Decision matrix format

Decision matrix template for analysis – Excel sheet Examples

A decision matrix template is an analytical document may help to compare potential solution by organize values and variables in tabular as well graphical representation. The entire process may help to analysis visually, even set up weighing their variables based on importance of subject’ values. Typically, it may prioritize a list of options as well […]

Blank Equipment Inventory format

Free Equipment Inventory template for Excel – List Sheet

An equipment inventory template is sheet of a stock list for equipment with contain values, quantity figures and location of each one. Typically, this resources are maintaining in stock to use at various manufacturing, assembling or process purposes. This is actually assets for any business which values are consider financially as fixed assets.   An […]

Free Safe Work Method Statement Template

Safe Work Method Statement Template for Excel sheet

A safe work method statement template is a document that may contain systematic procedure for work to carry out safely in workplace. The SWMS outlines “Logical Sequence” for the procedures how become “Regular Work” more Safe manpower, equipment and Work Environment.   Actually, the method statement will be help to organize the works more precise […]

KPI Excel Dashboard Template

Free Dynamic Excel Dashboard Template for Excel – xlsx templates

The Excel dashboard template is an Excel spreadsheet often used to manage and tracking key KPIs, metrics, as well as projects status. The template may use to best utilizing in the dashboard template to represent information through charts, tables and graphical views. Actually this is management tool that help them to take a decisions based […]