Blank Daily Activity Log

Daily Activity Log Template – Free Excel sheet Download

The daily activity log template is record sheet contains daily tasks which are completed in a day. The sheet describes – which task taken – how much time, and how much works are completed. The log sheet may help to track your work during the day at right time and right movement. In short, you can manage, monitor, perform and improve your tasks by recording it in log sheet.


The key purpose of the daily activity log is to maintain regular tasks list, Prioritizing the tasks, as well as managing time of the day. If the log sheet is updates regularly, it may provide a much information which will be help you to analyze which task – how much taken time. The activity log much helpful at various places and levels. There are some benefits are:


  • The log sheet may help to business for keep tracking their employee performance by recording regular task log in the template.
  • The person by self to understand what done during a day, even what daily basis tasks are conducts, even which task taken how much time.
  • It may be helps to measure the project progress, individual tasks checking up.
  • The sheet may help to management to organize the task on basis of individual performance to review the activity log.


Overall, the sheet may be much helpful to monitoring the daily activity even it is for business or individual.


Benefits of daily activity log template


This tool may be much helpful to tracking and maintain the records for business even for individual to know how the time spend for each task for a day. Generally, following list of benefits you can get, as results of frequently updating the activity log:




The log sheet may be increase the productivity of each employee for the business as well for individual if maintain and update activity log regularly. The unproductive of employees is results of the lack of communication, allocation of accountability and insufficient records of works’ progress. The activity log may help to business to identify the individual records. Even more, it makes easy to accessibility of individual records may results it can help to managers for define the effective duties to each employee.


Recording day-to-day activities


The activity log is helpful document where you can record daily activities which through can get better idea about how the operations on the day. It givens better transactions insight each operation and time management.


It is obvious that, without understand what is happening? – you can’t take any actions for improvement. The activity log provides a list of tasks that completed during the period. Even business can monitor certain employees and its performance. As result it may convert the best possible improvement in overall job performance for everyone.


Easier to identifying performance


The log sheet will be gives an idea what aspects that your business is under-performance. You can quick identify these weakest points of any team or individual’s. Suppose, the business having a two sales team working in same zone and similar condition. But still Team A increasing their sales than Team B.


The business can review activity log of both, and easily identify which tasks, activities or working style increasing the sales, and what Team B is doing?


Effectively management of time


The activity log provides a platform for recording each hour against the tasks the done during a single day. It will be makes enable to search works that are of much important. Even more, you can prioritize the tasks that really much important and needs to set up at top. As results, unnecessary or tasks that wasting your much time may easier for minimize in terms of time.


Reducing unimportant works


As you know, activity log provides a list of works that done during a day. This list may include all the works that may be high prioritized, low even medium. The management should identify those list of tasks that are unimportant, and unnecessarily conducts as part of regular tasks. As results of shutdown these kinds of tasks, the employee’s individual time will be increase dramatically. Hence, employee can focus on important tasks, as results employee will become more efficient and more productive.


Blank daily activity log template

Blank daily activity log template
Log template


This blank daily activity log template is one of the important document to recording regular tasks with its consumed time. The key purpose of this daily log is to recording regular tasks, recording time against each task, analyze which task taking how much time, and what exactly happening during a day.


  • The record holder can know insight on – what is exactly during on a daily basis.
  • It may be helps to organize their upcoming event to checking a log sheet.
  • Businesses can keep track their individual employee’s performance.
  • Even more, the business can measure the project progress.


Mostly in the businesses, log sheet is much helpful to handling and allocating the roles and responsibilities, as well frequently monitoring their daily activities to measure their performance. It may be much appreciate handle the records that makes easier the tasks of management for analyzing the employee’s overall performance.


Printable daily activity log sheet

Printable daily activity log sheet
Daily activity log sheet


When you are creating an activity log, you have to keep in mind some things that much important. Such as you have to ensure that – all information is well-organized, even the design should be easy to find something which is needed. The details which are going to enter in the log sheet should be good enough to make sense. Even it should meaningful and descriptive.




Simple daily activity log format

Simple daily activity log format
Daily activity sheet


If you planning to maintain your regular tasks and activity, the activity log sheet is simple and effective solution regarding this. With it, you can keep track of all your daily activity, as well easier for tracking an upcoming event – that you never expect to miss it, in order to create an effective activity log, you can try over ready-made template. At least, you can use it as reference document.


Using simple activity log template, you can get plenty of benefits. This log sheet is actually smart enough, as well efficiently conduct details of activity. Even you can manage your events and appointments with log sheet.


Daily activity log template excel sheet

Simple Activity log Format
Activity log excel sheet


This daily activity log is helpful for increase individual productivity by analyzing regular tasks and its time consumed for each task. This can be individual record sheet, where you can keep track daily activity records to know better what exactly happening during a day, even you can highlight, filter and remark on particular task which having any trouble, consumed much time or any other issues.