Daily Employee Attendance Sheet

Daily Employee Attendance Sheet for Excel – Monthly Excel template

An employee attendance sheet is a formal document may contain records of employee daily attendance with figures of presence, absence, leaves as well monthly calculations. Usually, this records are maintaining by human resources department for payroll / salary purposes. The sheet may provide monthly records of individual employees’ Presences and absences for calculate the salary.


This sheet may provide a visual tracking system that may enable payroll keeper to track each employee’s attendance at a glance, it may be helpful for access regular records of each employee whose are on payroll.


This attendance sheet may be helps to track multiple employees on a daily, weekly, as well monthly basis. It may be also allows recording multiple employee list, shifts, and presences, as well absences due to any reasons. Using the employee attendance sheet, you can quick overview of employee availability, patterns of attendance, and overall performance in terms of presences.


How to create employee attendance sheet in Excel


Create a table

When you are using Excel – keep in mind, Excel having a facility to create a simple table without any trouble. Even more, it is providing a better look and focalize the data for various purposes. In the table formation, you have to create a simple list of employee, its designation, department, and create dates as you can see below picture. There is no needs to much decoration, you can just make simple color border that looks more elegant.


Listing names of employee

The first column can be for numbers, and second will be for employee name. Now you can list all the employee names (As per register) mention in the list. This list will be helpful for organize your attendances of each one.


Employee Details

In the table, you can describe the employee details in separate rows, such as employee id, employee designation, department name etc. The details will be help to track the employee’s individual details. May be with same name multiple employee can be works in same unit, workplace or company.


Time – in / out, if it is daily records

If you are maintaining daily attendance sheet in Excel. You can describe specific details such as time-in and time-out, as well duration of the working hours for individual employee. This details will be specifically describing the accurate details in manner of time.


Date wise filling out

In Excel sheet, as you define day wise cells for the recording daily condition of employee, mean it may be presence or absence.  As per date, you have to fill either using specific code / tick mark or even “P” or “A”.  This may be helpful for counting presence and absence days.


Calculating total

In the state line raw, you can make formula or even you can count by manual of each presence day of individual employee. With Excel sheet, you can easily calculate presence days with formula.


Just Example,


For calculating cells range for Presence days =



For calculating cells range for Absence days =



Using this attendance sheet



Typically, when any organization having a hundreds or more employees in the same unit, it can be difficult to organize its records smoothly. Even, its observation can be tough to frequently monitoring on some employee or group of peoples. The Excel sheet will be makes your work easier. You can filter some employee and check out their presences for a month.


Helps in planning the tasks

When management wish to plan the tasks among the manpower, they need a proper data set that may help to understand how much manpower we have? The attendance sheet will be providing an accurate figure, even individual employee’s availability which makes enable to management for planning the task accurately.


Calculate payroll

As the same side, human resources department can use this sheet to calculate the daily absences and presence for individual employee. If they maintain any separate file / document that, they can even use this sheet for verification at least.


Focus on poor attendance

In some cases, management can refer this sheet to check out for the poor attendance of any individual employee. This is different type of attention require altogether for improving or motivating employee for increase their presence in company. The sheet may provide accurate figures of absence that management can talk with employee for its frequent or unacceptable absences.


Daily Employee Attendance Sheet

Daily Employee Attendance format
Daily Employee Attendance template


Most of the people having a question, why this sheet is important in the business. The state answer is – it is one of the key document that may record individual employee’s presences and absences along with details. Even more, it will be guide human resources, planning team as well helpful to management for now current manpower availability.


Obviously, if the insufficient manpower can impact on the work schedule, hence frequently monitoring on the availability of the manpower is much important for any business. Hence, on reviews of the attendance sheet, management can take action to increase the availability, mean presence of employee by motivations or any other way.


This daily employee attendance sheet may help in:


  1. Employee as well as management can review the daily attendance for improving their presence in the company.
  2. The filling out of this sheet is regular basis. Hence, the payroll team can access the data from this sheet quickly and ready in advance.
  3. The planning team can check the availability of the manpower for program the processing materials / service.
  4. Related managers and supervisors can keep track of each employee attendance.
  5. On reviews of the attendance, management can take any disciplinary actions on those who have incurred to much absences.


Monthly Employee Attendance Sheet

Monthly Employee Attendance excel format
Monthly Attendance Excel Sheet


This template is best fit to small scale and medium scale businesses, who having a hundreds of employees. Herein this monthly employee attendance sheet, you can manage multiple employee’s daily presences and absences for a month. You can add more employee by using extra rows in the Excel, this sheet is prepare with Excel application. Hence, it will be easy for customize, removing or addition anything which is necessary for your business.


Using this sheet, you can maintain record of each employee related to attendance. The sheet will be providing a flexibility to organize the regular information much quickly and easy.


Printable Employee Attendance Sheet

Printable Employee Attendance Sheet
Printable Employee Attendance Sheet


As you know, attendance management is one of the important and crucial section for the accounting, as well human resources department, it may be directly related to employee’s pays. Generally, it may necessary for leave balance calculation, salary processing and production planning. However, the sheet may use at multiple department for various purposes.

Such as:

  • Human resources will be use it for checking regular attendance of each employee.
  • Payroll team will be refer it for calculating individual employee’s salary – by verifying presences and absences.
  • Planning team can check it for verify existing manpower, mean manpower management, as well planning the materials in production lines.
  • The management team can review this sheet to know – which employee taking much leaves, they can take any necessary actions to increase these employee’s presences in workplace.
  • Department head, managers, and supervisors can check the sheet to know presence of their department’s employee.
  • Employee self-check its presences and absences to aware its monthly presences in company.


Simply, these above points are usual in the businesses. It is obvious that any business expecting full presence in the workplace, to reducing production loss.


Simple Employee Attendance Sheet

Simple Employee Attendance Sheet
Simple Employee Attendance Sheet



Typically, the sheet template much helpful for monitoring individual employee’s attendances, as well as leaves for a month. However, if you wish to keep continue for next month. You have to create another sheet with blank sheet. Even more, the data may be regularly needs to update for a month as well. Hence, you can track each detail from the record of individual employee.