Employee Training plan template excel

Employee Training plan template excel – Project Annual Sample plan

A training plan is systematic and strategic document to plan effective training for group or individual employee. This planning document may outline the requirements, strategies, objectives, and brief to be address specific training recommendations for peoples to enhance individual productivity.  Most of the businesses are using the employee training plan template to organize the training to improve group of individual employee’s productivity, and enhance knowledge of various subjects.

This planning activities is very important for the business to increase competence for the particular job or project. Usually, the plan focus on deliverable and objectives that may bridge the gap of requirements for particular topic.

The purpose of a training plan template

Actually, the training plan is very important part for the communication, knowledge enhancement, improving productivity, and running system smoothly. Hence, training gives an all the require information through planning. Even the training plan template should be well design overall requirements, and specific details which through entire process is dependent. So, basically the training plan template should be follow must important purposes that complete each task successfully as expecting management.

  • The planning section introduce the requirements for training to bridge the gap of competence for trainees’ job.
  • To define the various assessment techniques for measuring the overall process.
  • The key purpose of the training plan is to organize the training as per different tasks, expertizes requirements for job, and on improvement.
  • Designing well organized programs to easier for trainees to enhance their skills and expertise.

Most of the businesses are creating the training plan for increasing and assessing the skills requirements through it. Typically, when any business identifies the gap of the skills for any task with any employee, they arranging the training to bridge the gap. However, training plan can be scheduled, calendar based or can be pre-plan for annual or monthly.

Benefits of a training plan

The training plan is not just document, because it may cover entire training program. Even more, it may help to ensure the success of the tasks that require to complete the project or any process cycle. Usually, the planning may contain skill building, objective follow-up, project on boarding etc. to achieve on time.

Usually, the training plan is road map of the entire training system, or provide structural guidelines to each trainer as well trainees. The management is always expecting each task accomplish to meet milestones by the proper plans. Here are few points that may focus on benefits of plans for training.

  • It may help to focus and preparing the key objectives, business and job requirements, strategies, and curriculum to be address, when training participants.
  • Usually, the trainers & trainees for the participants’ involvement, and provides a clear vision for actions.
  • Organizing each requirements as identified by management through gap analysis or SWOT, the well planned training sessions may helpful and manage.
  • When you are expecting to achieve any goal, you have to need proper expertise, experience and sufficient staff that drive the processes to reach it.

In short, these above points are indicating the benefits that may drive toward your targets. Most of the businesses are understand the benefits and creating their plans before training arrangement.

How to Develop a Training Plan?

Whenever you expecting provide a strategic planning to your employee, you have to plan each training subject for effective deliverable. Even more, you have to identify all the necessary steps that you require to instruct to successfully complete the training of your staff. Actually, the specific and unique design of your training plan may help to achieve the goals. Hence, here are some steps that may help you to develop an effective training plan.

  • Identify areas where your employee can improve their self even as expertise or concern their job.
  • The business has to identify the specific job, tasks or any department which individual takes interests.
  • Analyze what skills, expertise that may much helpful for include in the training programs. The design of a training plan must according with your business initial needs.

Steps for developing a training plans

  1. Key objectives: Very first you have to list out your basic targets and goals, even ensure that they should be measurable and easier for track.
  2. Time scale: Usually, each training program must have to specific duration and time bound for each task or program.
  3. Facility & Locations: Mostly if you are preparing a training program for your employee. You have to describe the facility or location where you expecting to educate or improve the skills for particular part of the employees.
  4. Identify strategies: The major part of the planning may focus on the strategies for the training. Even most of the businesses are focus on the strategic requirements for plans. Hence, you have to identify to analyze the entire processes to make strategic planning.
  5. Describe milestones: The milestones are very important for each program or management system. Most of the businesses are concentrate on the milestones of any process to ensure the part of the process is successfully completing.


Examples of training plan templates for excel & word

Creating a training plan is not easy task if you have multiple job and activities within your organization. Hence, you need to well organized template which may cover entire program. The training plan templates may provide you strategic and specific steps which require to complete any goal on time. Even more, when you are expecting to create plan for any specific training subject, or any topic which is easier to merge in planning section. Hence, here are some ready made templates which are very simple, attractive and useful for the business needs.

Employee training plan template

Employee training plan samples
Employee training plan template

Download Employee training plan  | PDF Employee training plan template

Mostly when business expecting to provide training to their employee, a team leader or department head identify the competence gap for each employee. This gap may bridge through provide sufficient training to each employee within their department. Hence, they need to develop training plan template to go ahead for training program. The employee training plan template may cover the details which are require to provide in the training to make competent, and increase individual skills. This ready made template may extract do for you. You can download this template, customize as your business requirements.

Training plan template excel

Training plan template excel
Training plan template excel

Simple Training plan template excel Download | PDF Training plan excel template

When you are dealing with complex manufacturing or engineering process system. You have to needs a proper system that may organize tasks with more unique and segregated. Same thing can be requiring for the training plans. Well-organized planning may help to manage the topics, training objectives, strategies etc. with specific sequences.

Hence, you need a unique application that may help you to manage multiple systems, processes, tasks and planning section on time scale. Mostly training calendar, planning section and improvement monitoring system can be possible with excel sheet. Even it is easy to organize the entire plan in single worksheet. To consider the complex training requirements, schedule management, and multiple topics arrange, excel sheet is perfect in this regards. Here you can see the training plan template with multiple facilities, auto management and calendar system which you get the benefits to organize your plans.

Sample Training plan template

Sample Training plan template
Sample Training plan template

Simple Training Plan template Download | PDF Training Plan

This sample training plan template is specifically designed to monitor and track the various tasks and activities within the department as well organization processes. For creating effective training plan template, you have to list out the employees’ jobs, activities, outcomes from process, gap analysis results and potential upgrade details. This template may help you organize the training programs with effective way.  More, the specific sample training program may help to increase the employee’s performance.

Free Training plan template

Free Training plan template
Free Training plan template

Example template for training plan download | PDF Training plan

Usually the training plan can be monthly or annual, which is also called calendar plan. Hence, here we tried to provide ready made annual training plan template which is much appropriate for the small scale businesses. This annual training plan template may cover the training requirements, participants name, trainer name, planned date and current status. This is cool free training plan template which will be very useful for your business to manage annual training.