures – the annual budget has facility to do it. You can get better overview of each business expense.


With this template have a facility to customization, add and remove fields, as well as easier for maintaining record of each income and expenditure. Even more, the template had pre-defined categories that describe each specific head for each expense such as – transportation expense, entertainment expense etc.