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Excel Inventory Template – Free Sample, Example, Format in Excel

What is Inventory template?

Inventory template is a document format to makes easier for set up, tracking, managing stock and makes simple transaction of item which you wish to organization in inventory management. Through the template, you can monitor the condition of stock such as the “stock on Hand”, periodic incoming / outgoing stock, as well as “cost of stock”. The templates can manage any form of inventory such as home inventory, stock inventory, personal inventory, food inventory etc.


Inventory management is not tough job if you have right tools at right time and manner. Because the inventory calculations, inventory internal storage and management and maintaining its each ttransaction is depending on your management tool applications. The inventory can be in any form and sectors such as office inventory, stock inventory, home inventory, personal inventory etc. Hence you need a specific format that help to manage such ways to easier for tracking, manage, and handling Transaction of your inventory. Here we provide a such tool in excel format that auto calculate, auto manage, as well as setup inventory fields as your requirements.

Stock inventory control template – Free template in excel sheet

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Stock inventory control template


Stock inventory control is part of the inventory management and usual in any manufacturing units. But effectively manage each stock item of the inventory is very important and tough job when having a multiple item with multiple shape or sizes. Here this simple inventory control excel sheet is one of the best options that help to manage stock inventory with effective control over the daily transitions. It must best option for manage critical inventory and optimizing sales and productivity.

This stock inventory control template will help you to monitoring, transits and control over the daily transaction, such as incoming and outgoing materials, reorder stock, reduce excess stock inventory etc. It may help to managing entire life cycle of your stock.

Software inventory template – Tracking, Monitoring & Organize Software Inventory

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Software inventory template / Software inventory template word / excel


Any IT department or IT sectors deals with a large inventory of software items know that keeping track of each software package is important. However, accounting of all the software inventory in ordinary inventory system can be very difficult. Because it’s can be making a problem for tracking, monitoring and organization by effective way.

Here we are providing a little specific format that different than typical inventory templates. When you have more number of software are available for a particular system, each software package is possible to maintain in a record. This template will help you to maintain each software details individually, as well all the details will help you to maintain inventory effectively.

Simple blank Stock Inventory Template in excel format

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Simple blank Stock Inventory Template / Excel / Word / PDF format


Simple blank Stock Inventory Template serves the initial functions that require for maintain stock inventory for businesses. That can be consumable goods, tools and dies, raw materials etc. which are generally used in manufacturing units. This simple stock inventory can maintain stock inventory with help you to track all the goods entered in the template. This template is made in excel format, which is easy to maintain, easy to use and easy for modification. You can download this template and use for your internal stock inventory management.

Employee Skill Inventory template

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Employee Skill Inventory template / Excel Skill inventory


Mostly in any business is maintain its employee’s skill inventory and re-check it at every end of the year. These processes are help to businesses for identify the gap in the employee skill for identify the training needs. Employee skill inventory can be managing all the individual skill and their job requirements. Hence organizations can maintain these records for improve overall skill of each employee and performance enhancement.


These Employee skill inventory template is specifically design to maintain each employee skills and its level of knowledge. You have to enter the details require to maintain competent to job, such as operational knowledge, ISO Knowledge, Maintenance, Lean, 5S etc. system knowledge that indicates the personal views. These is blank format that you can use as your requirements, you have to just enter the name of employee, skills details as you expecting from your employee and enter “key” which as you observe in your employee. The key is provided below the format as categorized for easier for observer.

Waste inventory template – Hazardous / Non-hazardous waste inventory

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Waste inventory template / Waste inventory template in excel format


If you are engaged with environment health and safety system that you have to do comply all the requirements of ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001. Waste inventory is necessary requirements of the OSHA system, hence you have to effectively manage all the waste which generating from various machinery and processes. Waste inventory template is part of waste management system, you have to categorized the waste in two section, that is hazardous and non-hazardous materials. If the materials are in hazardous categorized that, you should manage with special treatments in storage as well disposal processes. beside non-hazardous materials can treat as common materials.

Hence, the waste inventory template is very important in the case of hazardous materials are require to handle in your stock. This waste inventory template will help the manage all waste includes hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Because its specifically designed to maintain this kinds of stock for regular manufacturing processes.

Food Inventory template – Food Inventory List

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Food Inventory template / Food Inventory template Excel sheet / Food Inventory sample formats


Mostly in food serves businesses such as restaurant, hotel and cafe etc., are needs to manage its food inventory. Because most of foods can quickly became worse, it should be maintained with proper inventory and storage. Food inventory template can display those items which is quickly became worse in inventory. Those food inventory can be highlight with its expiry time. Hence shop owner can remove or quickly use those inventory for its regular use before it worse. A food inventory template helps you to keep records of your food stock. you can monitor your stock of how much food you have in stock. This template can also use at home food inventory.

Home inventory template | Home Inventory Excel Spreadsheet

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Home inventory template


It is easy to maintaining home item list with home inventory template. This document will help you to list out all the assets of your home. This list will be helpful if any unexpected incident occurs such as fire, theft, any natural disasters etc., may helpful for insurance purposes. Good thing is, you don’t need any special software to maintain your home inventory, here you can see the template is made in simple excel sheet. You can download it and use for your home inventory.

Personal inventory template

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Personal inventory template


In this template you can manage your personal collection such as your DVDs records, your computers and its hardware, your favorite books etc. This is simple as your home inventory template. Personal inventory template will help you track you’re all the records items with its name or category, along with its’ description. In this template, you can also add some column like purchase price, purchase date, specific storage location etc., will help you much and easier for find.

Equipment inventory template | Equipment inventory list

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Equipment inventory template


Every manufacturing business having a large number of equipment are used in facility. Hence it is very important to maintain each equipment with sufficient manner. Some businesses are using the special software for tracking, monitoring and record equipment inventory. But it can be costly for small scale units, so ready made excel sheet is very best option if all the features and functions are available with sheet.