Free CRM Excel Template

CRM Excel Template for Business (Client Tracking spreadsheet)

A CRM Excel template is an Excel spreadsheet may contain customer information with contacts, methods for communications to enhance relationship and sales management. The sheet makes easier the tracking sales leads, and communications that may help to building customer relationship for achieving sales goals.

In any CRM system, the most important or critical features are – track communications with clients, planning and follow-up contacts, customer information updates, sales lead status, relationship improvement and schedule management. These are common features that may help you to boost your sales even building customer relationship in term of business.

Helps to grow sales with effective tools

Ideally, everyone expecting to grow their sales in quick time. The CRM can be step toward the boost up the sales of the business through enhancing ways to better communications, and efficient system to increase customers. The business having always a sales goals… but how to achieve is it? – is more important.

Actually, the CRM provides a base point for business, which always expecting for better script and proper Customer relationship management. Hence, the CRM Excel template can be best CRM solution which is Excel-based, may be one of the best option for it. With this template, you can integrate Sales, revenue tracking, email management, contacts and follow-up.

Features of CRM Excel Template
  • The template allows you to track inventory, date wise, customer wise, time, as well last contact etc.
  • With excel spreadsheet easy to create timelines, and organizing the customer’s updates on it to understand the existing status.
  • Easier to manage all the critical aspects of your business, which related to customer management.
  • Most comprehensive listing of each client with simple contacts details.
  • Design of this template is very easy to customize.

The most complex part of the CRM system is to maintain records of each customer, with strictly follow-up the updates and regular tracking. Hence, you need a sufficient system which through easier for you to update, and follow-up each customer on time. Even with the CRM Excel template, you will allow to check out last contact time and date, status and other things that may important for building strong relation with customers.

Free Excel CRM Templates

Why we use Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? – Absolutely for the improving sales, and increase interactions with clients, as well to build better relationship. But the managing thousands of client list, information, and updates that make chaos for managing client. Hence, the CRM provides best solutions to manage it smoothly. Even the CRM software can be costly that small scale businesses can’t effort. Hence, the best option is to managing CRM in the excel sheet is one of the great deal.

Actually, the Excel template for the CRM can be takes the complexity out for organizing a CRM solutions and puts into Excel, so every business can manage their CRM more effectively. With the Excel CRM template may come with pre-programmed spreadsheet that includes all require functions. As you can see below templates having a same features and functions that required to manage the CRM. You can download these templates without any cost. Even these templates have well-design that makes your customization easier.

Blank CRM Excel template

Client Tracking Excel sheet
Free CRM Excel template

Template for Excel Download

It is obvious when business running multiple projects, tasks and activities that require to improve business sales, at the movement it is very necessary to keep touch with each customer. Even it is also important to increase number of customers to achieve sales goals. However, the task to frequently monitoring, keep communication with customers, and monitoring the progress of the sales at the same time is very difficult.

Hence, business needs a specific tool that perform this type of task. That is the reason, CRM software, tools and templates can be much important in this regard. But CRM software, and tools that available in the market are very costly, small scale businesses cannot effort, even possible not suitable for their business. Because these can be tough to operating and using well. Hence, you can create your own CRM template for managing these important task with Excel is very best option.

Mostly, marketing manager, and management team are facing some difficulties to manage relationship and interactions with potential as well existing customers. The Excel template for Customer Relationship management (CRM) can be good choice.

Printable CRM Excel template

Client Tracking Excel template
CRM Excel template

Download Excel Sheet

If really want to expanding your business sales, you have need frequently monitoring on the customers’ behavior, sales trends and relations with customers. These all the things are possible to manage with single desk. That is Excel CRM template, may enables you to manage your clients, prepare reports and view the existing status regarding customer relationships. Actually, the best part of the Excel CRM template is that unlike typical CRM software, it is free of cost, easy to use, user-friendly, and easy to maintain customer data. Even more, you don’t need any specific or technical knowledge. Check out these great features with this template you may get well-organized format may help your business.

Best CRM Excel template

Excel CRM Template
Excel CRM Analysis Template

Excel Analysis Sheet

Most of the peoples are asking why we use excel for CRM? – The instant answer is “Excel having a gold standard for analyzing data”. Even more, The Microsoft Excel also offering the advance and universal tools that make easy your data for analysis purposes. Typical it may allow you for creating, managing, processing the data, updating, reporting, and sharing as well. Due to Excel’s unleash power, it creates more opportunity to understand what is existing status of customer relationship.

Statistical and Graphical Capabilities of Excel CRM Template

As you know, Excel having a wide range of statistical functions that you can use to calculate a single value, or an array of values. It may provide you extensive capabilities for making graphs – that calls charts in the excel spreadsheet. There are some varieties of charts – most common are line graphs, bar graph, histograms, pie charts, as well Cartesian graphs etc.

With this excel CRM Template, you can utilize statistical functions, calculations, and graphical representation of existing status of CRM. The best part of the CRM template is all the filters, analysis functions, and design are possible to modify and update accordingly. When we are talking about customer data analysis, excel having advance tools that may help you to make sufficient outputs from analysis to get best results. Hence, you can download this template and use for your business.

Customer Relationship management (CRM) Excel template

Printable CRM Excel Template
Free CRM Excel Template

Printable Excel Sheet Download

Streamline communications with customers as well keep track of sales leads is much important for any business. These all the tasks are possible with Excel CRM template, where you can manage each customer data. With the CRM Excel template, you can easily organize all the CRM require information, as well accurately analysis the data through Excel tools. Typically, the excel CRM template may help you to organize and calculating some important information such as – sales calculation, estimating sales figures, calculating commissions, sales forecasting, invoices and statements and so on.

How to Use the CRM Template in Excel?

Actually, there are so many features and use of the Excel based CRM template. You can add features, formulas, as well facilities in the excel as you require for your business. Here are some of the common features that are really needful for CRM are:


The information which are regular require for the communication with your client can be include in the sheet. Typically, the information can be company name, job title of contact person, emails and phone numbers, and other related information. With the demographics details, you can specifically maintain some records which are frequently require for the business.

Simply the information with sort and Filter feature

Using some important features of the excel is really helpful to manage the customer information. Suh as you can be ordering of the entire table on the basis of estimated sales values. Even you can also the filter customer list, even city wise, country wise or any specific mode. The best part of the excel sheet with sorting and filtering are: you can identify which one is on priority, which customer had already contacted, etc.

Details of accurately follow up

Whenever you contact any client, you can describe the details of contact in the last or recent contact details. Even you also need to describe the details of – when you are going to next time contact. This information can be describing under that follow up section. Even this is very important to describe it separately with follow up recently and follow up next schedule for contact. In the business, frequently connecting with customers are very important to click some orders.

Estimated Sale

The estimated sales are usually use to identifying sales figures for the potential customers which can be monthly, quarterly, or average yearly. This figures can be get through calculating average figures of all amounts of sales of particular customer. The estimated sales for any particular customers is very important for marketing team, they can put their efforts to achieve the goals.