Printable Delivery Receipt Sample

Delivery receipt Sample – Word Templates

A delivery receipt sample is a document used as confirmation of delivery of the goods or services. Typically, it may return with signed by the receiver, to ensure a shipment’s items are match with document. The document may contain the actual details of the materials’ description, such as product or services quantity, number of packages etc. Actually this is the usual practice for he business to makes a proof of the shipment.

This document may use as formal document that provides evidence about items mentioned on the receipts have been delivered to its destination. Once the customer received the delivery receipt, they can verify with physical items received from supplier. They will be return the copy of the delivery receipt, as acceptance of goods and sign on it.

Delivery Receipt Guidelines

Now days, most of the businesses are using the delivery receipt, but this is very important for the businesses to ensure the all necessary information are included in the receipt. In case of any lack of information can be trouble the documentation, as well communication.

  • The details of the delivery receipt should be as per company product or services.
  • All the necessary information should be included in the document.
  • The information in the document should easier for identify, track as well understandable.
  • In the delivery receipt, some common details such as seller details, product or service details, customer details, number of packages, etc., necessary details should be included in it.
  • The location of delivery must be separate, clear and should be directive to reach there.
  • The contact details of both the parties should be mentioned with highlight.
  • Date of delivery, receiver name, receiver sign etc., details and its require space should be enough in the receipt.

These above details are common in every delivery receipt. But the content of this document may little varying from different businesses and segments. Hence, it’s all depends on the business’s own requirements.

Delivery Receipt Sample

Delivery Receipt No: ________________ Date: _______________

Company Details            

Company Name: ___________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________________

Email:    _________________________________

Customer Details            

Company Name: ___________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________________

Email:    _________________________________

QuantityDescriptionPrice Per UnitPackageNo. of PackagesAmount

C.O.D. Charge: ________________________

Delivery Charge: ______________________

Total Pkgs.: __________________________

Total Weight: _________________________


Received by: ___________________________

Sign: _________________________________



Importance of delivery receipt

In most of the business, contents and design may be similar of delivery receipt, usually its reflect the personal requirements of particular business. Hence, it may be little different but almost details are similar. Actually, delivery receipt is very important document when you are shipping the materials to customers. The customer side, the delivery receipt is similarly important to verify the materials, as well it may acknowledge to supplier for receiving the materials.

  • If a business wants to know the status of the goods sent by them, the delivery receipt is return copy may describe that status.
  • The receipt is a comprehensive overview of who sis ending the materials, as well date and time, and what materials are going to receive.
  • Customer can ensure that materials received along with delivery receipt.
  • It can be acknowledging to supplier the materials are reached at destination, customer had verified and returned with signature.
  • A delivery receipt format is a piece of document generate by business to state the facts of delivery in an official manner.

Samples for Delivery Receipt

When you are sending materials at outside of the state or remote areas. You need to ensure that the materials are deliver to the customer at right time and intended person. The delivery receipt will be help you in this regard, you can use the template to make sure your delivery is accurately completing. Here are some samples that will be help you to create your own receipt.

Free delivery receipt sample

printable delivery receipt sample
Free Delivery receipt sample

Sample of Delivery receipt template for Excel | Download PDF

The delivery receipt may simply include details such as receipt number and date, company details, customer details, quantity, description of goods. As well price of packages, number of packages, amount of the total goods. Even you have to also include the details of receiver, signature etc., details are needs to fill up at end of customer once the delivery is accept.  Actually, this is valuable slip that can also uses a formal communication.

Printable Delivery receipt sample template

Printable Delivery receipt sample
Printable Delivery receipt sample

Free Printable Delivery receipt for excel | PDF Download sample template

Creating and sending a product delivery receipt is a best way to keeping eyes on the materials which are going to deliver to customer. The best benefits of the delivery receipt are, supplier can ensure the safe and accurate delivery of shipments. Usually, the delivery receipt may contain sender name and address, receiver name and address, order details, number of packages, total weight, number of packages, details of goods, receiver name and sign.