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dThe event planning checklist is a document may help to check steps, resources of the event planned. This document is much important to track every stages for an event to be successful. The efforts of implementation can be easier to compare with planning sections. However, monitoring of each one’s deliverable on time, and verifying their progress may helpful with this checklist.


Actually, the event planning checklist used everyone to be aware of their responsibility. The planning management can use this template to review and monitor existing status of the event. In short, when you plan the event, you have to check out the status that each event should be done on time.


Download the event planning checklist template that specifically has been designed to create planning any event. With this template, you can easily address all the aspects, budget, resources and, event planned can be review one by one. It may also allow you to make any brief note on any part of event, activity, process or responsible to remember for any improvement.


Examples of Event planning checklist – Excel sheet Download


Choosing a right event planning checklist is much important for successfully complete the event plans. If you really expecting to monitor your event planning is on right track, you definitely have to create, or download event planning checklist. Best template may give an advantage to keep everything well-organized, as well review status.


With the single event, there are so many activities and multiple tasks that you need to handle at same time. It is much possible to forget any task or forget using the resources that may be consuming much time. Obviously driving each task, resources, manpower as well time management… it’s all things are much important for organizing an event. That the reason, you can use the event planning checklist where pre-defined, or even you can add more activities which are relevant to your event.


Event planning checklist template

Blank Event planning checklist format
Printable Event planning checklist for Excel

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If you have been endowed responsibility of event planning, the checklist template may be necessary to check out planning. Preparation of entire event may be difficult task, and can be much tough affair if you don’t have proper document. At the same movement, maybe there are multiple activities, tasks that you have to complete over the time. Hence, checklist makes your work easier by verifying each task in order. The planning checklist may help to arrange entire event’s activities in order, even later on you can verify the existing status. Normally, the checking of the task completion may be done through checkbox, which mostly you have to put down beside for tick mark. You can ensure that the either task is complete, you can tick OK or you can black it if not complete.


Simple event planning checklist

Useful event planning checklist sheet
Planning checklist for Small and medium events

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The event planning is actually pre-event planning which needs to start preparing from at least 3 to 4 months. All the steps that require to stay updated about the to-do tasks, resources check out, manpower etc., things to be needs to verify. Even more, with this event planning checklist you can put up the tasks on priority as require to complete over the time.


Typically, the event planning is starts with ideas, brainstorming, arrangement of resources etc., things that organize in order to priority. Each require task, sections that cover budgets, advertisement type of important points, and handling event may be on priority. Hence, the checklist helps you to monitor these entire process, even gives reminder if you anything miss during the implementation.



Printable event planning checklist

Event planning checklist sample
Blank event planning checklist

Checklist – Excel sheet Download

Whenever you are going to plan any event, what will you do first? – Drafting the event! – Yes… This checklist is absolutely providing and drafting facility along with checklist too. You can manage your event’s planning, activities, budget with this checklist. Later on you can check out each task over the time. As you know, To-do list is much important for the event where multiple tasks are requiring to complete once you plan entire event. The checklist will be also helpful to arrange each task in order to priority of tasks.


Instant list of benefits to using event planning checklist


  • It may be help you to organize your tasks more effectively. Even you can check out each tasks are on priority. Typically, its time saver job.
  • You can put down your ideas, your visions and your best thoughts on front on the events.
  • Easy to organize event’s tasks, activities, resources, manpower, industrial expertise.
  • Helps to manage your budget with time to time review the actual costs.
  • Though checklist, you can monitor, how much tasks are complete before the event, and what resources, manpower are requiring for further.
  • You can realize by checking status, what are require to on priority.


How to write event checklist template?


Basic information

At the initial stage of the document, you have to describe some basic information, naming and tentatively schedules of an event. Typically, the section may include the name of the event, date and time, location and brief details of the purpose. The general section can also include some common or typical information about the event where reader can understand about the entire document.


Promoting and advertise

Whenever you are going to arrange the event, it is very important that the publically it makes popular before it launch. Hence, it should be well promoting and advertised at appropriate locations. Here in this section, you can include the name, group or organization who will be handle the entire campaign of the promotion and advertisement of the event.


Ideas and brainstorming

The event always needs a best ideas and brainstorming to establish great and successful event. The best ideas are requiring pre-event, even event planners should also need to brainstorming to make the event memorable. This section will be help to incorporate best ideas, and points that comes from the brainstorming can be manage herein. Even with checklist, check boxes will be help to address these ideas and points comes after the brainstorming.


Financial setup

Obviously, it makes complex when you have tight budget for organizing an even. The budget is one of the important factors that directly impacting on the entire plan. You can utilize the budget with this document and incorporate all the require steps that make your comfort financial setup for an event.


Procuring and arrangements

To run multiple tasks to plan best event needs a resources. The procurement process is much important to cut out expenditures of entire budgets. Herein this section, you can describe the basic lists of supplies and suppliers that qualified for the items. The arrangement of the items requires to complete successful event may be requiring to describe in this section.



Herein this section, you can create schedule for entire event. The plan of each task and activity require to schedule on time scale. There are many ways to detailing the schedule with best management. You can describe with timeline, tabular format etc.


Reservations & Arrangements

Whenever you are going to plan any wedding event, birthday party or anything which related to celebration. You have to arrange all the require things, as well reserve venues in advance for particular event. First of you have to clear how much space, rooms, budget or anything related to event required. You have to make the clear list with its specific measurements. It may help to arrangement the pre-event plans.


Typically the one week before the event, it is very important for the event planning team for pre-plan the event. However, all the things should be requiring to re-check. Even more, they should be ensuring that all the details are absolutely secured, and arrangements are completing.