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A meeting checklist is a list of items that required complete or need to consider, and / or require to use as a reminder for any task. The checklist always having two major things – Check points and reviewing these points as reminders. Typically, the meeting checklist are needs to prepare at least before 24 hours of any meeting. There are multiple tasks lists can be including which are require to discuss, or needs an actions in the meeting. Most of the businesses are using the “meeting checklist” for planning of a meeting. Which may include pre-meeting actions and items list.

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Everyone understand that the planning turn results into either success or break of an important meeting. If the plans having a drawback, the entire meeting can be in trouble, even future plans can have effected in such cases. That is the reason, meeting checklist are much important to put everything at its place, and every place should be organized. Usually, the meeting may be for improvement, discussions on important issues, solutions and future action plans. Hence, the entire future is depending on current activities and what you are acts and handle current situation. The meeting is one of the important tasks that may probably give an advantages to the business.

The fact is – the business peoples may not time to properly preparation of meeting checklist! That is the reason our checklist makes meeting preparations – much quickly and easy. Even you can print the entire sheet with proper format.

Free Meeting checklist for Excel (Download Latest versions – Excel sheet)

There actually three phases of the meeting – first if preparation of the meeting, attending the meeting and follow-up the meeting. Probably, without preparations of the meeting can be wastage of a time. For effectively manage the meeting, you have to conduct all three stages very well. But the starting of the entire exercise can be depending on the preparation of the meeting, even it is initial stage as well. Typically, to effectively manage all the requirements of the meeting can be possible with checklist. You can use the checklist to remember each stages, requirements, steps that needs to conducts and details related to meeting. Herein some templates which are specifically designed for the pre-meeting preparations. These checklists will be help you manage your meeting planning with effective way. Find the best suitable template, download it and use as your business requirements.

Business meeting checklist



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Whenever you are going to create business meeting checklist, definitely you will be target some of the important points and objectives for which you are entire exercise is doing. At the stage of designing, you have to clear – what is the primary objective of this checklist, what points which you want to target, and what is actual requirements of the business meeting. Herein this template, you can find out the best objectives that may help you to remind your business meeting checklist needs. Here are following points that extracting the checklist contents.

  • Defining a clear business/project or particular part of tasks’ goal
  • Creating a list of selected participants.
  • In the checklist, you can describe which medium you are going to use for the meeting such as – meeting on a place, telephonic or web conference etc.
  • Describing the starting and end time.
  • Preparing list of agendas, and providing to all participant through any medium.
  • Verify with all participants are ready for the meeting, and ensure that the all points are reviewed by each participant.

There are couples of points you can add as your business requirements. Generally, points that may help you do deliver the successful meeting should be add in the checklist. Checklist is medium for the remembering all the items and related points are checked for the meeting.

Post meeting checklist

free checklist for post business meeting

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The post meeting checklist focuses on the follow-up points which were discussed in the meeting. Typically, the planning for the checklist can be pre-defined or before the meeting, but the contents will be inputs as after the meeting. You can describe in this checklist – frequently communicating with task responsible or owners, detail of the meeting of minutes, action plans from the meeting, as well due date of each action plan are common.

Project meeting checklist

Download Project Meeting template in checklist format

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Creating a project document is similar to any other business meeting-checklist. But this kinds of checklists are focus the projects specific, and contents will be also describing the actual project requirements. Hence, it will be little different from the other checklists for the meeting. Usually in the project checklist following items can be including:

  • The process’ objectives are common for each meeting, hence the first document should be including, exactly what management is expecting as outcomes from the meeting?
  • Second thing is agendas, each process should need agendas before the meeting start. Hence, the checklist should also include at top to verify before the meeting started.
  • One of the important thing in the document can be timing – The checklist should be clearly describing how long should the meeting last, and when, and how frequent it will be hold as well.
  • At next, checklist should include the details of the participants, roles and its duties.
  • The checklist should be pre-defined the venues, details of location, environment and layout.
  • At the last, you have to include in the checklist is evaluation method. This is one of the important points which is necessary to describe the checklist.

IEP meeting checklist

Template meeting checklist download

Checklist template Download free

The IEP Meeting is very different things to any business meeting. Because it’s all for the student and conducts at the schools and collages for the improvement of the educations and related programs for students. Whenever you are going to preparing the IEP meeting checklist, first of all you have to review records mean previous and current IEP copies. You can also review the goals on current IEP meeting. Some other things that should be clear before the IEP meeting is – assessments priority to IEP meeting, summaries of any standardized tests, reviews of all assessment results, as well other related details.

Creating a Checklist

Setup up Goals of the meeting

The document may describe the basic goals of the meeting. It will be extract the details – why this meeting is going to arranged, and what is the initials of the meeting.  The setup of the goals for the meeting may be provide direction of the agendas, even it can be helps to figure out the exact details as well primary information that you should need to include in the meeting agendas. Just example, if you have multiple projects – you can prioritize which project and which task of the project, you should start first, even more, what exactly details has to be prepared.

Team involvement

When you are going to prepare for the meeting, it is much important that you should involve the entire team to provide best inputs for preparing entire list for meeting. All the team members name should be also requiring to describe in the checklist as you expecting actively participate in the steps of creating process as well as helps to complete the entire process smooth and successful.

Listing full details of tasks – to be need to completed

The details of the checklist are actually list of tasks that helps to ensure all the tasks which are require to discuss in the meeting, even able to smoothly start and finish the process as agenda set. Furthermore, this list of details should be helps to ensure that each task you described into the checklist should must contains a full description – how exactly it may be complete.

Task assignment

When two or more peoples are working on the preparation for the meeting. It is necessary to organizing well of each task for preparation is much important. The document may provide direction of the meeting; hence it should be properly managed. Hence, the document and its related tasks should be managed as per individual skills and experience.

Review & update checklist

Once all the tasks, time setup as well all related information are completed, the entire format should be reviewed properly. The review process is much important to identify any mistake, miss match or any amendments. In case any modification require, review team can check and amend it accordingly. As the same side, in case any event or program needs to change or modify the time or functions, the list document should be amend at a time.