Simple Employee Attendance Tracking

Employee Attendance Tracking Excel Spreadsheet

An Attendance tracking is management tool that helps to identify manpower availability at workplace in the selected time of the day. This tracking tool sheet also useful to monitor individual employee’s performance, as well identifying dedicated time on their respective jobs. Even more, the employee attendance tracking sheet provides an accurate data which may use for payroll.


This is actually time attendance system, which through management can monitor and track each employee’s “start time & stop time” at workplace on end of the day. Typically, this tool may calculates working hours by deducting individual employees absents hours.


What attendance tracking excel sheet can do?


The attendance tracking Excel sheet is helps to management for identifying actual number of employees are available at the floor. Usually, tracking sheet is auto calculate hours of each employee, hence it may helpful tool for human resources too. There are so many things that tracking sheet can do, which from some of points are given as below:


  • It can be easily track number of employee available in the workplace.
  • The sheet can calculate daily hours of each employee individually, it may help to payroll system for figure out payable.
  • This sheet can manger employee attendance affordably and very quickly with simple entries.
  • It can automatically calculate individual employee’s working hours by deducting sick, vacation, holiday, leaves hours. Even it can identify overtime hours as start time and end time entered in the sheet.
  • The sheet can calculate daily hours for a month for individual employee as well.


These are simple functions and facilities that this excel employee attendance tracking sheet can provide. Actually, these all are basic functions that makes much benefits to a company.


Employee Attendance Tracking Excel Spreadsheet


Simple Employee Attendance Tracking
Printable Employee Attendance Tracking

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The Excel Attendance tracking sheet specifically designed to calculate daily employee’s working hours for any year and month. You have to just copy the worksheet, and clear all the information which are not useful for the next month and use for current month instantly.


This sheet having all the functions, formulas and features are pre-defined, you do not require any specific skill to operate it. You have to just enter the require information such as employee name, employee’s starting and end time, vacation or any other absent hours. The sheet will be automatically calculating all the figures and prepare net payable for a day even for month.


Benefits using employee attendance tracking sheet


Most of the business employers are using the Employee attendance tracking sheet to organize and calculating their employee daily hours. It may be much beneficial when you have free application that make your works much easy. The time & attendance tracking can ensure accurate as well reliable information that enable management to organize human resources more effectively. Here as some of the points that makes clear the benefits of tracking sheet:


Can be easily identifying attendance


The management can easily identify individual, as well number of employees present, and how much absent can track much easily. Even if any issue related to attendance can be solve it to addressing time in and off records. The records may easy to handle and review, hence it will be much easier for management to communicate on data received.


Building trust between employees and employer


The accurate data calculations of each employee’s payable can helpful to management. As well employee to understand their regular payable. Usually, the records are used for paying the employee. Definitely employee can check their working hours through communicate with Human resources.


Ensures employees getting paid properly


The employee attendance tracking sheet may help to human resources department. To ensure the employees are getting pays in full and on time. Typically, it may be useful for payroll too, hence it is very important that the information is much accurate and timely. This sheet will be make management’s work much easier. Where all the calculations are complete automatically.


Makes employees more productive


When you are taking care of the employee’s each request that are necessary to leave immediately can be positive impact on the employee’s morale. Time-off requests for very important personal works if management takes immediately, definitely employee take the note on it. As results employee’s morale and productivity will be increase, they will be take more interest and dedicate their works effectively.


So, what is role in the entire communication and subjects? – The simple answer is – attendance tracking sheet makes this entire communication much easy. Management can track, review and approve planned absences. As results it will be quickly approving and manage immediately.