Free Delivery Order form

Free Delivery Order forms for Excel [Sample Shipping formats]

A delivery order form is a document may contain delivery information of an item with details of transportations through the materials are going to deliver. Practically, the document is issued by a consignee, a carrier, or carrier’s agent for release of the transportation of shipment to their buyer. This is actually key part of the entire distribution process.


This document holds a good place of importance in the distributions and sales management of any organization. Typically, it may use when any goods are on the shipment stage. Usually the document may provide some important information when the materials are on transportation such as product details, buyer and seller name, contact details, taxes and duties, time durations etc.


What to include in Delivery order form?


The components of the any delivery order form may be little varying from different businesses and segment, but overall the basics contents can be similar. Hence, you can take the reference from our template gallery for creating your own delivery order. Here are below some basic components are usual for order form:


Delivery order number

The delivery order number is actually unique code which may in specific format. This code number will help to keep track the orders and its related transactions. It may also help to track the delivery status when the goods are under the transport way.


Date of issue

This date is describing that about the actual date of the delivery was sent from the original locations of shipment. It actually depicts starting times of this entire transportation process.


Identity of original sender

Actually, this is one of the important part of any form, you have to describe identify of the delivery company. The details of the original sender should be including:

  • Business Logo
  • Company’s Name
  • Registered address, corporate address
  • Contact information – Single contact points, as well seniors


Specific Contact information

As you know, for any business contact details are actually essential part of any kind of form same for the order form. In form, you have to describe the contact’s information, mostly of “single contact point”. The details are general requires are – contact’s name, office address, contact mobile as well landline number, direct contacts, email address, web if any.


Description of goods

This is actually one of the important details which is necessary to include in the form. You have to describe goods which are going to deliver should be properly described with all associate details. Such as goods HS code, Short description about goods, Grades, Specifications, standards etc. Even you can also describe any special characteristics required to mention in it.


Quantity of goods

In this section under the goods description heading, you can describe the quantity of the goods which are going to deliver to customer. The quantity should be measurable. Mean it should be in “Nos”, Pieces, or any unit that measurable. Even more, you have to also describe the numbers of “Packages”, or “Carats”, “boxes” or any form that describe its packing’s.

Such as 50 boxes (1 boxes = 100 Nos.) = 5000 Nos.


Charges including freights and others

At the end of the form, you have to describe all the charges that applicable on the goods. The total amount of the service should be describing with describing all the charges in sub-details.


Shipping Delivery order form

Shipping Delivery order form
Shipping Delivery order form

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This template may contain the list of the various descriptions such as quality standards, shipment partners, as well contact details of the sender, as well receiver. The form may help to ensure all the goods are sending in the transport are described in delivery order form. Even more the tracking order, detailing the freighting and shipping may be difficult without any specific format. Hence, the delivery order form provides a unique detail that are require during the transportation.


Blank Delivery order form format

Blank Delivery order form format
Blank Delivery order form format

Sample form download

The delivery order form provides accurate details of the goods that in shipping as ordered by customer. Even the template much helpful to materials sender as well customer to easier for track the existing status of the shipping.


This is actually providing systematic framework for detailing the information with require contents that much helpful during the shipment process. The details of the form will be easier to maintain with proper formation, contents and design. In the format details which are much important for the processing the form is:


  • Dispatch / sales details
  • All the associated party’s addresses. – Such as Consignee, consigner, agent etc…
  • Accurate delivery address. It is possible that customer registration, factory address and delivery address can be different – it can be go down.


This format having a unique detail such as ID, date, customer id etc., which is help to tracking the goods. As well existing condition of the shipment. Once any goods mean materials actually status can possible to get, you can also quickly solve any issue related to it.



Simple Delivery order form for shipping format

Simple Delivery order form for shipping format
Simple Delivery order form for shipping format

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Probably, delivery order form can be reducing confusions and accountability if the proper details are included in it. Hence, all the contents, figures, as well general details must be described well-organized and correctly.


The form may includes:

  • Name of the company, –  address, contact details
  • Delivery date
  • Invoice number
  • Seller name and its associated details
  • Buyer name and its related details
  • Instructions if any
  • Number of packages
  • Quantity of the packages or units
  • Description of goods
  • Unit prices, and amount
  • Describe the tax details
  • Sales tax
  • Shipping and handling charges if any, and
  • Net amount (Total)
  • Terms of agreement.