Printable Expense Claim Form

Employee Expense Claim Form for Excel – Reimbursement Forms

Using this form, employee can claim / reimbursement of any expense that did on behalf of the business or for office purpose. The form will be providing structural design and information that needs to comply the details for expense claim process in the business, which usually required for claim the expenses in any kind of the business. Practically, any employee paying on behalf of business for theses may include expenses such as travelling expense, training fees, office supplies etc.


In business environment, it is obvious that the employees may be needs to carrying many tasks and activities to fulfill the business’s goals and objectives. During their job, may be require to pay money intently to instantly perform their tasks by many reasons and nature of requirements. This money actually they pay on behalf of the business. Hence, they can claim it once the entire task or particular conversation completed.


When any employee going to claim their money to company, it is necessary to comply some details and require to provide some information which is officially require for accounting as well as per policies. These details can easily fill out in the employee expense claim form. Even this form is specifically for this kind of expense claims.


General Process


To claim reimbursement, the money they spend on behalf of the business, employee should have to follow business’ standard process. It may be claim process which is necessary for business policy as well as for accounting. Typical process can be:


  • Employee should have to fill out the expense claim form with all require details.
  • The form may be required to submit either human resources department or petty cashier / accounting department for claim their money. The submission of the form process may depend on the internal system of the business.
  • The department head / supervisor can review the details. They can verify the expense amount as per they allocated works to employee.
  • Once, the approvals from the department / supervisor head, accounting department will be accepting the form.
  • The payment will be done as per claim – it may be cash if amount is small – Typically the re-payment of expense claim amount and its payment cycle depends on business.



This above steps are general procedure of submission of the expense claim form. Herein this steps not included – what details are required to fill out in the form. Probably, this is just for knowledge – how the businesses are proceeding the form internally.


Simple expense claim form template


Reimbursement Form
expense claim form

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This is simple but unique expense claim form that can easier to use for claim expenses to the business / office. This form having a typical and basic details which is necessary to fill out. The details you can include in the form is name of the employee, position, date of the expense, description of expense, taxes, and total amount. You can also attach any bill, paper or anything which became evidence of the payment. At the bottom of the form, you can include signatures of employee and approvals.



Employee expense claim form Excel Template

Printable expense claim form
Employee Expense claim form

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Whenever you are going to claim the amount, you have to prepare some necessary documents, as well you have to attach some bills, papers or any other things that evident the transactions. Filling out the form, is actually necessary process when you are going to claim the amount. You can claim verbally for amount. Hence, this form will be much helpful to processing important process for claim for expenses.




What to include in expense claim form?


When any employee spends their own money for a company / office purposes, they can claim the money back to fill out the expense claim form. This form is actually much important to describing the lists and amount of expenses they did during any task or visit. But, the employee expense claim form’s design as well contents can be different – it’s all depends on business. But some basic points and requirements that enable the claim more effective are:


General Information


In the claim form template – generally, the form may include some basic information of employee, contacts and its job related details. It may be including – employee name, employee code, unit or division name, supervisor name, brief description of job etc.




In the heading section, you can include the date or the form filled, even you can also describe specific date when these expenses are spent. In some cases, employee can describe the duration period when multiple expenses are spending during the month / or specific time of period.


Accounting requirements


Details of employee’s accounts is one of the important information. Which is require to fill out at on top of the priority. Through this details, accounting department will be process the payment. If the payment made through online banking, wire transfer or any other digital platform. Even financial department paying through cheque, accounting details still important in accounting point of view.


Purpose of this form


Herein, employee can describe the information related to their task – during it on which condition, what and why they had paid money for described expenses. Even, it is also important to describe the specific job, visit, project or task name – during employee spend this money.


Expenses details


In this section of the form, you have to specifically describe the expense details. Along with figures that spend at on various time and subject. You can include details in this section are: date, name of the expense, short description, unit and amount. You can include this details in the tabular format. At the end of this table you have to make the total of all figures with taxes.


Signatures & Approvals


At the bottom of the form, there are two or three types of signatures can be put down. It may be employee, approval authority and receiver of this form – it can be from account or human resources department.