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A Memo (Memorandum) is a document use for as communication to note the description of any events or observation on any particular subject. It can be short informative massage from one person to another for internal communication of organization.

Actually it may include the brief details of any subject as massage to address any person. The purpose of the memo can be focus on the problems or subject to accomplish to achieve the goal on time. Normally most of the businesses are using this document to communicate some events such as after meeting corresponding, pending production issues, maintenance notes, etc.

  1. Introduction to Memo Template
  2. What to include in Memo template?
  3. How to write a memo template?
  4. Sample Memo Letters
  5. Memo templates

Introduction to Memo Template

Business memo template is regular document that is use for internal communication in organization. Generally, this template may use to pass on any important massage for formal presentation to someone. Actually this is important document that may describe brief information about any topic.

Usually the memo design and structure can be similar to any letter. But it’s much different from the letter or not covering all the details which may include in letter formation. Such as memo describes only subject description hence, the letter can be describing request of issues as well solutions too.

Normally The memo template may include the sender name, receipting name, date, subject and CC if any. The important part of the memo is body of the document. Here all the require or heart details can be describing with state formation.

Probably, each business is using the memo with similar structure. Which can be simple and important information which are needs to deliver.

What to include in Memo template?

Most of the businesses are using the memo to establish initial communication. Hence, the document will be carry out some information which are much important. Even or it should be unique and meaningful. Simply the memo template may include following details are:- As usual, the document title will be “MEMO” that is memorandum at the top of the page.

  • Describing full address of the recipient (if communicating with outside of the organization).
  • In case of sending this same details to any other third person can use the CC lines.
  • Writing the name of send in the form lines.
  • Describing the subject of the memo, that is for attention and for giving understanding about the memo.
  • Detailing the entire details in the body section.

This information is common in any kind of the memo. It can be little varying from one company to another. But the structure and design will be almost same for each business.

How to write a memo template?

  1. Top section / Heading of the Memo
  2. Topic overview
  3. Main Body
  4. Final words

Most of the businesses are using the standard formation for any document. The standardization can be help to sustain the system more stable. Hence, it is very important that each template should be structure with specific requirement of the business. Even the format for the document will be check and review by authority of organization.
That is the reason that you have to need any template which will provide all the details require for the standard formation. You have to make the standard template of memo is much requiring for sustained. Here are some steps that may help you to write standard memo template for your business:

Top section / Heading of the Memo

Actually the heading of any document is very important because the most peoples are taking attention to see the top of the document. Hence, you have to take care when you are creating any document to setup heading. Same here in the memo template, you have described the important information such as:

  • Who is sending the memo?
  • Subject of the memo, this will be very short description or highlight of the top from the entire memo contents.
  • Date of the memo
  • Description of the receiver of the memo

The information which are in line with requirement of the memo can be also describe at the top of the pages. Even it should be simply explanation about the subject.

Topic overview

Usually in any letter formation, introduction of the main subject will be describing in the first paragraph of the memo. It should be brief as easier to describe the initial view of the subject. Normally subject of the memo and its purpose may be including in it.

Main Body

This is the main section of the memo template. Here you can describe all the details which are you want explain in the memo. This section will be cover entire memo with detailed information.

Final words

It can be short and conclusive paragraph here you can describe in this section. The state the outcome or specific steps require to be accomplish upcoming to achieve the goal.
Writing the memo is very easy and quick job if you have all the require details and tools. Normally ready made template will be helpful in this regard.

Sample Memo Letters

Memorandum [ Sample # 01]

To: All Technicians
CC: Production Manager
Date: 12/03/2018
Re: “Weekend Work Schedule”

This is a reminder that we will be working weekend hours on December 04 & 05, 2018. You will need to see Production manager for scope of work and schedule times. Thanks in advance.
All questions should be directed to Production Manager in the Office at extension “05”

Memorandum [ Sample # 02 ]

To: [ Target audience]
From: [Person and/or Department issuing the memo]
Date: [Date Sent]
Subject: [Subject of the Memo]

[Opening – Get to the point in the opening paragraph. Keep things simple and short. Make it easy and fast to read.]
[Summary – Provide enough background so all readers understand the history, but again, keep it simple.]
[Conclusion – End with a call to action.]

CC: [Send copies to anyone affected by the memo.]
Attachments: [List any attachments to the memo. Only list items referred to in the body of the memo.]

Memo templates

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Word Memo Template

Word Memo Template
Word Memo Template


Using a word format for create memo template is very easier and quick job for standard document. Word has many advance and easy tools that will be provide a flexibility to create memo template for your business. Document memo template word, it is easy for customize, even comes with tabular format. This Memo template word format will help you manage your memo requirements, and also easier to save and print entire document with single click.

Business Memo Template

Business Memo Template examples
Business Memo Template


When you are working in the office at any organization, you must aware about the business memo. Which can be usually base of the initial communicate between internal departments. Normally, business memo template may use to inform details about particular topic to another person. It can be also known as memos or short notes. Even it can also possible to send multiple peoples at once with same contents.

Free memo template

Free memo template samples & examples
Free memo template


This is unique and free memo template. Which is design with specific tools that are mostly use in the business documentation. This template will be much helpful for the describing the specific topic as you want to send to another person. This high quality and professional design is really catchy as well beautiful for your regular use.
As you can see the picture above is blank format of the memo template which will be very useful for your business requirements. Actually there are major three sections which is necessary to fill out to accomplish the memo template details.

Memorandum Business memo format

Memorandum Business memo format
Memorandum Business memo format


If you are expecting effective communication for your business. As same you have to create and standardize the template which should be more unique and sustainable. Hence, the part of the documentation may be keep smooth as you expecting from your communication system. The business memo template will be providing you specific structure and instant contents that will be makes easier your works.

Normally the business memo templates are widely used for the internal communication. But it is not definite that, this template can be used for communicate with outside of the organization. Hence, the business memo template must be sufficient to make your contents more valuable.

Office Memo template

Office Memo template format download
Office Memo template


An office memo template is actually document or short note that is usually contain the information related to workplace or internal office concern. The information can be use through the memo template for some specific event such as notice, announcements, or any declarations etc. The office memo may update day to day if require. Mostly the office memo will complete on the transfer the information to another department or personnel.

Internal Memo template

Internal Memo template
Internal Memo template


An internal memo template can be use to communicate and transfer the information to one person to another person or department. This template may use as internal communication for the office or organization. Normally the internal memo template may contain information such as projects details, specific goals and targets, company policies, management change, work load or related subjects. Here this blank template will be useful for creating your own internal memo as reference.

Memo template Word Document

Memo template Word Document
Memo template Word Document


Creating memo template with Microsoft word document is very easy and quick job. Simply you have to start the Microsoft office word document program. Than you have to open the new document. Check if ready made available template for the memo, in case there is no any similar format available. You can check our free memo template formats for your reference.

Word document is very simple and easy for use. Even it has advance tools and functions that will be help to create template which may suitable for your business. The word document has also facility to include pictures, special texts, designs etc. That will be make your memo template more attractive and catchy.

Memorandum of understanding template

Memorandum of understanding template
Memorandum of understanding template


Actually there is no difference between memo and Memorandum of understanding template. Memo is short form of the memorandum.  Here are sample Memorandum of understanding template are available for download, you have click and download these templates for free. Even this template will be helpful, easy to use and flexible.

Business professional memo template doc

Business professional memo template doc
Business professional memo template doc


Every professional memo template should be enough contents, design and sufficient to make communication more easy. Even it should be flexible to use as standard format to conversation internally. Most of the professional memo template are prepare by professional team. Which have good knowledge and experience of the business domains. Here you can see above templates are looking professional design, flexible and easy for use. This template will be free for download in PDF format.