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An Excel contact list template provides a platform where you can be creating collection of the peoples’ primary details to whom you know. This basic structure much helpful to keep remembering any contact details. The single contact list can record all your relatives, customers, friends, groups as well personal contacts.


“However, this is just a list”  Where you can manage your knowing people’s primary details.


The Excel contact list template is help you to keep track of your all contacts easily. Even it may also help to ensure all the contacts are organized well, and up-to-date. Well-organized contact lists much help for business as well as personal needs.


Uses of Excel contact list in business


Mostly in the business, there are multiple reasons that needs to contact-list such as:


General needs [All employee’s list].


Typically, in business environment, human resources department are using the contact list to recording individual employee’s records with systematic way. This contact details are often use to contacting any employee on any occasion or needs.


Use as management tool [Key employees].


In some cases, management is separately handing important contact details of their employee for various reasons. Practically, this is very important for management to keep in touch with their employee at any movement.


As Marketing tools [Customer list].


The contact list is actually, one of the important tool for management. I would like to say “Without contact-list such as like fish without water”. All the marketing tasks are start contact-list where multiple reasons can be involving to perform the tasks.


At Emergency [Employee list – which are working at high risks area].


Usually, safety officer prepares this list of the contact for keep track the existing employee’s status within the workplace. The records much helpful if – unfortunately any incident / accident occurred.


Procurement Needs [Supplier / vendor Contact list].


Usually, the purchase team can be maintaining the list to immediate contact with any supplier. This may be necessary requirement for the procurement team, to manage all the suppliers’ information, as well qualified vendors’ contact and associated details. Practically, to booking orders, purchasing any materials – enquiry or any other requirements can fulfill if team having accurate contacts details.


Quality team’s requirements [TPIs’ contacts list].


As you know, quality team may be frequently connecting with third party inspection agency for “product’s inspection”. They should have proper address and single contact point’s details which can be use in any immediate needs.


Billing Team [Customer List].


Billing / sales team can be use the list to contact their customer for various purposes. Such as billing issues, transportations of goods, packaging, location of deliver etc.



Accounting [Employees, Suppliers, customers, banks and market].


Actually, the largest database of the contacts-list may be handle by accounting in any business. Even they may be frequently connecting to each person which having a financial transaction. Accounting team should handle all the said contacts with their database, even they should be cross check over the time with other department.



Simple Excel Contact list template

Blank Excel Contact list format
Contact list template

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Using this simple template, you can keep track and manage your all contacts effectively. Typically, there are two types of the contacts lists are widely used. The first is simple / basic and second is detailed contact list. In contact list – you can include the name of the contact, address, phone number and mailing address.


Personal Use


Practically, the personal used contact list should have limited information in the contact list – such as contact / relative name, address, phone number and emails. This may be personal circle records of friends, colleagues, family members etc. However, when you are managing personal records, there are potentially more details can include as individual requirements.


Business Use

In the business environment, there are actually multiple types of contacts list may be required. Typically, the contact list includes contact name, contact address, personal email address, phone number, fax number, website if any, as well details of company name, company address. In some cases, some special notes can also possible to include such as – Contact for maintenance products, electrical products etc.


Professional contact list template

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Professional contact list Format

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Whenever you create a professional contacts list, you have to keep maintain the important things which makes your list more effective and easy to use. There are actually multiple things that make your professional contacts list much important such as describing associated details in the specific column.



If you are creating a supplier list, you can add field in note – ” Tools & Die supplier”, or ” Daily Attendance Register Supplier” etc.


This will be help you to track your contacts. Whenever you expecting to contact them, you can quickly find them. but you have to create the information or field with unique words, mean you have to keep maintain sensitivity of words. Maintaining contact list having some unique benefits which you get to using it.


  • The list may provide quick contact details, even make easy to identify any vendor, customer or employee.
  • Managing the contact details becomes much professional as well as well-organized.
  • You can maintain your list more systematically.


With this professional contact list template, you can manage a large number of contacts without any issue. This is actually much important for any business or even for personal.


Emergency contact list template

Printable Emergency contact list template
Emergency contact list

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When the business dealing with heavy machinery and equipment, as well employees are working around places which are high risk associated with it. The management should ensure staff records that helpful to contact immediately in any manner.  The emergency contact list is one of the key information which provides immediate contact details of associated professionals that may help immediately. Such as Doctors, Fire stations, Police station, etc.


Sample Contact list template

Sample Contact list template
Sample Contact list template

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The contact list template may help you to ensure that all the contacts are much effective organized and up-to-date.  The list may help you to keep important information about the personal as well business contacts. The data much helpful to manage the details such as person name, address and contact number, contact information etc.