Daily sales report format

Daily sales report format for Excel | XLS Templates

Daily sales report format is a document may contain the records of all the sales which have been sold of products or services during a particular time frame. These records can be separate records for particular unit, a salesperson, a division, or of the entire business.


Instant example – A sales manager can create its’ own department’s records to outline the daily sales for products or services. It may include sales figures, ongoing opportunities, revenues, customers acquisition costs, sales volumes etc.  The common elements of the sales reports which may include:


  • Product wise sales volume
  • Sales figures, the amount of sale profit – benefits from sales of particular period.
  • Number of sales operations. Zonal team’s efforts.
  • Details of sales accounts, zonal sales, as well trackable customer details.


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The sales managers are usually used to monitor the entire sales performance of their sales team. Even they ensure their sales plans, effectiveness and preparing proper sales strategies to review the sales figures. Typically, it’s also helps to making decisions on review the entire sales reports, and forecasting processes, even reducing the sales cycle length.


Printable Daily Sales report format

Blank Printable Daily Sales report format
Excel Sheet Daily Sales reports

Report Template Download

As you know the sales report may help you to track the sales metrics daily basis, even you can review and compare multiple days’ records to analyze the sales trend. The records give a bigger picture when you maintain daily records for a month at least. As you can see this template having daily records which may help you to maintains your records for a month. Even more, this records are also used to maintain monthly or even for yearly records. You have to just copy the sheet and used the data in the month or yearly records.


Herein this format, you can see this daily sales report, you can be recording multiple types, multiple products sales details in single format. Using this format, it will easier for you to control the entire day records, even you can track each product, or sales volume easily. This format including – item number, item code, item description, details of buyer type – such as end user, local market sales, wholesale, retails and other etc.


Using this sheet, does not needs to any specific calculation require. You have to just enter the details in the sheet, such as item number, item code, unit and unit price, the amount as well as total of the entire sheet will be automatically calculate for you.


Blank Daily Sales report format

Printable Blank Daily Sales report
Sample Sales report Excel

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The sales reports are not just use to recording the sales, there are actually multiple aspects and different types of reports are helpful to businesses. Herein, this report is one of the important format that focus on various analysis. Such as product sales and time analysis are conduct to review the records.


The measurable data will be helpful to conducting any kind of analysis. Even most of businesses are using the sales reports to creating sales forecast for future months. This report is also helpful to managing multiple analysis with same database.


How to use this report?


  • This report is used for the daily used, hence you have to enter the time slab, such as 10: AM to 11 AM for each product.
  • Enter the item code for each product, such as “A 45856” as you defined for your product or service.
  • Describe the name of the product as you can see in the picture, there are product A is name of item, you have to enter such details.
  • Unit which you sold for particular time slab. Such as you sold the Product A for 35 Units in between 10 AM to 11 AM.
  • Describe Unit price which will be help to calculate the amount.
  • Unit Price Multiple Unit Sold = Calculation will be automatically in the “Amount” cell.


All the remain details such as product wide sold details as you can see below the table. As same time slab’s analysis will be automatically calculating from the table data. This template will be also automatically creating the graphs as you can see – Product sales and time analysis in the picture.


Sample Daily Sales report format

Blank Sales report format
Beautiful Daily Sales report Free

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The sales manager can get the accurate, concise and timely information from the sales report. It may bound the ultimate link with entire business ‘operations. Hence, it is actually outline the business growth if the sales volume is sufficient, as well sales & marketing performance is well. Typically, the sales report having a unique structure which is covered four major elements or components that through entire report may describes the information. Those are sales trends, Sales goals, Issues related to sales, and potential solutions.


Generally, all the sales related analysis are conducts on base of the sales report. This is one of the important sources for analyze the volumes, market growth and existing sales trends. Herein we simply the sales report with some basic information inserted. Such as taxable retails details, non-taxable retails, wholesales, etc., will be much help to with proper bifurcation.



Excel Daily Sales report format

Excel Daily Sales report format
Excel Daily Sales report format


Most of the businesses are using the sales report template to creating a standard formation as internal system requirements. Typically, the businesses are including the details which are necessary for their products and its proper analysis. Hence, you can either download ready-made template from our templates gallery, or create a sales report format with Excel sheet by your own. Here are some simple steps that may help you to create a sales report in the Excel Sheet:


How to Create a sales report format in Excel?


  • Open the Excel worksheet and create a table as you expect to design for your sales report. With the table, you can use the information which you want to describe in it.
  • Put the Heading – “Daily Sales report”, as below the heading, you have to describe – date, month/year etc.
  • Describe the heading on the table column, such as Sr. No, Item Code, Item name, Customer Name, Date, Item number, Product name, Unit Price, Total Price, Total Sales etc.
  • Now you want to add chart – Go to “insert” tab at top of the menu, click one of the chart buttons in the charts area to create a chart for the sales report.
  • The Chart will be clear automatically, when you are select the cells which you expecting to create.



Free Daily Sales report format

Free Daily Sales report format
Free Daily Sales report format

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This is simple daily sales report format which having some common fields that may helpful to retain and local market shop keepers. This is actually made specifically to small store that help to maintain their daily sales in this report. You can see there are some basic fields are including such as product number and id, product name, price, sales tax and total amount. This simple format is much helpful when you are expecting to track your product sales to end user. As well you can get better idea which product volume is much sold during which day. Even you can also calculate the daily sales tax values to tax purpose.


Sales report – daily excel format

Sales report - daily excel format
Sales report – daily excel format


When you are expecting your sales growth, and day progress, you have to review the daily sales report. The sales report is one of the important document through you can realize what actually going on with the business, which product is sold in which time. Even you can also get proper information about the sales trend, volume, date and time as well which season having a good sale. This is actually much appreciating feature of the report through can get proper information to take any decision for product improvement and launching.