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An exit interview is survey or meeting with an individual, who is being separating from its job and responsibilities. Usually, it is held between an employee and organization, to determine the employee’s reasons for departure. This interview process may hold, to achieve following purposes can be including:

  • Determine the employee’s reasons for departure, facts, and reasons about leaving the job & responsibilities.
  • Discussion with an employee to understand actual causes.
  • Overall experience of working for the organization, workplace, administration as well co-workers.
  • Light questionnaire to an employee to know general conditions and even employee’s opinions, such as about administration, rules & policies, weaknesses, internal system etc.

Obviously, exit interview is not pleasurable movement, however it is to learning event for organization. An employee being separate from an organization may be either voluntarily or through termination. But it is very important for organization to determine actual causes behind this occurrence.

Why Employee Feedback is important?

It is obvious that organization can’t process anything without any inputs. If organization expecting to improvement in the product or services, culture, business ethics, as well relationship between colleagues. It is very important for organization to determine some questions, to get state forward answers from employees. Even to who you ask questions, is also important at this place. The exit interview is one of the not pleasurable event, hence organization can get the right feedback from an employee. During the interview following feedback and information that will be needs to process are:

  1. Evaluate against the employee’s requirements is one of the important analysis which may be comes from as employee’s feedback.
  2. List out the employee’s issues as per feedback. These list may be helpful to create an action plan to address each issue associated with employee.
  3. The precious inputs from employee may help to increasing reliability among employees as well working environment.

The employee’s feedback may help the organization to get clear picture about the employee’s needs as well what organization have to step out for positive environment as well improvement.

How to conduct an exit interview?

In business, when employee leaving job is really very serious and challenging movement for the organizations. If any employee leaving their position, it makes chaos on work management. Organization can be organizing their works among other employee, until new candidate has to take over these works. It is always painful for co-worker, as well organization. Hence, each business is try to engaging their employee on the job, and build long relationship between both sides.

This the reason that, when any employee going to leave their jobs and responsibilities, business always want to understand the causes of leaving the job. Even more, try to determine the facts to holding “Exit interview”. So, here are the steps that will help you conduct exit interviews that your business can benefit from:

Prepare questions

Focus on key elements that you expecting to deliver to organization through specific question list. The list may help you to compare the situation and results on receive feedback from an employee. Hence, make sure that your questions list should be not to seem like script. Each question selected for the questionnaire section should be specific, and necessary, that mean it should meaningful for organization as well an employee.

Care during selection of questions

When the employee is leaving the job, that don’t ask such questions to the employee goes along with, which builds wrong belief about you and the organization. You have to make sure that, some questions which may give Irritate the employee should be remove from the list. Even more, avoid to ask questions such any harassment or discrimination.

Share your Objectives & Reasons

At the first impression, exit interviews can come across as intimidating experiences. Hence, employee will be always expecting to move, and departing for quickly and quietly as possible. So if you make clear about the interview’s objectives & reasons, much of the stress can be alleviated. Share your reasons for arranging the interview at the first on starting of the meeting. Even more, brief your goals; give the assurance you are not trying to assign blame, simply want to know the reasons for leaving the job.

List down the positive aspects of an employee

If you really want to improve the workplace productivity, and expecting decrease employee turnover, you have to find facts; mean identify company weaknesses & reasons behind employee leaving the job. This is perfect time to inquire about critical sides of company, even also for understand positive aspect of an employee.

Processing an employee’s feedback

As on completion of all above process, the next step is to collecting the information as well processing for reviews. This information will be help you to identify potential solutions, as well improvement of overall system of the company. Even you can also share this information to associated managers and supervisors, if company allow for it. Sharing of information with associates may lead the concern information, and may process of improvement.

Usually, this information can be use to visualize patterns in the feedback from the existing employees. These will be help you to eliminate possibilities of leaving job of existing employee. To preventing any grievance with system, rules, any co-worker or against management from existing employee.

The information you collected from the exit interview should be properly record in any document. Even, you can use the specific comment on each interview. In case of any similar issues or complaint against any may help to stop losing employees.

Exit Interview Questionnaire

To get honest feedback from an employee, you have to prepare some unique and reasonable questions. These questions may be help you to improve in the management on base of feedback. If you are expecting more valuable information during such interview from an employee, you have to consider these following questions:

Please explain the original situation, which prompted your job search. (What are your primary reasons for leaving?)

  • Do you have another job?
  • List 3 of the most positive things about your job.
  • List 3 things you disliked about your job.
  • How well did you get along with your Supervisor?
  • Do you feel your supervisor recognized your contributions?
  • How well did you get along with your coworkers? Do you feel you have sufficient resources to do your job?
  • How would you rate our benefits package?
  • Are the major problems you face during your tenure of service with us?
  • What were the positive aspects of the job while at our organization?
  • You would suggest to improve in the future?
  • What processes & systems can be improved in the future?
  • Can you comment on some of strategic initiatives, culture, values at our organization?
  • Any employee worthy of special mentioned
  • Would you consider rejoining as if there any opportunity in future?
  • What did you find most satisfying about your job?
  • What did you find most frustrating about your job?
  • Were there any company policies or procedures that made your work more difficult?
  • Would you consider returning to this company in the future?
  • Would you recommend this company to a friend as a good place to work?
  • Is there anything the company could have done to prevent you from leaving?

Exit Interview Templates & Forms

Most of the small businesses are using different types of human resources forms, which are makes their works easier. One of these forms documents, exit interview form is important document. This form is not just human resources department, but it’s outcomes may impact on overall procedures. Because the form is uses to conducting feedback from an employee, who are going to leave the job. These employee’s feedback will be helpful to improve in entire business processes.

Blank Exit Interview template

Sample of Exit Interview template
Blank Exit Interview template

Excel Sheet Download | PDF Format Download

Usually, most of exit interviews are held on last day of the employee at the organization. The contents and questionnaire may almost similar in different businesses or even segments industries. That the reasons that exit interview form can be helpful if the standard details and structure is use at any type of business. This above form template is also helpful to every type of business segment. Listed below are some of the essential information that you should include in a basic exit interview form are:

  • Date & Time of the meeting held, place where the meeting will be arranging.
  • Employee name who will resign along with position, unit and details of workplace.
  • Details of employee’s workplace’s tasks, responsibilities and job description in brief.
  • The name of the supervisor and/or manager of the resigning person.
  • Name of the personnel, who are going to take interview the employee.
  • Details of any specific guidelines, or instructions require during the interview
  • List of questions that questioner will be going to ask to the employee.

Questionnaire Exit Interview Template

Questionnaire Exit Interview Template
Questionnaire Exit Interview Template

Download Excel Sheet – Questionnaire Exit Interview \ PDF Download

In any exit interview form, questionnaire section is very important to collecting feedback from an employee. Some specific questions may extract the helpful feedback, which lead opportunity to improve the business processes. Here you can see above ready made template is focus on the questions that needs to ask the employee. You can download this template, and use for your human resources department.

Printable Exit Interview form

Printable Exit Interview form
Printable Exit Interview form

Exit Interview Template – Excel Form Download | PDF Form Download

It is obvious when you are going to conduct any interview, you have a hard copy of the questions and details paper. The exit interview can be face-to-face interview with an employee, who going to leave the company. Hence, the interview form should in hard format which though one by one question can be possible to ask. This exit interview form will be help you to print with any type and size of paper, you can download this form and print as your requirement.