Bio Data Form – Simple bio data format & templates for Word

A Bio data (biographical data) form is a document may contain all the personal factual information with historical perspective. It may include physical & social profile, experience, life’s milestone, opinions, values, attitudes and beliefs.

Normally, bio-data can be 1 to 3 pages long which is use to apply for employment. The information of the bio data may use by employer to identify right candidate for any vacancy. Hence, this is an important document for both the parties that is job candidate and employer.

Introduction to Bio Data Form

A bio-data form is document format contain all possible individual information which can use for various purposes. Such as using this form for job and marriage application. Simply it is describing a personal profile to show individual’s life tracks.

Actually, when any business needs to bridge the vacancies for several posts at various department. Then the businesses are inviting candidate to identify right candidate for suitable post. At the time, employer will be providing a bio data form to each candidate for fill out their individual details. In the bio data form, following details may contain:

  • Personal information such as date of birth, gender, marital status, religion, nationality, full address, physical details etc.
  • Educations – It can be important for the job post.
  • Qualifications background
  • Previous history of employment. Overall experience related to job or industrial or business experience may include.
  • Special or unique skills and / or job related skill details.
  • General information related to interests, hobbies, reading or knowledge
  • Occupational knowledge it can be related or un-related to job functions in chronological order.

This above information is general when any employer expects to collect details from job candidate. This information may use for identify suitable candidate as per vacancies are available with employer premises. This is normal way to collect information with systematic manner. Hence, Bio data form is much popular document worldwide.

Bio data form layout

Normally every business using the bio data form for the collecting information from job candidates. Even it is possible that each bio data form contents can be different or little vary. But normally bio data form layout and its initial structure will be same. Actually the structure of the bio data form may actual identify and making its self different from resumes and CVs.

Sample layout:

  • Top of the page: Usually bio data form can be one to three-page long. Even at top of the page, bio data header, passport side photo and date of fill out should be on it.
  • Personal information: At the second section, all the personal information such as date of birth, gender, marital status, religion, nationality, full address, physical details etc.
  • Contact Information: Resident address, direct contact numbers, emails etc.
  • Education & Qualifications: Normally at in this section, you have to describe all the education related details such as school & college passing details, any extra courses, events participation etc.
  • Work Experience: Here in this section, you can describe all the occupational history with job post. Even and on time scale of the work you did at place.
  • Specific skills: In this section, you can give a details of all specific and unique skills you have. This information is also very important for you, even for employer.
  • Enclosures: At the end of the bio data form, you can describe the details of all your certificate’s details, photocopies etc.


When you are fill out the bio data form, you have to provide factual details about the entire carrier. Also about personal journey even about your occupational milestones. The important thing is, all of the necessary information should be include in bio data form. Don’t describe unnecessary information that make a complex or misunderstanding to employer.

Bio data format

Bio data template
Bio data format


This bio data format is a unique document that may contain complete information about the job candidate or person. Even this form may include entire life description, work experience, education and qualifications that may require for job application. As you can see above bio data form is unique and very simple that will very helpful to describe individual details exactly as per require for various purposes.

Actually this is short form for the incorporate biographical data including factual information of individual. This information can be very useful for recruitment process even for introduction of individual. Basically this form may contain full name of the candidate, date of birth, physical details, marital status, contact details such as resident address, phone numbers, emails etc. Naturally this information is common for any bio data form.

Marriage bio data form

Marriage bio data form template
Marriage bio data form


The Marriage bio data form is also known as matrimonial bio-data commonly used for marriage purpose. This type of bio data form may focus on physical information, education and some zodiac information. The role of marriage bio data is very important to choose life partner. All the initial communication between two families are depends on the reviews of individual specific standard form. Hence, it is very important that marriage bio data should be describes with factual and necessary information.

Simple Bio data form

Simple Bio data form
Simple Bio data form


A bio data form is very important document to incorporate individual performance and historical data of individual. Even the document may contain the applicant’s work experience, specific skills and qualifications that require for job. This simple form can help to describe complete details about any person. Normally businesses are using the special form to collect the job applicant’s basic details. This details may use for the identify suitable person as per job vacancies.

If you want to write a professional type bio-data form. You can take the reference given as above templates. This ready made format may help you give a reference for your own standard form template.