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An event registration form is a document may use to processing registration of person that commit for spend time and/or finance to participate in event. The registration form is part of the event planning in which to using the register one or more attendees are filling to complete the registration process.


The Event registration form is one of the important document of the event planning. Whenever you are organizing any event, obviously you have to keep records of each guests, attendees who will be going to participate in the event. Even this is key requirements of the entire event management.


Within this process, the registration may help you to gathering information of the total number of guests. Even the details which may helpful for various purposes such as an emergency, further contacts or taking a feedback on event. Mostly this form is widely used for seminars, conference, musical concert, etc., where peoples are joining the public event.


How to Create an Event Registration form?


Describe clearly event’s agenda


Obviously, people will be join you if they understand what actually going to happen. They should be clearly understood the key agenda of the entire event. You have to know what actually things very definitely require to be knit in the best way. The things that may attract to peoples for register their self to your event, you have to describe such things with highlight.


Choose right words


Whenever you are going to arrange the public event and you are going to ask to peoples for registration. You have to use respective words that may help you to invite to peoples to attract more peoples.


Highlight Key Events


Peoples are always reading, as well as focus on the things that they really interested. Hence, you have to highlight those things that are main attractions of the event. Such as any “Hollywood star” will be chief guest, as well will be perform any “song”.


Select Right Format for your Event registration form


This is one of the important thing that you always need to care about. The right format much helpful to your guests to fill out form much quickly. You have to simplify the things that makes awkward to fill out during the form. The event is actually representing the kind of event, hence it should properly describe the requirements, and focus on the contents that guests much easily understand.


Proper design your form


The things are necessary for collecting information from the guests should be well-designed, and easily to understandable for peoples. Don’t make half information on “top of the Page” remains are in ” bottom of the page”. Mean You are asking for personal information – you have to describe step by step – or in same segment.

Helper’s contact


You have to put down the contact number of anyone who is handling the entire planning or event registration process. In case anyone having a trouble to fill out the form, the person can help them to complete the form accordingly.


Step 5: Make It Happen!


The design and color should be selected as per the norm and hence including them well and wisely should be the main thing. So now it is the dream step becoming reality, get your hands on and make the right way to get the final piece in hand, everything done in the right way!


Sample of Event Registration Form


Free Event Registration Form
Event Registration Form





Whenever you are going to create an event registration form, you have to take care of the contents. This is actually important thing in the entire form. Even, the form format, structure, design and its readability should be enough to easier for guest to fill out. The following components can include in the form:


Basic Information


At the initial of the format, you have to describe basic details of the attendee. Typically, it may contain the name, position, name of organization if any, address as well all types of contact details. This section is much important for the contacting the person at any needs. Generally, the section must necessary where all the details are requiring to complete without anything miss.


Details of Registration Fees


Whenever any person going to register its self as member or attendee of your event. It is very important about the fees and something that related to the payment should be clear and understandable in format. Usually, in this section may cover the registration fees, deductions any discount, or any other payables if related to event.


Event Details


This is very important information for the attendee. Herein you have to describe all the related information of the event schedule. Such as date, hours, Main guest, who will be host, who will be performs, how much time will be spend, what will be major attractions, tasks etc. There may be multiple dates, each date with all related details should be described in it.

  • Event name
  • Date of event
  • Location of Event
  • Registrant ID
  • Registrant name
  • Action time of event – start / and date


Payment Mode


In this section, you have to describe how you will be accepting the payment from the attendees. There you should describe various ways to pay for the registration. Herein you have to also describe the types of payment, banking or any other IDs.