Business process mapping – Flow Steps with Examples & Templates

A process mapping is a strategic visual presentation to demonstrate the workflow for particular process. It may also include the sequences of functions that straightforward entire structure of processes. Most of the businesses are using this diagram to presenting their processes with graphical tools.

Simply the process mapping is the systematic technique to describe entire process’s work flow, as well can also illustrate the single process flowchart. Normally, businesses are using this flowchart to understand each level of process. Which may help to identify the opportunities, and focus the sequences of processes that makes easier for improvement.

  1. Why use a process mapping?
  2. Process Mapping Example
  3. Business Process mapping template
  4. Basic Components of Business Process Mapping

Why use a process mapping?

When the business dealing with complex processes sequence, normally these may be manufacturing or assembling processes. These processes not easier to understand directly to describe in straightforward writing. Hence, mapping out business processes in actual flow may be helps to team fully understand entire picture of process.

Usually the technique is use to present each process with specific graphic method. Which may map out the entire process sequence as actual business process flow. Actually there are so many techniques that may help to understand the processes. But process mapping is simple and graphical method which gives an advantage to business for improvements. Some below points that will make clear understanding, why business use a process mapping technique:

  • It will be makes easier to mapping out and describe each process with accurate and visual manner.
  • This is helpful for describe actual functions and flow for simply the steps that require to drive the process to it end in sequence.
  • The sequences where require some extra efforts and attention to achieve the targets, mapping will be effectively indicating these places.
  • For initial idea for cost controls, and problem solving methods may require to understand sequences of business processes.
  • It is obvious that when you are doing research on processes for improvement & effective implementation, you need a basic flow that makes easier to determine the potential actions.

In short, some of things that process map tools making itself very unique and important for business. Normally this tool is help to identifying the problems, demonstrate processes, highlight the steps for the improvement.

Process Mapping Example

Process Mapping excel format
Process Mapping Example


This is simple business process mapping example from the manufacturing unit. The entire process sequences are indicating individual processes and nominal flow. Actually this is simple technique to explaining complex processes usually for manufacturing processes. This instant example describing processes in straightforward with accurate process flows & in order.

The example of the process mapping including various manufacturing stages, and sub-processes that may helpful to understand each process with easier way. This template may include stages of production such as receiving, planning, designing, raw material section, production lines, finishing and packing as well delivery. Even the process mapping including the actual sequences and sub-processes in standard formation.

Business Process mapping template

Business Process mapping excel format
Business Process mapping template


Usually in manufacturing units can have big challenges to describe their processes may complex designs and inter connections. Hence, process mapping is one of the important tool that may easier to describe entire processes of manufacturing. It may also called workflow or flowchart of the process.

Here you can see above the process mapping template example may help you to present your business process with systematic way. This template may include workflow of particular process or sequences.

Basic Components of Business Process Mapping

  1. Process:

    At the initial stage of the mapping a business process, it should be cover entire workflow of the sequence. Normally, it should be including the start from initial process to finish it with successfully. Example: For manufacturing unit, the process start from raw materials activities to finish product & delivery of the product.

  2. Activities / process tasks:

    Each stage of the process, it is very important to describe the details of tasks and associated activities. Even, the details of the person or a system which is engage with particular activities or task may also include. Example: Describing name of operator & operation of ice cream making process.

  3. Participants:

    It is obvious that each process may needs a manpower and resources to successfully complete any task. In the process mapping, it is very important to describing each participant and or system that contributing to complete the process successfully.

  4. Workflow:

    Normally, it is possible that the each process is internally connect with another process. That can be sequence of workflow. Hence, each the workflow should be designed and indicate with specific lines & arrows. That will be meaningful description for each workflow. Example: If in manufacturing, raw materials department sending the materials for inspection first and then at production department. The process map should be describing the Raw materials > inspection process > production.

  5. Internal affairs:

    Normally the workflow is pre-defined, or design as standard requirements. But in some cases the process can be the redirect to an another process. In the process mapping, each potential and occurring events may be including.

Actually process mapping can describe the problem area, unnecessary loops, and describe the unexpected complexity, where straightforward flow may be possible to describe. It will also helpful for the compare actual with ideal flow of the process. Which will be makes easier to identify improvement opportunities. Review of the process map will make easier to show the activities,  which may directly impact the performance. Even more it may give exact details for further investigation for process improvement.