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A customer feedback form is document may use to collect reviews of a product or service from customers. It may help to obtain customers’ reviews such as experience, satisfaction level, technical aspects, sales after services, and suggestions. Typically, this information will be fill out by customers in customer feedback form to express their feedback.

Basically, businesses are preparing customer feedback form to obtain precious feedback from customers. This information can use to analyze the product or services improvement. Actually, this form is initial source of inputs for understand the product’s performance in the market.

Customer can judge your products, better than you.

Table of Contents

  1. The voice of customers – Feedback form
  2. How to make your customer feedback form practical?
  3. Analyzing feedback of collections
  4. Customer Feedback Form Template – Word Document free download
  5. Customer Feedback Form sample – Formats & Examples

The voice of customers – Feedback form

Obviously, customer feedback for the products can be cornerstone of potential improvements. Now days, businesses are understanding the essentially of the feedback about the products. They are making its necessary part of the business management, even most of the businesses are using an advance techniques and contents that directly beneficial for progress.

Knowing the customer’s requirements, fulfillment of customer’s end applications and continual improvement is real strategic business. The voice of customer is important and an opportunity for the business to potential improvement at meet the expectations of customers.

Customer feedback form is initial document through all the reviews from customers can be possible collect with systematic manner. Normally, in the customer feedback form may contain some basic questions about product & services & experience of using it.

Why it is call the voice of customers? – because customers explain their experience, their views, complaints, comments and suggestion. Actually, this is complete package that help to improve the product. Even business can get idea that, what really customers are thinking about our products & our services.

How to make your customer feedback form practical?

Actually, customer feedback form is set of questions that businesses ask to their customers about products & services. Hence, it is much important that each question should be essential, and meaningful. Here are some tips & common points that may definitely help to create your own customer feedback form for your business.


Design your form clean

“customers are king of market”

I read this sentence when I was learning in high school. At the time I was unclear about the entire concept. If customer expecting something specific with product, you have to do same if it is really possible. Hence, you have to take care during preparation of customer feedback form. It is often possible that the customer avoids to fill out customer feedback form. If the form appears very uncluttered and too much questions and information, ask in it. There are only few things that you have care:

  • Leave sufficient white space to look your form clean
  • Every question or information should be readable, clear & easy for understand
  • Don’t ask too much questions, ask what is essential for improvement.

Remember that, you can’t force to customer for fill out the customer feedback form and submit. Hence, you should be take another way to promote your customer to fill the form with pleasure.

Don’t make any field mandatory

Actually, customer feedback form is strategic part of the business. Hence, customer feedback is much important to increase the sales and reputation. When you are collecting the information from the customers through customer feedback form. You must take care; your customer can give all the information with pleasure. Make sure information you asking should not to put down your customer in difficulty to go ahead.

Try to make easier to fill out the feedback form for customer to provide feedback. If you make any field mandatory, may possible customer can leave to fill out customer feedback form or avoid all the time.

Always ask essential questions only

Remember that, Customer feedback form is not investigation something. This is about experience and reviews of products & services. Which is we always expecting to from customer to add on for improvement. It is clear that, your customer will only contribute when your questions are reasonable and essential for entire improvement of products & services. Meaningless questions always being “funny” tag may reduce your reputations in market.

Create consistent rating scales

Including a rating scales in the customer feedback form may provide accurate measurements for your questions. The rating scale may use if 1 is the best and 5 is the worth in one question is appreciate. The rating scale in customer feedback form is easier options for customers to fill out. As well it is also for businesses to collect accurate evaluation of product from customers.

Analyzing feedback of collections

Got the feedback, now what? – The major part of the customer satisfaction analysis is to collect the information from customer with right manner. Later on, all the information is used to analyze for identify improvement points. Normally, the analysis section is equally important for the customer management.  But there are some factors that may makes a results more challenging for accurate analysis and making a decision on it.

Why the results from the analysis can be challenge for business?

Reason is, practically there are numbers of two types of customers can be participate more than others. There may be (1) Customers who are too much impress with products & services (2) Customers are very disappoint with products & services. – It is natural that both the type of customers is take the survey more often.

So, how it can be challenge?

Actually the numbers and percentage of the customer feedback is much important for analysis. The results can be varying due to insufficient numbers of customer feedback. More feedback will be gives an accurate result. Hence, analysis can be hurt due to percentage of collections, and numbers of customer’s feedback.

Example:  Patterns of feedback

If business sent feedback form to 100 customers, as return 14 customers are given their opinions.  Let’s imagination 6 Customers are extremely happy with products, and 6 are very unsatisfied with products. and remains 2 are average rating providing.

Obviously, satisfaction ratio will be directly affect due to un-participated remains 86 customers. Definitely the results never get accurate with insufficient numbers.


Customer Feedback Form Template – Word Document free download

Customer Feedback Form examples
Customer Feedback Form Template


This is unique design for the customer feedback form may use for collecting information from customers directly. It may also include a rating for each questions require for improvement of product or services. Generally, this form may helpful for the understand the customers’ needs, experience, about product opinions, and suggestions. The collection of this form may helpful to analyze the existing functions performance, market requirements, and entire product & services’ performance. Actually, customer feedback form using many different techniques, different contents and method to collect the information from customers. It may be online, emails, soft copy, hard copy, direct interview, or discussions. Normally in manufacturing and engineering units, paper form is widely use.

Customer Feedback Form sample – Formats & Examples

Customer Feedback Form template
Customer Feedback Form sample


This is simple customer feedback form may use to recording customer feedback. This information can be used to analyze the status of product performance in the market. Normally, businesses are using this form for product or services improvement on base of customer’s feedback. In this form, customer can write down the issues, quality of services, complaints, or any suggestions for improvement.