Simple Daily Production Report format

Daily Production Report format for Excel / Manufacturing Templates

In Manufacturing environment, a daily production report format outlines details of numbers of units produced with information of utilized resources such as manpower, machinery, equipment as well time for a day. This management tool uses to collect accurate information from production’s operation in summary. Mostly the reports are widely used in the manufacturing, engineering, textiles, as well other manufacturing environments.


Actually, the daily production report may be summary of a day in specific format to make easier to understand the overall picture of the production performance. Some time it can needs to include timeline for presenting exact picture of the production. As you know this is management tool, hence whatever management can be expecting to know about what actually happening in the production – The report may provide such details.


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Most of the businesses are using a software to calculating the production automatically. But small scale businesses can’t effort costly software. Fortunately, Excel sheet can do same work without any cost. Hence, most of the businesses are referring to use the production reporting in the Excel Sheet.


Daily Production Report format


Simple Daily Production Report format
Daily Production Report format

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In business environment, mostly in the manufacturing, engineering or textile businesses are often use the production report to review the entire day’s what produced. This report may be help to management for analyze utilization, productivity, as well performance of the resources and management processes. The report is much important to understand overall management concern the production. There are actually multiple requirements of MIS as and regular task management. The production report can be for the particular plant, unit, department or area.


Key requirements of production reporting


Some of the things that depending on the products, manufacturing or assembling process. Here are some of the specific requirements, may it can be common of the manufacturing units such as quality targets, quantity as well time management.


Quality target

The business can be setup their specific requirements – The quality targets should be important part the entire reporting. Actually, the measuring criteria, and control measures are defining on based on the existing status of production reporting.



Most of the industries are defining their goals for a day. It should be measureable – such as quantity. The management expecting their resources are fully utilizing and produce more and more quantity from the production processes.



This is actually one of the important things that needs to consider before taking any king of planning, programming, analyzing and control as well. The time is key factor of the entire production management. Hence, the production report should be including as key requirements.



What to include in a daily production report?


The production report can be varying as products or industrial segment requirements, its depends on the production process, resources, management processes. But some basic contents that may be common in each production reports such as below:


General Details

In any kind of the production report, some general information such as plant name, shift details, date of the production, production criteria etc. should be mentioned on the top. This general information is help to identify the production report. Even the management can track any single report from bunch of the production reports.


Operation Details

The production reporting should must include the operation details which is base of the entire reporting. There you can include operation name, production lines, unit details, you can also include machine name, as well capacity if require. If some other resources details are requiring to include you should also need to include.


Bill of Materials

This details are optional, you can skill if it is not much important for your production report. Because these details are specifically and detailed information can be available with the production planning sheet. “Mostly Planning sheet include BOM details” – You can skill it – if not important for your Production report. The review team can take the reference from the Planning sheet as well.


Resources Utilization

The resources are one of the important things in the entire production management. The manufacturing units are specifically describing as well highlighting resources details. Most of the businesses are reporting separately of the entire “Resources Utilization Report” to understand actual utilization of the resources for particular time and a day.


Quantity Production

In the production reporting, mostly measurable units are used reporting as well analyze the process. Herein the reporting, part number, part name, operation, input quantity etc. things are needs to include in it. When you are preparing production report – you have to make sure “Unit” specifically – it may be specific measurement such as “piece”, “ltr”, “grams”, “numbers” etc.


Quality Details

Your production report must be including the quality details. The quality details may contain – “OK Quality”, Rejected quantity, rework quantity, as well total produced quantity. This should be specific and measurable. On the Quality details – Production manager can take necessary actions to improve their performance.


Time Management

Each process, input quantity, manpower change, or any equipment use can be pre-defined. Mostly each resources’ requirements, and processes are conduct on defined time. Just Example: Lunch time, Shift Change over, using any special equipment once complete any process etc.


Losses & wastage

The production reporting should much include from which process and product having a losses and wastage. These should be in measurable unit also. The production team can report the losses from the production, as well wastage from any specific process.


Reviews & Approvals

As usual, any kind of the reporting needs to reviews and approvals from the higher authority before its send to management. The production manager / any department manager can be approval authority – it’s all depend on the business’s internal management. But this is actually necessary requirements of the Production reporting – It should be reviews and approved by authority.