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Free Daily to do list template for Excel [Printable with Examples]

A daily to do list is a document that may contain simple list of tasks with schedule of each work on time scale. Which need to perform for day or a week. This is one of the best systematic way to organize the tasks more specifically and focused. It may help to reduce the burden of remembering your details of works that you need to get complete throughout a week.

The key purpose of the daily to do list is to planning all of the things, which you want to manage on time scale for complete over the time. It may spread out tasks for a day, and even for hours. This is actually best tool to remember the things, plans and important schedules.

What simply you can do to make effective to do list?

  • You can highlight the tasks, which are much important for hour, day or for a week.
  • It is quite simple to prioritize the important task with to-do list.
  • You can add one more column for check out the schedule to ensure, how much works are completes during the day.
  • Describe the tasks which are completed with specific color code. It may help you to understand much quickly about, how much works are complete for an hour or day.
  • Highlight, color code or make specific note for tasks which are inter-connected, or dependent to other tasks. For Example, you described in list about – Shopping for washing power – 9:00 AM, and second task is Washing the cloths 9:30 AM. That mean, you may quickly understand you can have limited time to purchase the washing power to complete remain tasks.
  • Reschedule your delay tasks in advance. Some tasks are dependent to other tasks, which are regularly needs to update on time. Such as you expecting to cleaning a “Ceiling Fan” on 7:30 AM, but your electrician will be coming on 4:00PM. So, you have to at least re-schedule this tasks on 4:15 PM.


Creating a to-do list is not enough, probably, you have to frequently review and update it much important.


Daily to Do List

Printable Daily to Do List template
Simple Daily to Do List

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May be you many times listened word “Productive” from your consultants, boss or co-staff whenever discussing about works. But actually, staying and improving productivity at your works, or even at personal works is not easy. You have to much clear about all the tasks that frequently needs to follow the busy schedules. The initial stage of this entire exercise is “Planning”. You have to plan your task with to-do list to follow and perform your works effectively.


This excel spreadsheet includes simple landscape layout, where you can plan your works for a week. Even more with this sheet, you can make some short notes about the tasks. As well specific details related to your works can also mentioned in “Note section”. This section may help you to describe any appointment details, specific event, or schedules that you expecting to remember for a week.


What are the benefits of using the to-do list?


  • Actually, the to-do list is one of the basic method to organize the tasks in order. Obviously, it may help you to organize your plans and schedule in order. Even it may provide a strategy for getting things done well.
  • To manage and perform the tasks effectively, each task you have to organize on priority to avoid chaos. Set the objective of your to-do list as more visible, understandable, view items at a glance and flexible enough for re-schedule.
  • Whenever you are done your works of to-do list creation. Now, you may be accountable to you. All the lists’ tasks may require to complete on time, even you can ask yourself about delay or not completed on time.
  • One of the best benefit of the to-do list is you can re-schedule and organize your task and time as well. it may be quickly re-organize tasks and make your works back on track.
  • When you are being usual with your to-do list, it will be increase your confident to complete each task on time. Even you much feel productive once you complete multiple tasks on accurate time and requirements.
  • The to do list will be help you to understand the length of works, even you may realize – how much time will be requiring to complete these tasks. Hence, you can take any family members’ help to complete tasks on time.

The entire to-do list exercise will be gives you peace of mind. This is the best technique for the stress reliving. Because you can reduce the burden of remembering the tasks and times in mind, even you can take each task as per schedule. As results you can avoid the chaos of works and time.