Business Model Canvas example

Business Model Canvas Template – 7+ Editable Examples & Samples

The business model canvas is a strategic graphic representation may contain consecutive of variables that show the values of new or existing business model. Most of businesses are using this model to ensure status of a business, it may include customers, financial, products’ value proposition, infrastructure and potential channels.

Actually, the business model canvas is extremely helpful tool to describe the business values in structural formation. It may also help to creating new strategies for the business. Even the BMC describes entire business status where business’ values & market may easier to analyze with visual tool.

Business Model canvas components

The Business model canvas define nine components which are previews about each one as below:

  1. Key partners
  2. Key activities
  3. Key resources
  4. Value propositions
  5. Customer relationships
  6. Channels
  7. Customer segments
  8. Cost structure
  9. Revenue streams

The initial steps to understand a business model, is to know about the components of business model canvas. If you well understand components of the business model canvas, it will be easier for you to describe it accurately in model. Because this model covers the essential aspects of the business at a glance.

Key partners

Key partners can be other organizations, companies or suppliers. It may be important to create alliances with partners. Key partners can be help to deliver the values to the customers. Even the they perform to reduce risks of business and optimize operations.

Key activities

It is obvious that one question that can comes in your mind, what key activities do values propositions require? These may include the product & market research, development, product distributions, such ” Developing any application or game”. More understanding about the core activities may help to know about the values proposition of the organization.

Key resources

The key resources are most important aspect for any business. When you are making a business model, you have to needs to deliver their values proposition in the plan. The key resources may include the four different categories such as human resources or manpower, financial resources, intellectual resources such as copyrights, brand etc., and physical resources such as machinery, equipment infrastructure etc.

Value propositions

The value propositions best example can be “water in desert”. Actually, it may cover the values which organization deliver to their customers. Even it can be emotional! or pain-points which you need to address.

The ultimate of each system in any business can be customer satisfaction. Hence, business needs to analyze the initial as well values propositions.

Customer relationships

It is very important for the business, how interact with the customers. Customer relationships may describe the essential part of the relationship with customers. There are many ways to sufficient attention with each customer to define priority and category for each customer. Even you can make the groups, and frequency of proper communications for the anticipating the customers’ requirements.


Actually the channels are potential way to communicate with their customers. it is single point through business can manage their communications, distributions and sales channels. It may also help to business to enable its customers to evaluate its value propositions.

In any business may have the elements that needs to concentrate, these are sharing information, assessment and review the product or services, financial, product sales and after sales services.

Customer segments

The concept of the customer segment is much important to analyze the customer requirements. Normally the businesses mostly the manufacturing organizations are using this technique to define the group of the customers. This groups may divide on its similar requirements, and specific needs for their end applications.


Steel pipes manufacturing company can have variety of customers. Such as from petrochemical industries, boiler manufacturing companies, heatexchanger manufacturing as well automotive industry.

The business can make the groups of each business segment to serve the product with meet their specific needs, such as boiler manufacturing and heat exchanger manufacturing companies needs similar requirements. But automotive needs can be different.

Hence, business can target the specific requirements to satisfy customers. So, creating separate groups as per customer segment may give an advantage with full customer satisfaction.

Cost structure

It is very important for the preparing the business, to identify key cost drivers in your business. Normally you have to understand the financial costs expenses for the resources and / or activities. The major cost expenses can be trigger the sales of the business.

The cost structure may include the advertisement, communications and meetings, cost for more interactions with customers, and resources purchase for increasing sales.

Revenue streams

Ultimately, this is the game of profit and torrent for the constance revenue streams. Actually, cost structure and revenue streams both are the pillars of the financial balance of the business. It will make clear insight into the revenue model of a business model.

Even it may help to understand the initial idea about the customer’s inflow or point of sales. The revenue can be only generating when business have sufficient customers that may convert into the profit.


  1. Why business model canvas template is useful?
  2. What is good business model?
  3. What is a business model example?
  4. What is a business model design?
  5. What are different types of business models?


Business Model Canvas Templates – Business templates Excel & PDF format


When you are thinking that how to making a single page business plan, business model canvas is it. Now days most of the companies are using this structural model to evaluate their business functions and values. That is the reason is inspire to prepare the standard formation for the business model. here you can take the reference from these templates.

  1. Business Model Canvas Template
  2. The business model canvas template – free excel format
  3. Printable business model canvas example
  4. Free business model canvas template download
  5. Sample business model canvas template


Business Model Canvas Template

Business Model Canvas example
Business Model Canvas Template



Why business model canvas template is useful?

As you know the business model canvas is strategic tool, mostly business management are using as the lean template for describe their existing business values in single page format. This document may help you to visualize the overall picture of the business. Even graphical representation may helpful for understand each element with sufficient description for further improvement.

Normally, businesses may describe elements such as products’ value propositions, customers, infrastructure, finance etc. in the business model canvas. This template may help you to cover all the elements which you expecting from the document.

The business model canvas template – free excel format


The business model canvas format
The business model canvas template


This ready made template may help to incorporate all the components of business model. Generally, the good business model should be cover the requirements are in this format. Normally, the template may helpful and easier who really want to describe their business values seriously for understand the status of business. This template will be helpful for making good business model.


What is good business model?

A business model should incorporate the entire components of the business to easier for evaluate the existing status of performance. It may cover the basic pillars such as projected startup costs, and sources of incomes.

Even it should be including all the information’s are in under this two basic pillars. The information may cover marketing strategies, competitions, expenditures, revenues, sales projections, customers etc.

Printable business model canvas example

business model canvas printable samples
business model canvas example


Initially the business model canvas may helpful tool if it is built with proper frameworks. The business model a document that describe the business essential values in the structural framework. Hence, it is very important the template should be cover and able to gives a sufficient space to describe all the details. This ready made example business model canvas may give a perfect document reference for your own business model canvas design.


What is a business model example?

The best example of business model should be point out the entire business value propositions. Even its should provide frameworks for how a business create their values by effective way.

When you are entering the values of each components of business model, it should be given a whole picture about the business status. Actually, the accurate descriptions, and outputs from the business model may helpful to understand the core values of business.

Free business model canvas template download

Free business model canvas sample
Free business model canvas template


This is unique design with colorful template of the business model canvas. This ready made template may helpful to describe each elements of the business model with specific color. Normally, the businesses are using the black and white template but, when you want to describe some values with specific describe that may color will be useful to show little different. The design is always matter for any documentations; hence we try to making this colorful template for your business needs.


What is a business model design?

It is very important for the businesses, when they are at stage of designing the business model. They should be take care during the creating a design should allow them to understand and enable to describe their business values propositions with effective way.


Even, the design may also should helpful to highlight the business core values as well it should be easier for successful scale up to a profitable business in frame.

Sample business model canvas template

Sample business model canvas format
Sample business model canvas template


The template of the business model canvas may help you to organize your business key information in single page. Here you can see this template may cover some different details such as how, what, when, how, and how much the identify the values and use for the business model. Even the business model contents can be different for each business segment and type of businesses. This business model canvas template will be use as general and target each type of business.

What are different types of business models?

Basically, there are initial three types of business model can be used for profit business:

Manufacturer business model: Normally, manufacturers can be describing their business model with some specific details which may include the essential processes such as raw materials to final product related objectives. even, they can be highlight their customers and its segments, their direct or medium of channels for business core values.

Distributor & franchises business model: It may possible that the distributors and franchises’ business model can different from the manufacturing or retailers. Because they are not manufacturing the products. Even they are a part of the manufacturer’s business channels.

Retailers business model: Generally, a retail or wholesaler businesses is directly concern with end user or public. They can physical or direct interact with customers, even they are not producing the products. Hence, retailer’s business model can be different from each type of business model. even, there are some exception some retailer business such as “online business portals”.