Project construction Schedule Template

Construction Schedule Template [Excel Project & Construction Templates]

In construction projects, a schedule template is a project’s programs with important details such as milestones, deliverable, tasks, and track records along with starting & finish dates. It is usual mechanism to attending and communicate the programs and tasks associated with construction project. Actually, the schedule may provide a time frame to organize each task, as well makes easy to allocation of available resources to accomplish project.

This is the important document for the construction projects which may shows the chronological sequences of the tasks. The schedule for the construction will be also include the amount of time needed for each of tasks. Usually, the list contains project related programs that may helpful to take any task on priority as per its requirements. Usually, construction businesses can get benefits from the schedule templates are:

Focus on budget

When you are creating a schedule for any particular task or entire project, you can also incorporate each task’s cost as well brief details. This will be help you to organize your task more effective for the budget management. You can focus the values of each activity, equipment as well manpower. The technique for the optimization the cost of materials & manpower can easily track, as well control over it.

Organizing action items

The main purpose of the schedule template is organizing action items for any specific project or task. Hence, it is obvious that the schedule will be help to manage construction checklist for all the phases of the project, even you can also include it the priority, as well ordering of important tasks and materials.

Visualizing the entire project & progress

The best part of the schedule sheet is, its makes your entire project more visual, as well traceable. The schedule sheet helps you to organize each task with individual responsibility, scope and plans from initiation to completion. Through the schedule sheet, project’s progress will be visual.

It is making easy communication

In the construction project, the schedule template actually enabling easy communication with important stakeholders. Normally, stakeholders always wish to see the progress of entire project, hence it will be help to showing information about the project’s status on a single desk. The document will be perform as monitoring of each task transparently.

Sharing information and ideas with team

Innovative idea is always welcome in construction business. Hence, this sheet can be medium for the sharing information and ideas with members. Even you can also use this template to exchange the tasks, or assignment of any part of the activities.

What is the purpose of a construction schedule?

To complete any project on time, you need various documents and tools that makes your project more successful. In the construction business, schedule is very important part or tool of the project management system. Actually, you can use the construction schedule as integral part for the entire project system. Normally, you can include it with budget, resources, scopes, quality needs, etc. Here are some major purposes that you can get benefits from it:

  • You can maximize quality control measures through organize sequences of the tasks.
  • Enhancement the planning of each resources, such as manpower, equipment etc.
  • For better communication, and coordination efforts
  • Focus on critical elements
  • It may also help to improving safety performance
  • Including budget for each task may help to cost control
  • It will be Make your time management more effective.

There are numbers of purposes that may depends on requirements of projects, and construction system. Usually, basic purposes will be similar as above describes.

Free Construction Schedule templates Excel & Word

Before creating a construction schedule template, first of all you have to understand entire project. This is very first thing you must do before attempting to create a schedule is to review the steps of whole project. Even more, you have to ensure that all the information, resources, manpower etc., should be includes and complying the project requirements. Here are ready made templates which may help you to create a schedule for your project.

Printable Construction Schedule template 

Printable Construction Schedule template
Printable Construction Schedule template – Project & Construction business

Sample Construction Schedule Template : Excel / PDF

Actually, the schedules are one of the best way to draw up road map of entire project. The schedule will be helpful until the complete the project, hence it should be proper designed and organized well. For the creating schedule more effective, you can use some conditional formatting, color codes, etc. This ready made template will be help you to design yours know schedule from sketch.

Blank Construction Schedule Template 

project Construction Schedule Template
Blank Construction Schedule Template

Download This template – Excel : PDF

Normally in construction project, it is very important to maintain the timelines, and task schedule to know the actual progress at the field. The schedule template will be describing planned as well actual progress of each task, as well cost of each task.  Hence, the schedule is very important part of the project management. But creating a schedule from scratch is very difficult if you don’t have enough tools and reference document. Hence, you can download this ready made template and use as reference document.

Sample Construction Schedule template 

Construction Schedule template excel
Simple Construction Schedule sample

 Examples & Samples: Excel – Free Download Construction Schedule / PDF

The schedule has no bar of the time limits, but it would be on timeline for each task. Mean you can create schedule for month, quarter or even for year is no matter, but matter is all the milestones, activities as well tasks must include on time scale. Usually the schedule template may include starting and end date of the task, duration, percentage of completion of works, etc.

Importance of construction schedule

When you are expecting your project complete on time and within the budget, you have to need proper schedule of each task. Best schedule for construction planning may lead in outlines each activity, as well the tasks completes with expected performance. Actually, schedules will be helpful for define the sequences and methods for regularize the materials and manpower. Some of the important points that may need to focus are:

Organizing activities & time

Actually, the main purpose of the schedule is organizing activities and time for each tasks to complete the project. The schedule helps to manage entire project by breakdown into small part of the task. It may cover all the section or department, as well distribute and assign tasks for individual. Obviously, the systematic task management makes always viable to complete each tasks.

Allocation of works & time

The allocation of works & time is one of the important purpose that each business is expecting with schedule. Most of the businesses are understand the provision of right people to each section and allocate it accordingly. Hence, the accomplishment of project will be more easy and manageable.

Monitoring and directions

Planning and assignment of tasks are not enough, the management should also need to frequently monitor on each activity. The schedule sheet will be help to manager for effectively monitor on each activity. These functions will be help to provide right direction at right time. But the management should be need to focus on both the important element: Time & Tasks.

Controlling over entire project

Usually, the controlling on the entire project may be possible to review the achievements, and rectifying deviations within the task. Hence, the constant review of each task, as per planning it much important to take appropriate measures & directions.

Some other points:

  • In case of the delay in the project, the schedule template will be used as important document for communication. Usually, when you give any commitment to complete any project, and even was delay it, it is necessary step to submit new schedule sheet.
  • The base document for the cost review and control can be schedule sheet. Normally, project manager is describing the estimate as well actual costs against each task in the sheet, hence it will be easier to identify some initial, and running costs.
  • If you are participating in the tendering or communicating for project proposal. You have to estimation of the entire project. On base of the schedule sheet, you can give estimate cost as well duration of the entire project.
  • Timely update of each stakeholder as well client is very necessary for each project management. Even updating the progress with milestones will be appreciate action for any project. Hence, schedule sheet will be one of the important tool to fulfill the requirements of project.

A well-made schedule may be helpful to organizing financial transactions. It may help to understand what will be approx. costs, expenses as well payments for contractors and manpower. Hence, it can help to understand potential payable.