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Employment verification form | Eligibility verification

An employment verification form is a document may use to verify eligibility, previous experience, historical records, and personal behavior of potential employees during verification of employment process.


However, some organizations such as money lender and banks are often used to verify borrower’s present and history of job stabilities to ensure their potentiality of returns of their investment of loans. Typically, they can also use this form to maintain individual records to fill out details of employment verification process.


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How do you verify employment?



This is actually practical procedure to verifying individual’s employment eligibility to review previous records of the potential employees. This is probably much important to obtain candidate’s permission before conducting this process. Usually following types of verifications are conducts:


Candidates Basic Information

This is common requirements that during the eligibility verification, some basic details such as name, address, telephone number, social security number etc., are needs to verify.



One of the important things which is generally employers can verify for understand inter sight of employee’s behaviors. They can check the employee’s work habits, integrity, regularity on job, co-operative manner, attitude. Overall’ how potential employees previously was behave discipline at works.


Employment History

Obviously, the entire exercise is to identifying the eligibility of potential employee through this verification process. Hence, it is much important for employer to understand the previous experience as well details of history of the potential employee’s job. They can verify – Position of job, start time and end date, salary, job duties & responsibilities, reason for termination of job, as well rehire eligibility.


In the business environment, due to tough competition of the employment, the verification processes are becoming much more high quality. Hence, each job candidates should be carefully deal with employers to makes their records more eligible, clean and favorable.



Sample Employment verification form

Employment Verification Form

Company Logo


& Company Name

Details: Company Name & Address Here, ABC Street, NY 00000

* Phone: 555-555-5555 * Fax: 555-555-5555

* Email: emailaddress@email.com * Website: www.websiteaddress.com

Part I. Applicant Information – To be completed by applicant

Name:________________________________ Employment Number: _________________
Position Title: ______________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
Telephone: Business _____________________________ Home ____________________

Part II. Employer Verification – To be completed by supervisor or personnel officer.

The individual named above is applying for Position Name in Company Name Here. Please verify the employment status for this individual:

Name: _________________________________ Position Title: _______________________

School Division: ____________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________
Telephone: ___________________ Nature of Association with Applicant: _____________

Have any disciplinary actions been taken against this applicant by an immediate supervisor or by the Higher Authorities?
_____Yes _____No


1. ______________________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________________________________
5. ______________________________________________________________________

Signature: __________________________________
Date: _______________________________________

Standard verification of employment form


Simple Standard verification of employment form
Verification of employment form

Sheet Download

In the business environment when you are going to hire a professional, you have to need to make sure that the all the information should be furnish in the application form. Such as name and address, social security number, contacts etc. Even this details must be verifying with employment verification form. This form you can download from this website, or even you can create your own from scratch.


Actually there are two major section in this format. First section is completing by applicant, and second should be fill out by employer as part of the verification process. In the first section, there are some common details are requiring to fill out, and employer will be reviews this details accordingly.


During the creating an employment verification form, you have to note some things that much important for this process are:


  • The form must be described employer as well employee’s basic details such as address and contact details.
  • In form, there should be one option included to get permission to verify physical verification if require, such as previous job stability and historical records. Mean you can add sentence such as ” I am agreeing to verifications of my previous job details, qualifications, salary, skills and related details of previous jobs. I am giving permission for verification.” – There must be potential employee’s signature.
  • You have to ensure that all the require points, key information and historical details of candidate’s job are covered.


The details of the form should be reviews and check before it makes as “standard format“. All the details must be covered to avoiding any communication gap between the company and potential employees.



Employment Verification form – Example Template

Printable Employment Verification form format
Employment Verification form

Excel Sheet Download


The form will be help you to obtain some important background information about potential employee, even you can check it on permission of him. The form should also give an estimate time duration – how long this process will be taken to verify as well what criteria that makes the potential employee eligible. However, it is all depends to get a response from the previous employers. But, the basic idea you can get to review this form about total consumption of time, and what will next.


Typically, the following information are used as proof of previous employment:


  • Letter from employer(s). The detailed letter with company’s logo and letter pad is one of the proof of the previous employment.
  • Pay stubs. Practically, the paystubs usually mention some basic information such as full name, employer’s name, contact details, etc.
  • Bank statements. Mostly businesses are now sending the salary online, wire transfer or any similar pay method. The bank statement is one of the important document that can used as proof of the employment.
  • Tax Returns. This is actually one of the important document. That may having all the details – that show the actual employment’s status and salary figures. Even as well other benefits if employer’s are provided to potential employee.


The key aim of this entire process is to verifying and cut out inferior employees, as well ensuring the business only hires the genuine and best employees.


Importance of employment verification form



Now days businesses are making a strong verification system to avoiding diminishing false information. There is actually much possibility for the significant number of job applications with falsify information. Hence, this is actually moral responsibility of employer to verify such details, to judge with genuine candidates. The below points that describing importance of the employee verification process as well as form are:



  • The employer verification is specific process to identify, if falsify information on resumes.
  • This is actually moral responsibility of the employer to verify that whether the written information on resume is “true” or just “fabricated” information by the employee.
  • It may help to ensuring the company get only hires the genuine as well best employees.
  • Once the verification process completes, may be some applications exclude, as results it may reduce waste of time in the further process.
  • The poor hiring process, or poor selection can be damage the reputation of the business as well may be in risk for regular business’ tasks.



Mitigate the applications with falsifying details and Jud with genuine candidate is primary aim of this process. The process practically much helpful for reducing possibility to losing the importance of hiring process.