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The Excel dashboard template is an Excel spreadsheet often used to manage and tracking key KPIs, metrics, as well as projects status. The template may use to best utilizing in the dashboard template to represent information through charts, tables and graphical views. Actually this is management tool that help them to take a decisions based on the overall status.


However, the Excel dashboard is one kind of reporting version, where all types of reports, status and forecasts may be involving to describe existing status. Typically, the dashboard contain key information related to specific process, department or overall business, which is simplify by visualize complex data sets of existing performance. The following ways are describing usage of the Excel dashboard templates are:

  • With the dashboard template you can present your existing business status to using data, entries, graph, charts as well analytical results.
  • It will be complete visual representation for a glance, hence it may help to quicker decisions.
  • This is actually one of the important management tools that capable to describe overall picture of the specific process, project or overall business.
  • Interaction with excel dashboard is much easy, hence you can manage it without any technical expertise.


These are actually common uses of the Excel dashboard template which is often use for representing existing status with simply processing data in Excel sheet. However, you can add some more functions and formulas may help you to accurate and more results.


Difference between Excel dashboard and report


The ‘dashboard’ and ‘report’ are represent existing status of business through the extensively data visualization. Both may be use charts and graphs to make the information more visual as a glance. Even there are some basic differences that makes it more effective and usable at its appropriate requirements.


Dashboard Report
It is a group of visualization of the existing status of particular process, project or overall business. It can be much length or say more stretch about any particular subject as limited.
The Excel dashboard can be concise and short. As same, report can be also short but typically it much longer in nature to dashboard.
Typically, the it can be much visual and easier to review at a glance. Reports may be mixed of the contents – texts and visual components.
It is actually specifically target the KPIs, specific process or even for entire business status. Reports may include much longer and precisely background and informative data sets.
Usually, the dashboard is often used to monitor at a glance. The reports are used deep information about specific subject that require to enough information to target topic.
The dashboard can’t include entire report or depth information. The report often used the dashboard with specific status.


Sample of Excel Dashboard template


Simple KPI Excel Dashboard template
Excel Dashboard template




Using our template, you can track key data points of the KPIs which trough you can take easily monitor accurate figures of each one. This is actually specific template that is made for maintain, monitor and update the KPIs of entire business. This is unique format where all the Key performance indicators can be managing easily.


As you can see the template, there are multiple features are used in the formation. The KPI dashboard having used table for inputs the Key performance indicators’ data, and graphs for the representing existing status or trends.


Key performance indicators (KPI) Dashboard Table


The KPIs Table is main element of the entire dashboard template. This is the inputs of all the graphs and reports. Herein the table you have to enter the values of each required field. This table may contain the product name, budget goals and actual goal, Next expenses including additional costs, revenues – goal and actual, profit margin in percentage – gross percentage and net percentage, at the last debt to equity ratio. Some of the fields will be automatically calculate as you can see in the table.


Debt to equity ratio


This graphical representation describing the comparison of the two major financial ratio. One is debt and equity. The debt to equity ratio are described to compare as per calendar years. Herein the calendar describing some years that you have to modify with actual years. This is actually for example only.


Budget and review


In with above graphs, you can see for budget and revenue details are used to compare – goals vs actual. This is basic things that every business is expecting to compare to analyze and understand the actual status of the business. through it, business can take the accurate actions as appropriate requirements.


Profit Margins


Actually, the graph represents the profit margin on each item. Typically, this graph can help to business. To understand which product is actually having a good margin. Even the management should use some other tools that create an action plan. But overall the profit margin is much helpful. When we expecting to overall picture of sales, growth, forecast as well product trend.


Product Wise analysis


In the budget and revenue graph for product wise analysis is most common and helpful graph. Usually, for business to understand the product wise revenue. The business can get the accurate figures of business. Or even get helps to understand at a glance. Typically, when see this dashboard.  – What actually budget for each product, and against what they actually revenue generating.