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Free Employee evaluation form [Simple printable Word, PDF template]

The employee evaluation form is document may contain details of individual employee’s assessment and reviews. This tool may employers are used to review the performance of an employee at least once in year. Typical assessments can be performing at end of year, or on the employee’s service anniversary. But most of the businesses are using this tool at one time of increment of wages, promotion on higher post, or position change.

Every business has some own employee evaluation system, procedures and work instructions. Which is may help to assess the individual productivity at regular intervals. The employee evaluation form can be help to effective way to measure employee’s performance. Which is more unique way to ensure that the employees maintain acceptable performance levels. The key purpose of this assessment is, management want to determine whether the employees are contributing at level for achieving business goals.

Free Simple Printable Employee Evaluation Forms

The employee evaluation or performance review is a process where employer collecting relevant employees’ data to gauge individual employee. Usually, this periodic process or performance reviews taken on based of key performance indicators. It can be system skills, job processes, housekeeping, understanding of processes etc., as well personal behaviors such as job time, accuracy in time management, co-worker relations etc. Typically, the review process conducts through evaluation form, which is pre-defined subjects, skills and efficiency requirements. This form calls employee evaluation form. Here as below some ready made forms are given for your reference:

Simple Employee Evaluation Form


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The evaluation form is one of the important document widely used to measure an employee’s performance in the workplace. Usual key to the success of “business performance management procedures” is to have best employee evaluation document. Hence, before the preparing evaluation document, you can check this ready made template which having all the require functions and information. You can download it and use as reference document. Usually, the document should may contains rating of the job functions, key management requirements, and additional requirements such as ISO system. This document may give you best options as reference book to creating effective evaluation document.

Free Employee Evaluation Form


Evaluation Form For Excel

In the most cases in the organizations, employees quit their jobs due to seniors, not because of the company itself. This is the best way to interacting with employees, to know what employees are really things about their managers, supervisors, co-workers and seniors. Additionally, you can also get idea to know what your employees are thinking about the competence of their managers and supervisors. Actually, in the evaluation form, you a gives a sequence of questions that should be fully confidential. Hence, each employee can give their opinions, suggestions and its comment without any hesitate. This ready made template will be also focus on the measures of each higher authority which frequently needs to evaluate their job performance.

Sample Employee Evaluation Form


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The days are gone to evaluate each employee by interviews, and cross verification. Now, businesses are developing the situation to increase the reliability, and trust to each other’s, mean employees and company. Presently, management is providing a self-evaluation form to employee for evaluate their job performance by itself. Employee measure their duties and responsibility by self, it will be encouraging self-awareness and confidence. In the entire process, employee will understand its own what will be require to improve their own performance, and what actually strengths and weaknesses about itself.

Annual Employee Evaluation Form


Free Annual Employee Evaluation Form

Typically, annual evaluations are conducts once a year, where employee are being checked for their works completes during the year. It can be including and describes amount of works, duties and responsibilities, even annual growth rates for all of them. This is one of the best method to understand each employee individually. Normally, businesses are during employee’s evaluation for the annual salary increments and bonus.

Tips for create Employee Evaluation form

If the employers collecting information through employee evaluation form, it can be easier for both employer and employee to clear communication on performance levels. Both can identify the weaknesses or best performance for individual employee, even identify potentiality for performance improvement. Even, designing an employee evaluation form can be quite difficult. Because there are so many objectives, key points and job requirements… what to include can be to target job performance can be tough. Hence, here are few tips that may help you to make your evaluation form easier.

Business goals and objectives

First of all, you have to make sure requirements or outcomes that should be upon the business goals and objectives. Find out what and how to make the evaluation form related to your business objectives and goals. Even more, point out these requirements, process steps, and potential growth, how it’s all combine to know the individual contributions. The entire concept of having an evaluation is to ensure the employees are doing productively to further your organizational goals. Without the key requirements of business, your evaluation is nothing more than wastage. Each employee’s contribution toward your business objectives and goals is very important.

Performance reviews

As you know, evaluation process is very important part of the management. It usually conducts once in a year mean periodic manner. Some of the businesses are conducting the performance evaluation quarterly to ensure business objectives and targets can be potentially achieving. Before conducting performance review, you have to make a list of the entire performance measures. The evaluation process of each employee may give an idea of what they do?

Implementation process

Typically, employee evaluation process should conduct annual basis, but some businesses area taking up the reviews quarterly or six months’ basis. Actually, it’s all depending on business’ financial progress, as well expectations of expansions goals. When you are going to implement the process of evaluation. You have to make sure your business targets, and objectives. The milestones for the key performance indicators are also important in this case. The implementation of evaluation is takes place to performance expecting from the employees’ performance. During the performance, business should aim to enhance individual performance trough improvement program.

Evaluate and reviews

First of all, you have to ensure that the measures for evaluation must be relevant. Mean each criteria should be relevant for entire workplaces, and job functions. Hence, the common employee performance review can judge the whole process with equality. The general checklist of factors, purposes, and functionality of jobs may easier to targets for improvement on completion of reviews.