Sample Employee Handbook Template

Employee Handbook Template & Sample (Word | PDF)

An employee handbook template (employee manual) is a book is employer gives employees, to insight employee’s rights & responsibilities for the company. It may contain job-related information, company policies, safety as well procedures & working conditions. Usually, the handbook subsistence common job concerns information which employees need to know from employer.

Day by day, employee handbook is becoming a necessary part of the internal system as well common document of business. Because most of the businesses are aware about importance of employee handbook. The fact is handbook is help to employer’s as well employee’s to manage workplace more effectively. Even more, its describes all the necessary details such as job-related information, responsibilities, and safety concern. In short, its provides awareness to all employees about their duties & responsibilities for their workplace.

What to include in Employee handbook?

Remember that, all the details and sample policies outlined in this article should be regarded as sample guidelines only. It is possible to change the policies and contents from time to time as well business to business. It is obvious that, the businesses are retaining that right to make any decisions including jobs as required in order to conduct its tasks in a manner that is beneficial to both the employees and the business. Even for employee it may include some benefits plans with summarize. Some of the important element should be include:

  • Policies and overview of business
  • Basics: Employee benefits, Work hours and compensation
  • Workplace: Policies, and Workplace Protocols
  • Safety & Responsibilities

As above described elements are common in any employee handbook. Typically, the document which contains the mission, vision, expectations, and policies of the company. But there are also some details which are related to employee’s job & responsibilities, safety as well work environment.

Policies and overview of business


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When we are discussing on topic related to employee some of the important points are comes front us. Such as New employee orientation, equal employment opportunity, open communication, harassment etc. Mainly, the policies and overview of the business is concern with employee’s basics. Even more, it is focus on some important subjects which are require to concentrate, process and implement within the organization.

  • Normally, when any employee joins the company, he gets one copy of handbook from human resources department. Even more, employer should ask to new employee about their acceptance of each content in book.
  • In the handbook, one of the important point is, equal employment. The company should be clear their commitments and should describe the policies about it.
  • In the handbook, company should be describing their policies about communication channels, and encourage to bring questions or complaints if any. The motive of the entire conversation should be well effort to improve the operations.
  • The document should give an assurance to employee that, the company policy will be provide a workplace where everyone is free from tensions and comfortable. Particularly, tension due to ethnic, racial, sexual or religious remarks etc.

Basics: Employee benefits, Work hours and compensation


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In this section, employer can describe the basic about the company policies related to employee’s basic such as attendance, punctuality, working hours etc. Normally it may be also containing the work breaks, pay periods, paydays schedule, overtime etc.

  • It is obvious that the any company will be put the provision in the handbook about individual attendance and punctuality. This point is very important for the employer as well employee. Because this is necessary part for improving discipline within the organization.
  • One of the important part of the section is, working hours. Because of the nature of business, the work schedule may vary depending on type of job. Usually it can be 8 hours per day. But in the handbook, it should be clarifying from employer. Even, it should be also needs to ensure all the third parties such as customers and vendors have ample time to communicate on all related queries.
  • In the handbook, employer can clarify, how much short breaks will be allowing. Mostly it’s all depends on the employee’s discretion.
  • Schedule for the payout, and payday should be cleared in the handbook.

Workplace: Policies, and Workplace Protocols


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The employee should know about entire details about the policies and protocols for the workplace. Usually, in the handbook, employer can include some important information such as standards of conduct, dressing, use of equipment, relations, agreements etc.


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Each employee should an obligation to observe and follow the organization’s policies. As well to maintain proper standards of conduct at all time. In case of an any employee’s behavior interferes with the orderly and efficient operation of a department, corrective disciplinary measures should take.

Employees are expected to maintain the highest standards of personal grooming and present a neat, professional appearance at all times.

The guidelines for the maintain up-to-date information about each employee should be able to aid employee, and/or family in matters of personal emergency.

Description of: Use of company equipment’s, as well other office equipment and its related instruction should be included in the handbook.

Safety & Responsibilities


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This is actually very important section in the entire handbook. The safety and working environment can be major issues for any business, hence it should be clearly defined and describes in it. Normally this section may include: safety precautions and procedures, workplace housekeeping, smoking in the workplace, drug free policy statement, substance abuse overview and policy, testing policies etc.