Employee performance improvement plan format

Employee performance improvement plan template – Excel & Word

A performance improvement plan template is formal document may contain improvement plans on obtained results of a particular process and measures outputs with standard requirements. The purpose of this plan template is to understand the requirements, as well improving overall efficiency and effectiveness. This PIP is actually on type of corrective actions. Through this plan business can potentially focus on individual performance. The employee performance improvement mainly focuses on the gap that identified during the analysis.


Actually, whenever any employee identified as under performance during the analysis. There are actually enough reason to conduct any program for improvement. Usually, the management are takes the performance improvement plans to increase the level of performance to meet expectations mean employee job’s requirements.



Employee Performance improvement plan template

Simple Employee Performance improvement plan format
Performance improvement plan

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Using this template, you can manage your improvement plan with effective way. The template having a unique content to take the actions to increase performance level of individual significantly. This template contains name of employee, position, date, manager name, skills to improvement column. As well as action to be taken, development opportunity, date to be completed, and success measures.


  • With the first column. You have to describe the details of the skills that you expecting to improve. The actions, which are require to increase the level of performance should may also include.
  • At the second column. You can describe the details about the action plan. Details of each action that taken to target the goals as well expectation levels.
  • At the third column. Details of the development opportunity as well resources which may help to increase the opportunity for performance improvement. The details of the training, resources are much important indeed.
  • At the next. When this process is complete, you have to mention the date.
  • The last about the measurements. – What does improvement look like? – You can describe what will be success measures etc.


This details are requiring to fill out as well implement at the floor. This simple format will be guide the entire process much smoothly.



Free Performance improvement plan template

Example of  Performance improvement plan template
Printable Performance improvement plan – Excel Template

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This is unique improvement may target all issues that identified during the individual performance. Generally, the performance improvement is taken once the gap analysis. Or may be at time of job performance analysis or any employee’s performance related analysis are completes. The identified gap of skills, or any kind of improvement are take a place in the plan.

The template having all the require details which require to complete the entire process.

The plan template includes – employee name, job title, employee number, department, existing problem details, identified reasons behind the poor performance, action details as well final remarks from implementer. The review team verify the details and take it for further improvement if require.

Entire format’s contents are practically helpful, when you are going to conduct the study and plan for improvement. Using our template, you can manage your improvement plan without any trouble. You have to describe each details as instruction given with small fonts. Filling out the entire template is very easy, you have to just follow the details and your performance plan will be done quickly.



Example Performance improvement plan template

Effective Performance improvement plan Excel sheet
Excel Sheet – Performance improvement plan template

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Using this template, you can outline the list of areas for improvement that has been identified during the analysis. You can manage your action items to improve, and date completion as you expected. Even, you can also manage your details of meetings, interviews and communications as part of the improvement program can also manage appropriately.

Typically, following points that makes clear about this template:

  • First of all, you have to describe the area which you identified for the improvement. Such as ISO 9001 skills, 5S, Quality improvement etc.
  • Accordingly, to the areas of improvement, you can define what actions are requiring to improve the level of sufficient skills. You can manage the set of actions that you expecting to improve.
  • Whenever you are completed the list of actions for particular employee. As well on particular area, you have to describe the date to complete the entire action list.
  • Once the complete it, one of the important task is follow up and reviews on what you deliver during this entire program.
  • There are one more extra efforts that you require to incorporate are supervisors and employee’s initials.
  • At the end of this template, you can describe the comments from supervisors, observers and management as well.


This is simple and very important format that may helpful for your improvement program. This content bunch will be much helpful to overall performance improvement of individual as well business goals.



Work Performance improvement plan template

Business Work Performance improvement plan Format
Simple Performance improvement plan template – Business works

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This is actually best example format to creating a performance improvement plan template for your business. Whenever you analyze your employees’ performance, you can manage improvement plan with details. In this performance improvement having all the require contents. Which are necessary to organize entire plan for improvement.

The following information are common and necessary to include:

  • Details of employee. Such as employee name, position and level of employee, manager name, date of plans, period of plans, when the final review was conducted, as well what is the prime objective of this entire program.
  • Outcomes. At the second section of this template. You can manage the required results from this entire planning. Herein, you can describe, what the major improvement for individual, what the standards and measures for this improvement etc.
  • Strategies. Every business or business related activities are conducts on any specific strategy. You can also describe the improvement strategies to achieve desire outcomes.
  • The section may describe about the management support. details of the support to individual to meet the expected results from this program.
  • Herein this section, there are details of responsibilities of the employee, as well other peoples in this entire program.
  • In the last sections, you can describe the details of final reviews.


This is simple and unique format may helpful for management to increase the potentiality of the success. The reviews and implementation of this template can help to business as well individual employee.


How to draft performance improvement Plan


The performance improvement plan should make clarity about the requirements of levels of job’s performance, as well provides a platform to organize the understanding between management and employee. On reviews on this plan, management enable to conduct the actions on potentiality of improvements. You can outline the entire performance improvement plan to take the reference of the following points:


Basic information


The necessary and initial details which are require for the performance improvement plan such as employees and its related information. Typically, employee name and positions, as well level of employee’s designation are also requiring understand skill management. There is also important information such as date of plan of individual employee, periods that may be 6 to 8 weeks, and final review date is also require to describe.


Identify Gap and Issues


As initial stage of the entire improvement plan, you have to determine the gap of skills and qualification of the employee. Even you have to also identify the issues that occurring at any level. Each issue should be requiring to maintain separately. The fact sheet also requires to maintain about the existing situation, which is directly or indirectly impacts on the overall performance.


Measuring standards and outcomes


It is obvious that the management always expecting positive outcomes from any plans. The improvement plans should also objectively expect some outcomes that should be measurable. Whenever you are going to plan, you have to describe – what employee needs to do – to improve their performance to them require standards. Even, the required results should be (1) Measurable – Timelines, Quality and Quantity (2) Realistic (3) Specific.




In the strategy section may outlines the entire improvement plan road map. The strategies must be described enough to easier for implementation plan. You have to properly describe in the section – how the employee is going to meet the required results. This is actually road map of entire performance improvement plan. The entire strategies details will be help to management to establish proper road map for achieve the expected outcomes.

Management Commitments & Resources


One of the important thing is management commitment for the provide support to employee to achieve desire outcomes from the improvement process. Even more, during the improvement program what resources are require – and what resources are available for particular process. This is really very important to achieve required outcomes.


Outline the consequences


At the final section, you can describe the consequences – if the employee doesn’t meet the required results by the final reviews. In the improvement plan, you have to clearly describe the details of consequences of not meeting expectations.