Decision matrix format

Decision matrix template for analysis – Excel sheet Examples

A decision matrix template is an analytical document may help to compare potential solution by organize values and variables in tabular as well graphical representation. The entire process may help to analysis visually, even set up weighing their variables based on importance of subject’ values. Typically, it may prioritize a list of options as well evaluates through as specific tool.


This tool is actually specifically designed to identify and select best option of action from multiple available. Typically, the options can be based on the defined criteria. A weighted decision-matrix can be having numerical weight for each factors values should be requiring to enter. The important factors may have a higher the number.


Weighted Decision Matrix Template

Blank Decision Matrix format
Decision Matrix excel sheet


The weighted decision matrix is actually helps to evaluate criteria, when it may be carrying different weights. This tool can use for various purposes, even it having a multiple options and designs. It may help to decide something for choose right. This design is specifically design for business requirement. You can download this template is made in Excel sheet. The sheet can be easy to modify and customizable for personal use.


Fee Decision Matrix Template Excel

Analysis - Decision Matrix excel sheet
Printable Decision Matrix format

Sheet Download

With the Excel sheet you can manage any kind of decision matrix. The sheet may help to organize the data for decision matrix with specific table formation. Typically, two types of decision matrixes are common for use in the various industry as well personal use. These are weighted decision matrix, and unweighted decision matrix.


In the weighted decision matrix, you can easily identify though organize the data in Excel sheet. The sheet may help you to ranks all available options against an assumed weight scale to identify the best option. Practically, the unweighted decision matrix is not use an assumed weight scale to identify any option.


Both types of the matrixes can be possible to manage with the Excel sheet. You can download the ready-made template, and customize it as per your requirements.



Printable Decision Matrix Template sheet

Printable decision Matrix format
Excel Sheet – Decision Matrix


When you are sole decision maker for your business or even for an organization. It is is ok with the soft copy. But the decisions, that you need to require discussion with your co-partner, stakeholders, team or anyone. You really need to print the entire sheet, to discuss for the finalize the decision. Hence, the printable decision matrix reduces the burden to set the entire sheet to make it printable. This sheet is printable, you can easily print it and use instantly.

Decision Matrix Template

Decision Matrix Template example
Decision Matrix Template example



This is actually best tool, when you have list of options and needs to choose any one. Usually, it will be made on the basis of serval criteria that set out against the values to compare – which is best.  Overall’ it will be help the business for identify opportunity or even sorting an issues for business process improvement.