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Free Estimate templates for Excel – Cost |Work | Job Estimate sheet

An estimate template is a document may contain an approximate calculation of the numbers, values, quantities, or figures with extracting payable. Most of the businesses are using this tool to provide estimate costs for product or services as on customers’ expectations.

As return of the customers’ inquiry, creating a work estimate / job estimate for a customer is initial stage of the processing customers’ order. Usually, it may contain the product / services name, estimation of the unit, total estimated cost, process schedules a tasks management are common. The estimate template should be detailed cost estimate that may also include associated details to propose for job.

Usually, most of the businesses are preparing the estimate template with includes the timelines, conditions of sales, payment and schedules as well evaluation process of product or services.

What is purpose of estimate template?

The main purpose of the estimate template is to provide structural document which may cover approximation of values, numbers or amounts as per customer request. It is obvious that when customer have any requirements, they will be asking for estimation for any job, product or service. It may use to comply their needs through providing estimate cost of their customers’ request through estimate template.

Providing probable cost

At the initial stage of any development either it may be manufacturing, engineering or construction program, the customer requires an approximate value. Hence, Customer may ask to their supplier / contractor or developer to provide estimate values of entire program. As response of the request of customer, they will be providing an estimate for it. This estimate may also cover the potential consumption of time, resources and manpower. Hence, customer can get the idea about the potential cost of the project.

Estimation of the duration

It is obvious that when customer going to start any project, they will be asking to many approved vendors for quote for different vendors for different products. They will be providing their estimate costs for product or services as response of their inquiry. As standard of estimation, they will be providing a delivery time, or schedule for provides their best possible date. Hence, customer can get initial idea about approximate time from the estimation of the entire requirements. As result they can also describe in their project duration from these inputs. Hence, there are more probability for generating order, and it may increase the business of estimate provider.

How Business can get benefits

You can’t judge direct benefits of the estimate template, but it will be increase the efficiency of the resources. Mostly businesses are creating their own estimate template which may consume time and money. More, for each new inquiry you can manage the information with estimate template, there are no require to fill out and design the template again and again. Hence, it will be increase efficiency.

Tips for creating estimate template in excel

When you are making an estimate sample in Excel, many things have to be kept in mind. Because this template may be used for a second time. And the information contained therein can be changed and enhanced. If you are making an estimate sample for the first time, you will not realize where to start? And to arrange all the information and how to give it a formula in Excel so that it can be used repeatedly. So, here you can get idea, how to create an estimate sample in Excel:

Preparation for estimation template details

First of all, you have to update you’re all the basic details of the business such as:

  • Business address, contact details, company name and logo etc. should be update with the excel template.
  • List down the product or services as per customer’s inquiry.
  • list out the entire process, resources and details of planning.
  • Estimate potential delivery, payment and other terms as per product requirements.


Simply, there are so many points that you have to pre-define before creating an estimate template or edit the template. Some information which are much important should be ready for fill out in the template immediately.

Update general details at top of the template

Excel has facility to insert the picture from your computer. You have to insert your company logo to select the second option from your top menu of excel application. Later on you can update your company information such as address, contact information, emails etc. Even you can also use your letter pad head instead of this information.  At the second part of the same section, the details of customers should be fill out to take reference from your customer inquiry.

Describe estimate related details

At the second section of the estimate template, you have to describe the overall details of the estimate. It can be estimate number, date of estimation, place where from the estimation is preparing etc. This details may use by customers for further communication. Hence, this is very important details.

Short Description of Job or work

Here in the section of estimate template in excel, you have to describe the brief details of the job. This details will be coming from customer’s inquiry which is expectations received from customer.

In section of quote estimation

At here in, you can use the advance tools, formula of the excel. Because the details may be concern with figures and numbers which may require to auto calculation. In this area of the quote estimation, you have to describe details of the product or services, Short description of the materials, Unit prices and estimated amount. At the end of the table, you have to use the sum formula for total the amount.

Details of taxes & Levies

Actually, there are two ways of the considering taxes and levies in the quote or estimate cost. Either you can describe the taxes separately, or you can describe as ” Including all taxes”. In case of your business needs to describe the taxes separately, you have to do so. Here in the excel you can manage with direct amount or as calculate percentage of sum amount.

Charges, Inspection, transportation etc.

Some of the charges details should be require to describe separately in the estimate template. Because this details can be varying, or depends on the product, geolocation etc. Such as the product needs to special inspection then you have to describe the inspection charges separately. In case of the more or further transportation to deliver the materials to customer can be also show in the template specifically.

Acceptance signatures

At the bottom of the template, you have to make the space for the customer signature. Because this is very important for you to make sure that your customer is understand the quote, taxes, and all details which you provided in the estimation.

Estimate templates Download in Excel & PDF Format

An estimate is simply quotation for particular job that given as response of customer’s inquiry. It may include the cost of each task that involve in the task which about customer asking you. Hence, you have to provide the estimate by professional way.

Actually, estimate is not guaranteed amount as it is subject to change at any given point in time. Hence, this may be approximate values which may give the idea to customer about approx. amount.

It is really much important that you can’t spend time to creating standard estimate template, because the business peoples can have multiple tasks that needs to complete in limited time. Hence, here you can find the best readymade templates which have many variety and functions.

Free Estimate template excel

Estimate template excel template
Free Estimate template excel

Download Excel – Estimate template | PDF Download – Estimate excel template

This is very simple and unique template would be helpful when you want to create estimate for some product or services. Actually this template is made with excel application, hence it will be easier for you to calculate each item rates, total amount as well taxes too. You have to just enter the product name, estimate time of complete, estimated cost and done. This is very Excel estimate template which is automatically calculate the values. You can download this ready made template free.

Cost estimate template

Cost estimate template Excel
Cost estimate template

Free Cost Estimate template download in Excel | Cost Estimate template in PDF Download

There are so many methods to identifying the costs for the project. Cost estimate template is one of the important document or tool that may help you to estimating the cost for a part of work or a project. This technique is unique and widely used in many business segments. Actually its makes the baselines of the costs, hence any effective change may require to highlight. Even for complex or multiple project you have to require detailed estimation of cost. This template may comply your requirement with sufficient way.

Simple estimate template for excel

estimate template for excel template
Simple estimate template for excel

Estimate Templates for Excel Download | Free PDF Download for Estimate template

This simple Excel estimate template may include item wised part for hiring product unit rates, figures of sub processes, labor charges, resources and other charges. Here in this template you have to just enter the details and amount, all the fields will be automatically update. Because this template made with excel, where pre-defined formula will be done this job.

Construction estimate template

Construction estimate template
Construction estimate template

Sample Construction Estimate template – Excel Sheet Download | Estimate template PDF Download

Actually there are so many software that provides a construction estimate, but it may be costly and time consuming job. Further, sometime all you require is simple document to provide an effective information of your project. Hence, here you can see some ready made template which are specifically design for construction units. This construction estimate template may include basic details such as quote of item, labor charges, materials details, any legal changes, permits etc.

Job estimate template

Job estimate template Excel Sheet
Job estimate template

Example Excel Sheet – Job Estimate template download | Download Free PDF 

A job estimate is actually gives an idea of costs based on some brief description of job. It may also contain details of schedules, delivery date (proposed), terms and condition as well payment management and schedules. Normally, the job estimate is not providing any guarantee the cost of product, or even about the changes any time in future. Hence, it cannot be legally binding.

Project Job estimate template

Project Job estimate template
Project Job estimate template

Example of Project Job estimate template download excel | Project Job estimate template PDF

If the business has multiple tasks or project, even the project having a complex system that the estimating the entire project estimation is very tough for business. Hence, the estimate template can give and idea about the initial rate of the project tasks. Usually the project estimate guide may cover the starting and end date, details of project, customer details, we as well outcomes details too.

Painting estimate template

Painting estimate template
Painting estimate template

Free Painting estimate template – Excel Download | Sample Painting estimate template download PDF

Normally most of the estimate templates are comes in the tabulated form. This painting estimate template is also formatted with similar format. Hence, this template looks attractive and easier for fill out by use. This painting template is specifically designed to provide estimation of the cost of the job. You can download this ready made template, customize it and use for your business.