Attractive Sales register book format

Daily Sales register book template – Excel Sheet Format

The sales register book may be summarized records of daily sales transactions for a month. The book template can include all the details of sales transaction with sales volume and figures. The sales register book is important part of the accounting system.


It is obvious that there are so many sales transactions are happening for a day in medium and large scale businesses. These all the transactions are needs to record in separate book where individual or even all customer records can be possible to maintain. The sales register book is one of the important document, where business can record detailed information of each sales transaction with associated details. This records may help to track the sales, trends, daily values of sales, volumes, and accurate amount of sales for a day.


Easier to maintain & Track:  Product wise, customers and zonal records


If you are maintaining records of sales in the Excel sheet, you can easily filter the various fields which you expecting to review. In the sales register book, you can maintain all the sales transaction for a day, even for a month. These records will be easily trackable, for calculation as well maintaining for visual representations.


Typically, in the businesses, possibly multiple products as well sales channels that works under single management. So, the management can create sales register book to maintain daily records. Typically, the sales register book is maintaining by accounting department, the account department collecting this information from the sales team. Hence, the records are firstly maintaining by sales team.


The book may show the product wise, customer wise, as well zonal records that makes easier the works of sales manager to review which product having a good market demand. The records can be helpful to take any potential actions that may grow the overall sales volume.



What you can do with sales register book?


The sales register book is widely use document that may help to show the daily / monthly summary of sales activities, details of transactions and closing balances in figures. The register may facility options available to views by selecting the period of time as you wish. Even you can change the time period if you wish to see another month, day or range of dates. Here are some other benefits or potential facility may be available with the sales register book are:


  • With the sales register book, you can view the entries of register book with specific range of dates. Even you can change it any time to select another range.
  • If you expecting to check, particular which customer had purchased with how much products’ volume and what was the amount, you can check it any time.
  • To see overall views – you can analyses the periodic turnover with many options, variety and different views by filtering the data.
  • The best part of this register book is – easily computer periodic turnovers as well details of taxes.
  • This sheet may help to identify which product / customer had returned the materials during years – you can check it easily.
  • Helps to analyze the performance of sales teams, as well as check out individual performance by filter data region-wise.


These above points are common, once you use the template, you can realize more and more benefits and usability of the register book.


Daily Sales register book template

Sales register book format
Excel Sales register sheet


The daily register book template is help you to organize sales details for a day, even for a month. Typically, the records may much helpful for tracking the daily transactions, taxes details as well total sales. As you can see this template is specifically design for recording daily sales. Even more, the sheet is made with Excel application. Which is much easy for customization, modification, tracking, as well having a specific filter options. The sales register is much important for sales team as well for accounting purposes. Hence, sales team and accounting team can share the details of regular transaction to each other.


Monthly Sales register book template

Sales register book template
Monthly Sales register


The monthly sales register is actually recording detailed information about each invoice processed. The records may help to track monthly details of each customer, sales volume, amount and total sales. If you expecting to zonal records, you can also include the column to make easier for filter. The zonal records by just selecting zonal sales option. This template is made with Excel sheet, hence you can use and customize each details which you wish to change.