Printable Delivery Note Format

Free Delivery Note Template for Excel [Excel Sheet Download]

A delivery note template is a formal document may use to describe details of shipment of the goods that carrying for deliver to customer. It may typically supplier sends along with goods for quick know what in the shipment is carrying. May be there are two or three copies are requiring to attach, a copy of the delivery note with receiver’s sign may be require return to supplier once the customer received goods. The suppliers can save this document as a proof of delivery successful.


Now days in the business environment, delivery note is becoming essential document to ensure that deliveries are successful completed. Typically, it can be used as proof of the receipt of goods are received by customer. The delivery note may include – Description of goods, quality standards, quantity of the products, specifications and grades, shipment partner, contact details of supplier, receiver details, as well as some common details may help to customer for understand the packing, weight, mode of delivery etc.

Importance of delivery note in business

  1. Delivery note is convenient way to pass on information to customers about shipping details.
  2. It makes easy for customers; they can review the shipment – what exactly they are receiving from suppliers.
  3. The document helpful to supplier as confirmation, the order was deliver successfully, and the contents are not damaged.
  4. The essential document for shipment process to ensure the error free deliveries.
  5. Supplier can use this document as an evidence of the receipt of materials / goods by customers on time.
  6. Using the delivery note, customers can verify the consignment content.


Examples of delivery note templates


Actually, the delivery note is an essential and mandatory document for some businesses. It makes delivery procedures much smooth, and effective. You can pass out delivery related information, shipping details to your customers to sending delivery note along with shipment. This document is really much helpful to supplier as well customer too, they can verify the shipment details once the shipment reach to customer’s premises. Even more, it will be increase the goodwill of the business in the market. Here are few templates that specifically made for small scale businesses. You can download these templates free of cost.


Simple Delivery Note template

Printable Simple Delivery Note format
Delivery Note template

Excel Sheet Download

Creating a delivery note template is quite easy with excel sheet. You have to just use some tools and features that make your works easier. Typically, in the delivery note, you have added some common information which are must require to complete the template. The details are – Order date, details of order, delivery note main details such as item number, description of item, unit, unit prices and amount of each item, even you also have to describe the payment terms, as well as general terms for the selling. With the delivery note, you have to highlight some important information such as dispatch, delivery method, shipping address etc.


Excel Delivery Note template – xls

Excel Delivery Note format sheet
Free Delivery Note excel sheet

Download Blank Format

In the business environment, some documents are much important to maintain relationship with customer, and delivery note is one of the precious document through customer can easily verify the shipment’s contents. So to see the customers’ requirements, most of the businesses are using the delivery note template specifically designed in excel. Now, you may have question, why excel sheet? – Normally in business, each computer operator even any designated person knows excel very well, even they can operate it easy. Hence, Excel made delivery note is very convenient for modification, customization, as well operating various functions and features. As you can see this picture above is also made with excel sheet, you can download this template and modify as your business requirements.


Printable Delivery Note template

Effective Delivery Note template
Delivery Note template

Download Sheet Free

Typically, suppliers are sending the delivery note to customer along with shipments. This is common procedures to passing out information about shipment may require to deliver at customer’s premises through delivery note. Definitely, the delivery note is also requiring to a copy which having the details of shipment, as well it may attach with other selling documents. Hence, print of the delivery note is much important in this case. Here as above, you can see the picture of the delivery note is also made with simple excel sheet. You can print the entire sheet with standard paper sizes. This print you can send to your customer along with all selling formal documents.


Delivery Note template Excel Download

Delivery Note template Excel Download
Delivery Note template Excel Download

Simple Sheet Download

There are many Delivery note software are available in the market, but they can be much cost and complicated to operating. Even you have to pay much money to purchase and maintain it. If you are thinking to make your own delivery note with word or excel document from scratch. You have to note that, the designing and formatting the delivery note can be consuming much time. So, here is the best option available, you can download ready-made template from the template gallery as suitable for your business.


General Details of delivery note template


The delivery note is being necessary part of the sales procedures. Hence, it is requiring to create and send to customer with the shipment. Most of the businesses are using the delivery note to maintain their sales management more effective. Here you can find free designed delivery note which is specifically designed to consider business requirements. You can check these templates and use for your business. Even you can also make your own delivery to take the reference from our templates.

Here are some tips that may help you make your own delivery note more effective and valuable.

  • At the top of the document, you have to describe order name and order number. This details are important for the delivery note. Even more, it should be specifically describe highlighted.
  • Details of the customer and suppliers are much important to describe in the delivery note. Even you also have to describe the details of recipient, delivery address too. This goods receipt details will be help to shipping company to deliver the materials at actual place on time.
  • At in the table section, you have described the materials / goods details along with its specific details. This list may also have called shipping list, and it’s may help to customer for verify the materials with shipment.
  • In this section, you can describe the delivery date and order details. Typically, delivery date is much important for most of the businesses due to possible there are multiple project may depend on shipment. Even they can affect in case of delay or shipment.
  • Terms and conditions you can put down at the last phase of the delivery note. This terms and conditions will be depending on the products and supplier’s company policy. Even this may be general which may pre-agreed both the parties and it may contract before the shipment.

Supplier can record this information, after the send copy to customers. This details will be much helpful in case of any query from customers. Even, supplier can review the details for payment related issues.