attractive Business Startup Checklist

Free Business Startup Checklist template for Excel | Small start up

The business startup checklist outlines basic guidelines and points that helps you to refer and check out during implementation at stage of business startup. Typically, this comprehensive checklist may include various business ideas, business planning, legal & government aspects, market analysis as well as financial requirements and management. Whenever you are going to start the […]

Blank Proposal letter format

Free Proposal letter template [Business Sample Word Doc]

A proposal letter template is business letter may help to introduce idea s business proposal to someone. This letter can be used as various purposes such as – It may use as sales letter to promotes product / service to potential customers. In some cases, the letter can contain opinion, suggestion or ideas / programs […]

Printable Excel Format

Excel Contact list template sheets | Address Book Format

An Excel contact list template provides a platform where you can be creating collection of the peoples’ primary details to whom you know. This basic structure much helpful to keep remembering any contact details. The single contact list can record all your relatives, customers, friends, groups as well personal contacts.   “However, this is just […]

Printable Reference letter format Word

Free Reference letter template for employment – Sample Word

A reference letter template is a written recommendation in favor of someone with overviews their character, abilities, skills, and individual’s disciplines. In industries, any former employee or well know person can advocate for someone for employment or something in favor by this letter.   Actually, the reference letter is type of recommendation, in this letter, […]

Simple Planning Checklist

Sample Event Planning Checklist for Excel | PDF | DOC

dThe event planning checklist is a document may help to check steps, resources of the event planned. This document is much important to track every stages for an event to be successful. The efforts of implementation can be easier to compare with planning sections. However, monitoring of each one’s deliverable on time, and verifying their […]

Printable Timesheet Template

10+ Timesheet Template for Excel – Daily | Weekly | Monthly

A timesheet template is methodic document for recording the amount of a person’s hours on each task. The structure of timesheet typically can be in tabular format. This virtual tool will be help you to record and find of each employee worked time. Traditionally, the sheet widely used for payroll as well use it to […]

Address book template for Excel

Free Address book template for Excel – Printable & Editable

An address book template is records may contain contact information of peoples, businesses or any place. The book may be recording individual details such as name, address, telephone numbers, emails or any other contacts. Typically, address book can maintain with diary or papers, and also in soft copy in computer. The address book can maintain […]