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Employee Performance Review Template: Appraisal Samples & Examples

A performance review is a systematic evaluation process to appraisal of employees’ job performance. This method widely used for assess individual’s performance against evaluation standards within organization. The review may include quality of works, skills, outputs, attitude, discipline, versatility, initiative, dedications and health of employee Individual performance.

The method of performance review works with systematic approach which can bring toward employee’s individual skills development and continual growth. Normally, performance review taken periodically, mean it is pre-established criteria are used to assess employee’ job performance on intervals.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview to Performance review
  2. Tips for effective performance review
  3. Performance review Samples & Examples – Templates Excel Word PDF Download
  4. Types of Performance Reviews | Appraisal Methods
  5. Benefits of Performance reviews | Performance Appraisal
  6. Tips to help you prepare for your performance review
  7. A side of performance reviews

Overview to Performance review

If you are expecting your continual success and growth of your business. You have to have to frequently reviews of your pillars of an organization, and employees are that one of them. More skilled & efficient employee brings the business more successful. That is the reasons, organizations are highlights the employee’s performance on time. Hence, it is necessary to conduct review the employee’s performance on periodically.

The performance review process is employee motivations and development method even, and it also beneficial for business. It may identify the requirements of training and further development. Business can use those outcomes from the review for encourage employees to give a more performance and dedication to their job. Take looks some tips that makes employee performance review more effective for your business:

Tips for effective performance review

  • It is not necessary to become more diplomatic, you have to review the individual as coach instead of evaluator. To being a touchier with your employee can gives you advantage for more improvement. Even after you are the part of the team, not a third party.
  • Focus on continual progress of individual employee, instead of semi-annual or annual. The Annual performance review will be only formality, if you do so. Arrange the monthly review of performance will more effectively to addressing current issues, and quick solution related to employees. It can make positive relationship between employee and management.
  • Do not come direct on conclusion, watch the visibility of individual employee’s works. Collection the feedback from co-employees, and related staff to get more complete picture of employee performance.
  • The best practice for the conversation with any employee for the performance review is “sharing of information” before any discussion. To making successful conversations, you have to give a time to preparation to any employee. It will make a comfort to share important points that may help for overall improvement.
  • One of the best way of conversation is listen someone’s carefully. For effective employee performance review, listening the matter of each employee with carefully is more important to assessing their performance.
  • Ask the questions what are really needs to ask for effective performance review. Each question should be on state and in limits of subject it-self.
  • Try to make transparent entire performance review process. each employee should know about the measurements, rating method, clear for criteria and standards for reviews.

Performance review Samples & Examples – Templates Excel Word PDF Download

An employee’s performance review, also called as a performance evaluation or employee review form. Normally, the process can have used to analyze & evaluate employee’ job performance through collecting the related information from various methods. Actually, the best platform can help to organize the inputs and easier for analyze the information. Hence, here we designed best templates that can be use as reference of your own employee performance template.

Employee Performance Review – Sample Appraisal Template

Employee Performance Review template
Employee Performance Review format


This is the simple performance review template offers basic information such as list of aspects that needs to review employee’s job performance. There are four phase of the rating which is from poor to excellent. At the initial stage of reviews that gives a snapshot of performance of employee. Even, it may include the possible opportunities for development for employee. There is also facility to include remarks from evaluator to extract the details of reviews in brief with it.

Free Performance review template

Free Performance review format, Free Performance review sample, Free Performance review example, Free Performance review pdf
Free Performance review template


Normally, human resources department prepare the format to capture the outputs of the review. Each employee’s performance reviews are managing with individual details during the review procedure. Actually, there are so many methods to conduct reviews for each employee’s job performance. But some details are may similar with each method such as employee name, date, position, reviewer, department, list of aspects, grades or point etc.

Performance review examples

Performance review format, Performance review template, Performance review sample
Performance review examples


Here you can see above format is very different and unique styled design, especially designed for the evaluate differently. This format is focused on the employee improvement and further development. The template may include future career directions, development recommendations, employee views and comments, and manager comments.

Manager Performance Review

Manager Performance Review template, Manager Performance Review format, Manager Performance Review example, Manager Performance Review sample
Manager Performance Review


Use this readymade template to evaluate the performance of any management position. It may specifically have designed to focus on assess management competencies, list of competencies requires for managerial level position. It may also contain similar details as ratings, aspects, performance reviews comments etc. But, there are some extra details that only target the managerial level position such as leadership, communicating company goal, decision making etc. are specific.

Sample Performance review

Performance review sample, Performance review example, Performance review template, Performance review format, Performance review pdf
Sample Performance review


This comprehensive employee performance review format is designed specifically for evaluate skills of employee. The skills details may include such as accountability, technical ability, versatility, initiative, teamwork, interpersonal skills, quality, innovation, safety & housekeeping. Even, the format also includes a rating against each skill that is measurable.

Work Performance review

Work Performance review format, Work Performance review example, Work Performance review sample, Work Performance review pdf
Work Performance review template


In this performance review template defined with four section separately: employee’s positive views, improvement issues, learning objectives, and general comments. The template may help to create a detailed narrations of an employee’s job performance.

Job Performance review

Job Performance review format, Job Performance review example, Job Performance review sample, Job Performance review pdf
Job Performance review template


If you are team leader or department head, this template will be very useful for appraisal your department’s peoples. This format is specific for the evaluate group of peoples together instead of individual employee. There are multiple competencies, and aspects that needs to evaluate on time. Normally, it makes an easier to rating or evaluate group of peoples against single aspect. It may help to understand each employee performing better for single competency.

Annual Performance review template

Annual Performance review format, Annual Performance review sample, Annual Performance review example, Annual Performance review pdf
Annual Performance review template


This is professional performance evaluation template help to accurate appraisal individual employee with easy way. Actually this template is designed for annual review which includes all measurable objectives. There are numbers of skills and aspects that need to evaluate are included in this format. Even, you can use this template as reference for your own performance review.


Types of Performance Reviews | Appraisal Methods

  1. General Appraisal / Annual performance review
  2. Probationary Review for new employees
  3. Behavioral checklist
  4. 360-degree appraisal
  5. MBO [ Management by Objectives] | Objective-based
  6. Self-Assessment

Normally, every business has its own business criteria and measurements for the individual performance review. But the method of evaluation can be same that in strengths and weaknesses can identify of employee during the review process. That may help to meet business goals and objectives. Take a look at the following types of performance review that may help your business:

General Appraisal / Annual performance review

The annual performance review is regular annual cycle for taking a yearly basis. Naturally it is a continuous communication between management and employee throughout the year. At the year-end management can assessing performance review.

Probationary Review for new employees

In some businesses, every new employee can have to do works on probation period. It is normal in those business have at least six months of probation period for any position as specified by business it-self. At on new joining, management can define a goals and objectives for particular positions, and at the of the probation period, they can review their works against the standard criteria.

Behavioral checklist

In this type of appraisal process, business making a specific checklist of the different aspects for evaluation accurate and specific outcomes to meet defined criteria. Even, that may be for individual performance review to assessing employee’ job.

360-degree appraisal

This is the unique method that widely used in businesses to review the performance of individual with 360-degree appraisal. In this appraisal process needs more time and patient to take feedback about individual employee from 360 degrees around employee. It may need involvement from various levels of employee such as manager, team members, supervisors, co-staff etc.


The assessment style is advantage of this process may help to get complete picture of the employee in terms of its performance. Actually this is unique and specific method to appraisal.

MBO [ Management by Objectives] | Objective-based

May be in sales staff of any business can use this method to review performance of individual on objective-based. Normally, this is objective-based performance review that manager set the goal for individual employee, later on they review the performance to ensure either performance meet the goal or not. The goal may include Sales figures, deadlines of achieve the goal, etc.


The employee assesses themselves according to the same criteria that managers are assess them. Later on manager compare both the assessment results to see the gap of understanding. Even, the employee will set its goals and objectives its own. Which will be re-assess on annual cycle.

Benefits of Performance reviews | Performance Appraisal

  1. Improving Communication
  2. Motivational & Job satisfaction
  3. Training & Development

The performance reviews may offer a valuable opportunity, normally focused on job activities, goals and objectives. It can be way to highlight issues related to works and employees. To encourage employee for the future performance it is very important to take the note of each issues and resolve accordingly. It may directly impact on the performance of employees. Here are following, some benefits of performance appraisal to the organization.

Improving Communication

For any organization communication gap can be bigger issue all the time. There are lots of problems can be raise due to it. Normally, employee appraisals are one of the important way to improving communication.

Motivational & Job satisfaction

If the performance appraisal taken on right direction can have a positive effect on levels of employee’s job satisfaction. Management should give the message to all the employee that they are taking interest to improving job satisfaction through performance appraisal. Normally, understanding the issues of each employee and solutions for appropriate issues may help to increase motivation & job satisfaction it.

Training & Development

It will be helpful to management for take decisions on further training and individual development on from outcomes from the performance reviews. Obviously, performance reviews’ major part targets the individual job performance, and overall satisfaction.

Overall, there are so many other benefits that are not including in the list because of provided above are basic. The benefits of the performance reviews can be more if it is introducing and taken it honestly to effectively organize in management. There are some benefits such as encourage employee for more dedicated works, improving decision-making ability, providing a career path, setting goals, work achievement recognition etc.


Tips to help you prepare for your performance review

  1. Collect basic information
  2. Business goals and objectives
  3. Determine reviews on a period basis
  4. To do define criteria for department or function

Implementing performance review process in the business needs a lots of preparation to successful completion. The success of the review process depends on the preparations. Even it may depend on each type of the performance review you are going to conduct, related preparation activities should be needs in advance. Some of the tips that may help you to creating an effective performance review for your business:

Collect basic information

First of all, you have to determine important aspects that you want employees to perform dedicatedly on their job. Highlight or list out those points for use as reference as you want to develop structural evaluation form for your review. Even, you can take the reference details from your previous performance appraisal form. It may help to gathering foundational information for your performance review process. Some of the points that may help to identify details may use for performance review:

  • Take the inputs from the various reports such as weekly report, monthly report, customer feedback etc.
  • Use the previous performance appraisal details as reference, such as goals, competencies, development plans, etc.
  • Understand the milestones, challenges and defined criteria. Use as the initial stage for the performance reviews.
  • Short out the information on priority, and significant.

Take care during the collecting information and selection of information for the use for the performance reviews. Foundational information is the base of the entire process; success is depending on what you collected.

Business goals and objectives

Performance review useless without goals and objectives, such as car without fuel. The entire process concept is depending on the business goals and objectives. Without defines your business goals and objective, you can’t ensure whether your employee working productively or not. You will get the base with the business goals and objectives that through you can ensure that the employees’ progress in their duties and tasks.

Determine reviews on a period basis

Normally, the employee performance reviews process conducts in the business on periodic. It may be quarterly, semi-annual or annual. But the periodic review may be different as business requirements. Mostly the businesses are considering major factors such as expansions of business and financial progress. Even, some of businesses are often use it on quarter basis due to its segment of business.

To do define criteria for department or function

On stage at preparation, you have to define criteria for each department / function. Even you have to ensure that the defined criteria must be use at relevant for each department or function. It is obvious that two different department or function’s criteria may vary from each other. It is very important that used criteria for performance review should be properly defined, and used for at appropriate function.

A side of performance reviews

If a well-intentioned operation is executed poorly, it will be being just a formality. It also happens in the matter of performance reviews. I also personally experienced torture of a performance reviews. I used this word “torture” because the end of the day the results got nothing from performance reviews.

The fact is, most organizations are designing their performance review system very poorly. As results they only get harm than good outcomes. The reasons behind this occurrence of poor designs can be single side benefit. When organization searches only profit from any intention process, then they bear loss of money and time.

Here are some tips that will help you prevent a poor performance review system from occurring:

(1) Always use 360-Degree system that encouraging for – Peer reviews + self-assessment facility. [ It will help to avoid primitive practice like Boss is Judge & boss is jury]

(2) Use review process as coaching tool for employee development, or salary increment of employee. – Choose any one a single as goal, instead of mixing both together. [ Make transparent your performance reviews – Announce clearly, yes we are doing for it.]

(3) Make appraiser for performance review, who is in regular contacts of employee.

(4) Create individual file for employee at least for a year. Create regular notes on behavior as you observe them – Good, Bad, well, excellent performance of employee’s job. [ Human memory is limited; you can’t ignore employee’s good works which is made on before six or seven month. Don’t judge the employee’s performance on base of recent couple of days.]

(5) Make focused reviews process on behaviors & results, instead of internal and subjective such as conscientiousness, leadership, attitude, motivation etc. [ Traits are hard to measure and evaluate on a fair basis. Focus on measurable, such as John responding well with customer on phone, Mona did filing systematically on rack, etc.]