Employee Training Report format

Free Sample Employee Training Report Template – Examples & Formats

The training report is formal document may contain training summary, training topics and entire program description. This is actually review of training program that used for reporting to management. The reporting may include – planning, actual performance, and potential improvement.


The document may help to documenting the evaluation process of the entire training, or even certain part of the training. Through the training reporting, management can get better idea about the existing individual’s status, even they can easily deploy any further training program if require. In the businesses, the reporting may be actually assessment of individual employee’s status after attend training program.


What to include in the training report sample?


The formation of the reporting may be different – It is all depending on the nature of business, types of training and management requirements. But, the key information and contents which are necessary to include in the reporting as following:


Key Training objectives

It is obvious that, when you plan the training definitely you had to focus on the objectives that you expecting achieve in line with business requirements. Even more, it is necessary to focus on the key objectives to achieve desire outcomes.


Participants & trainers

Including list of participants is necessary of this reporting. There may be require to include details of each participant and trainers that actively involved in the training program. Typically, participants related information such as department, type of training, skills etc. are require to includes. Same as which trainer had conduct which training program is also specifically needs to describe in the reporting.


About Training

The reporting is actually about training program, hence it is much important to describe which type of training, what subjects and topics, even what the key training needs are also require to include. The reporting focus on the major points and key needs – The review of entire training programs.


Major Challenges

The reporting should be includes major challenges, that related to skills of employees. Typically, the section includes conclusive details of challenges that came out during the training, even more it may include, what usual issues related to skills, as well as job performance.


Potential solutions & recommendations

As the part of the reporting, reporting team can mention their potential solutions related to issues, problems or even any challenges that identified. These solutions can be in form of recommendations or suggestions that usually given to management.


Sample Training report template

Example of Training report format
Training report Excel Sheet


This sample training report template is specifically design for the industrial requirements. Typically, the training reporting is including major requirements concern to individual employee trainings, skills and job requirements. Herein this report you can include, name of department, year of training, job definition – or special skills requirements, competency measurements, competency for each position, course materials, schedule of training, program, feedback from trainee, personnel history and position in organization chart. This is completely different type of the reporting where so many things that needs to include – This reporting is are much helpful for heavy engineering, metal and mineral industries, or automotive parts manufacturers.


Using this sample report, you can manage multiple department’s training reports with much variety of information. Even more, you can also manage multiple years in the single report if you expecting to do it. The report is generally focus on the specific training – each training is depending on the department of the participant, mean each job requirements, competency measures as well requirements of skills can be different.



Employee Training report template

Training report format for Excel
Excel Sheet – Training report


Every organization is arranging the training for improve the skill level of their employee. When the business expecting to review their training program – monthly, quarterly or even annual, they refer the training report for further training programs.


This employee training report is simple but usual in the businesses. This kind of reporting is much easy for preparation, reviews as well as taking decisions to see at a glance. The reporting having a two major parts. First is for general details such as company name, address, as well as contact details. The report is needs to prepare for individual employee hence, you have to describe employee name, employee id, department etc. At the second section you can create table for reporting about the training. This table may include training name, duration of the training, trainer name, training status, and certificate number, if provided.


You can also include some more details to make the reporting more specific. The training topic wise or specific details which make your report more helpful for management.


Blank Training report template

Simple Blank Training report format & Template
Blank Training report

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When you are going to create a training report, you can communicate and discuss with the trainees about the training program. This is actually necessary to know what they had learned from the training, as well what they more expecting from the upcoming training programs. The reporting must have an objective; hence you have to focus on the key objective that management take necessary actions to review the report.


The report can also include summary of the training, as well its analysis to make easier for management to understand the reporting contents and fulfill the aim of this reporting.