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Business impact analysis [BIA] Steps – Excel Templates & Example report

A business impact analysis (BIA) is a systematic process approach to identify and evaluate unexpected effects on business operations. Most of businesses are use this tool to determine disruptive functions, analyze and prioritize risk associated with operations.

Simply BIA process steps are widely uses in businesses to determine the potential effects of interruption on critical business activities. This process analyzes the operations and functions to develop strategic plans & suggest the assessment to eliminate impacts.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview to business impact analysis
  2. How to carry out business impact analysis? – BIA process Steps
  3. Business Impact Analysis Templates | Excel Word PDF – Examples & Samples
  4. How to use business impact analysis template?
  5. Business impact analysis report

Overview to business impact analysis

BIA is a systematic process that may help to business for making a strategic planning for identify critical interruptions to critical business operations. It may also estimate the measure and figure out the of consequences of any specific potential loss. Even may include recovery time & requirements estimation to assessment.

Key business impact analysis components are:
  • Identify the specific interruptions / impacts to critical business operations
  • Measure the impacts and define the system point.
  • Identify recovery policies, requirements, estimate recovery time for a specific critical process.
  • Assessing the risks associated with the processes, require to measure impact levels and likelihood.

Normally it may work at several levels. It may include from – failures of supplies of goods, to –  operations, and delay deliveries. The business impact analysis allows you to deep analysis of process to understand the potential impacts’ results from infrastructure, personnel, goods chain, facilities and sub-operations. Generally, this analysis will perform to categorize the levels and critical of impacts.

How to carry out business impact analysis? – BIA process Steps

Initially, for establishment and preparation of the BIA require to identify the processes that are used in business facility. For effective analysis require to undertake each process for the assessment, and categorize their levels. Assessing their impacts on critical process to determine the strategic plan includes a resources requirements & priority of activities. Here are the BIA process steps with extract information:

Step #1 Initiative preparation

The objective of the business impact analysis process can be identification of the processes which are undertaken by the business premises. Simply you can start your work with collecting information from the business operations to organize this information in sequence. May be, this information helps to estimate the time calculation for the recovery later on. Now, you have to identify the key tasks that may in critical operation for the business. This information may be helpful for the focus on prioritize, safety, and risk management. As results from the initiative preparation, you will get the critical outputs such as (1) Recovery point (2) Recovery time.

Step #2 Dependencies identification, monitoring and assessment

This is the step where more effective analysis may need to conduct for identify the resources. The resources may include peoples, infrastructure, systems and applications. Here you have to monitor the process which can be critical part of effectively managing the risks. Overall dependency analysis will be conducts on breaking out the key operations into smaller or sub-operations to identify critical resources and /or tasks.

To conducting deep analysis to determine dependencies such as utilities, services, equipment, communication devices etc., which are using in individual activity. Even each activity require should be properly rates with appropriate level of dependency.

Step #3 Assess the potential business impact

It is obvious that the impact can be intolerable, if it not taken on prioritize for recovery on time. Hence, this is very important to assess the potential business impact of disruptive factors to processes. Rate each an impact as on its potential risk likelihoods and probability.

Step #4 Business strategies & resources requirements

Finally, in the mitigation segment of the business impact analysis, you have to identify the strategies, mutuality and requirements of resources for the set up the priority of the processes. The objective of this section is to strategies for the continuity of priority. If any unexpected failure may be exceeding the tolerance level, you can identify and assume the continuity strategies for the potential business process.


Business Impact Analysis Templates | Excel Word PDF – Examples & Samples

Simple business impact analysis template

business impact analysis example
Simple business impact analysis template


This is unique design for the business impact analysis template for identify and assess the disruptive factors. The template may help to perform effective solutions for qualitative and quantitative variables of the business operations. To perform the analysis, you have to gather the information for analysis & action plans. As usual the template may focus on initially to identify the most key variables to reduce gap of tolerance such as:

(1) Recovery time objectives,

(2) Recovery point objectives,

(3) Maximum tolerable downtime,

To significant reduction of impact from the business processes require to identify severity of impact, resource requirements, priorities for recovery, and recovery time.

Change Impact Analysis template Excel

Change Impact Analysis template Excel template
Change Impact Analysis template Excel


The change impact analysis template provides a structural platform for examine the change impacts. Normally it may possible through identify stakeholders and for collect information about the level of impact at appropriate areas. It may also include the potential method of reducing that significant levels of impact for affecting areas by change. This template may help to analyze the particular components such as:

(1) Risk of Change,

(2) Mitigation Actions,

(3) Timing of impact etc,

Basically, this is very important for the business to identify, measure and mitigate the impact of potential impacts within the affecting business processes. As analyze of business development, you can use this template as reference for enhance the spread for your analysis.

Why use change impact analysis template?

It is obvious that the change management impact assessment is a critical part of the business processes on any potential change implementation within the business. This template may help to understand what exactly change having been occur in operations. Even it may also provide an accurate records of impact assessment and activities in this document. Hence, you can easily determine what steps are requiring for effectively organize the changes, and how assess these change with significant way.

Economic Impact Analysis template word

Economic Impact Analysis format
Economic Impact Analysis template word


When you realize for the separately analyze economic impacts on business processes, this template may really important for your business. Because this template may contribute an effective method of demonstrating the type of develop industry and investments concern. Even more, this specific design will help you making a draft on initial methodology and techniques.

Time Impact Analysis Template – Samples & Examples

Time Impact Analysis format
Time Impact Analysis Template


Schedule management method can use to quantify and assess the effects on unorganized activates, and changes within workplace. Time impact analysis is the way to organize these activities with effective manner. It may the target the delay the schedules which require to evaluate potential impacts.

Impact Analysis Template Format

Impact Analysis example
Impact Analysis Template Format


Simply this is broad way to perform this type of analysis within the organization. This analysis template may serve as a comprehensive resource to allows to stakeholders for asses the loss of a process functions.

How to use business impact analysis template?

  1. Make clear the definition the particular which is going to assessing. A clear define items may help to understand specific location of the process and it sub-process can also impact. The business impact analysis is flexible for the document single impact or use for compare multiple options may also easier with it.
  2. Probably, it is very important to understand the objectives. Objectives and requirements can use as baselines for the evaluation of impacts, hence make the proper review of the objectives and requirements.
  3. When you are going to analysis, it is very important to decide which process or part of process you are going to focus for the analysis. Because an impact analysis is obviously performing on focus areas where you made objective-based analysis. On results of analysis or solutions, may directly affect the processes, capabilities, resources or peoples.
  4. Here as above, some reference templates are given for your reference. You can use these templates for your own analysis process. For any analysis, collection of information is very important, there are sufficient inputs may helpful for accurate analysis. Hence, identify the peoples & areas that may have valuable inputs.
  5. Evaluate the outcomes for the analysis is much important to ensure the overall impacts.
  6. Come on reasonable conclusions, make the summary of your reviews points.

Business impact analysis report

Actually, the business impact analysis report is document, may contain the potential impacts’ results from the unexpected interruptions of the processes & functions. Even the financial impact from the significant business interruptions can be important for any business. Hence, it is very important that, each impact should be measured specifically. Al least each financial impact may be measure with additional tools which help to analyze accurately. Generally, these impacts, and its accurate information can get through impact analysis report. Hence these reports and its importance is more than we believe.

Every business has its own design and contents for preparing the report. traditionally, may businesses be focus on the financial details and other areas that may important for their businesses, even it may also make it attractive with graph and charts.