Simple book report template

Free book report template for Excel (4,5,6,7,8 Grade School Report)

A book report template is written document by student on reviews of the book as part of sharing information about books read. It can be class assignment for increasing level of reading and writing among students at the elementary school level.


Usually in the elementary school levels, the book report can be helpful tool that typically reporting or discussion types of the contents of a book which student had read. It may increase the level of reading as well writing skills of the student which is necessary at the age of any student. In academic environment, the book report can be part of the study or “class Assignment” which is provide by teachers.


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What student can learn from to preparing book report?



  1. The book reporting is one of the different type of assignment from study, hence they can understand – how author writing the books.
  2. Student can get idea about how to summarize any book or big database.
  3. It may be improving analysis skill of the student. Generally, the book reporting can be done under the guidance of the teachers or parents, hence they can learn much enough.
  4. Student can get basic idea about any book structure, or even they can develop to identify structure of document, or process. The reporting may help them to understand “Basic Structure” of book.
  5. As you know the book reporting can class assignment, obviously multiple student reports are easily accessible for each student. As results student can learn the basic of comparisons. Even they can identify what they missed in the report, what new they can add in the report, and what other students made this.
  6. The reporting is one of the important skills for personal as well business peoples. It is very important that the student should develop their logical and effective argument skills through learn from reporting.


Actually, the book reporting is one of the important task that teachers as well parent should need to give their children. It may be developing multiple skills once they prepare one of more reports on books which they read.


General Structure of book report



Actually, the structure of the book report can be varying, it’s all depends on schools, standards, or level of applicability. However, the basic structure of the book report may be similar which is commonly every schools can have used to prepare the book report template. Here are some simple points that may help to create a book report template:


  • General Details. At the first paragraph, you can describe the details which are important for the reporting. The section may include general details such as student name, date, name of the book, class details, etc.
  • In this section of the reporting, you can include the details about primary introduction in the brief which may importantly describe about the subject.
  • The student can describe the brief details of the entire reporting, analysis as well logical arguments about the books.
  • Main body. Herein this section, student can describe the main body contents which may cover all the details – mean books’ main topic, terms of story, key information etc.
  • The short summary and brief details about the book report include their opinions, what they thing about the book, and main subjects and their point of view.
  • This is actually optional, but can be important if the same student – read multiple books or multiple students are reading same book and rate their views.


These is actually basic structure of the report which are generally student can use for reporting the book review. There are actually multiple pages can be in single report, hence you can use any kind of the application which much comfort to managing the contents of the report. Microsoft Word application is one of the good tool that may helpful to creating a report with specific features.


Simple book report template

Book report format
Book report sample format for School

Download sheet


Using this template, you can summarize your reviews of book you read. This template having a readymade field which may help you to organize your contents easily. The template includes name of the student, student id, adviser name, year, story summary, main events of the book, story conclusion and opinions. This is actually simple template where all the require details are available. You can download this template free of cost.


Printable book report template

Blank book report template
Printable book report template

Sheet Download


The template may be help to communicates the thought of author of the book, the student can get understand what author thought at time of writing the book. It may also help to determine the conclusion of the entire book. In short, it much helpful to increasing level of skills of students. The template may include some important details such as overview of the book, analysis, individual comments, and conclusion of the book. This is actually much important features in the reporting. Even more, you can print this entire report with standard paper size.


Blank book report template

Report template - School Book reporting
Book report template for Excel

Report Download – Excel format


This is very simple but very effective format where the student can put their ideas as on complete the review of the book. The template may include very basic details but necessary to complete the reporting. The book report template contains tile of the book, author name, brief details about the story, describe what happened in the beginning of the story, even the student should describe middle and end of the story details that are key events in the book. At the end of reporting, there student can put down their opinions.


Stages of Book report template



It is always being challenge when you are going to write report on any subject. Theatrically its ok, but when actually writing report can be tough if you don’t know basic steps of the reporting. Usually following steps are common and structural for any kind of reporting are:



This is very important steps when you decide to prepare the report on base of review the book. Herein you can plan what you are going to write about subject.



In this stage, you can describe the rough notes, designs and other contents. The drafting is actually prewriting stage where you can structure the contents.



All the draft details now you can manage with well-structured, and sharping the contents as well designs. Herein you can improve your draft contents.



Once all the details are completed. Now time is to check out all the contents, sentences, designs or any other details which you described in the report. Reviews may help you to correct the details if any mistakes found during the drafting and editing process.



This is actually final stage of the entire process. Herein you can finalize the draft’s contents and publish it.