Simple homeschool report card

Free homeschool report card template for Excel (Blank School Report)

A homeschool report card is assessment of children education progress, work and overall performance in subjects studying at home. A parents or private tutors are preparing the report cards as usually conducts tutor to determine the quality of children education and performance.   The homeschool report card may outline kids’ academic performance which may include […]

Simple Employee Attendance Tracking

Employee Attendance Tracking Excel Spreadsheet

An Attendance tracking is management tool that helps to identify manpower availability at workplace in the selected time of the day. This tracking tool sheet also useful to monitor individual employee’s performance, as well identifying dedicated time on their respective jobs. Even more, the employee attendance tracking sheet provides an accurate data which may use […]

Employee / HR Time Card Calculator Excel sheet

Free Time Card Calculator Template (With Breaks) for Excel

A time card calculator is methodical tool that help to recording the figures of workmen’s time spend on each task. The template may help you to organize the data of individual’s wages, overtime hours, breaks minutes, sick hours, holiday as well vacation hours. This digital document can easier to manage weekly as well monthly workmen’s […]

Work Experience Certificate Template

Work Experience Certificate templates (Word Format)

A work experience certificate is a letter, written by a company / institution to confirming the duration of an employee associated tenure with them. The certificate letter may contain employee’s tenure of associating with job. The information on job description such as rule, designation, salary, performance and behavior. Actually, in the certificate of work experience, […]

Sample new hire checklist template

Free new hire checklist templates & formats [Word & Excel]

The new hire checklist template may outline overview of company, orientation program details with check points to ensure all important steps are covered for on boarding employee. This Human resources form helpful to successful hire process for on boarding new hired employee. Typically, the checklist may contain the review of company policies, key team members, […]

Functional Resume Template

Free Functional Resume Template [Sample Word Format]

A functional resume template may contain job applicant’s careers’ details with focus on skills & experience rather than on chronological work history. Typically, the functional responsibilities and achievements are takes on priority to show job applicant’s strengths & accomplishments. Orientely, job seekers are using the functional resume instead of typical resume, when they expecting to […]

Sample Employee Handbook Template

Employee Handbook Template & Sample (Word | PDF)

An employee handbook template (employee manual) is a book is employer gives employees, to insight employee’s rights & responsibilities for the company. It may contain job-related information, company policies, safety as well procedures & working conditions. Usually, the handbook subsistence common job concerns information which employees need to know from employer. Day by day, employee […]

Employee Time off Request form Template

Employee Time off request form (Word, Excel & PDF Templates)

An employee time-off request form is a document may allow an employee to request their organization for scheduled absence from job. This formal document can be used for vacation leaves, sick-leaves, bereavement, military duty, or any occasional leaves etc. In business environment, it is obvious to managing employee’s work tasks, schedules and time management is […]