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Free Fact sheet template for word (Doc Download)

A fact sheet template is informative document presentation of clear & concise data about a particular issue and emphasizes key points concisely for target audience. The sheet may have designed to represent some specific information and purposes. For businesses, it may contain product information, technical, specifications of products etc. to make the brief the information of a longer document.

With this sheet template, you can describe the information using specific information such as using bullets, headings, etc., to make them more prominent. In the business environment, often contains information convert into a shorter document from the longer documents along with all relevant information. The information should be clear, concise and target the audience. Typically, most of the businesses and organizations are creating their fact sheet in the word document. The Word Document is very popular application to managing fact sheet.

Reasons for Using Fact Sheets

The fact sheets can be used in a lot of purposes, the uses of fact sheets may vary depending on their functions, and target audiences. The following points may focus the purposes of a fact sheet:

Brief information

To consider the first “Rule of Thumb” of the fact sheets is – It should be one-page document. A page much be detailed the useful information should contain where all the key points can be merged and makes the effective communications. After converting the short document from the longer document, the key information should be still containing.


The formation of the sheet can be well-organized, such as all the key points can be indexed with proper tabs, bullets and/or headers. It can be looks like websites with manage tabs and proper navigation. The readability of the sheet can be makes easier for readers can glance on this highlighted key points and use navigations as well.

Point to point information

Actually, the best part of the fact sheets is, it gives a proper focus on the most pertinent facts. Even the most readers are always expecting that they get proper information with minimum reading. The fact sheets provide and complying the needs accordingly.

Minimal piece of paper

As you well aware, the fact sheets can be in a single page. You can print it with standard paper size, even on company letter head. The details of the sheet should be not fancy, that easier for the print, modify, revising and re-print. Some peoples are also calls that facts sheets are cheap sheet.

Penny of saver

The fact sheets are best saving ideas which though you can save your time, money as well papers. Whenever you create a soft copy or any things that you want to create a white paper, or fact sheet. You need limited resources require to do it. In short, fact sheet save the papers where you can need to print single page. It will save your time because readers as well you do not need to read much information.

Quick Guidelines for Fact Sheet Format

  1. “A single page is ideal” – The Sheet should be a page, if information is necessary include, try at least can’t more than two pages.
  2. The sheet must be readable, use some reasonable fonts to easier for reading.
  3. Make sure information of the fact sheet should be brief and concise.
  4. Important – key points must be taken on priority or proper highlighted.
  5. If the sheet is about products, all the technical, specifications and details of product must be specific and easy for understood.

How to Create a Fact Sheet?

A single page for a fact sheet is always ideal, hence you have to remember that before creating it. Remember that, there are actually two major components in the sheet are – contents and second is design.  The information of the sheet also should be brief and concise, even readability should be reasonable. You can bold or highlight some text which is much important in the fact sheet.

  • The formation of the sheet is initial requirements, that should be complete in order to create best layout. Remember that, the layout should be clear, create blank and white format if possible, and include table for best view.
  • One of the important thing in the sheet is headings. Make the headings with clear and appreciate size of fonts. Too big – too small heading can disgust reader.
  • When you are going to adding the contents of the sheet – take all the inputs from a varied group of peoples. During the creating a main body contains, take the experts advise mostly from the co-staff.
  • The details of the main body that is key points, and brief from the source documents must be reviewed.
  • Arrange the priority, which points, issues or information is important to emphasize in the sheet.
  • Identify key points by discussing with group, focus on points which are often comes in the meeting and discussions.

Once you define all the things, and set out the final contents for the fact sheet. You can manage the contents on designs with bullets, headings, as well highlight important points to catch reader’s eyes on it. You can also add graphs, tables, charts that depending on information you are using for the sheet.

Fact sheet template

Simple Project Fact sheet template
Project Fact sheet template


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Final Words!

When you are going to create fact sheet, very first you can check the template and use as reference document. In case you aware how to layout the sheet, you can take next steps. Re-check and review the entire sheet is very important. Check all the sentence and spells are easy for understand. Try to make light words in each point. Make sure before finalize the fact sheet, all the important points are addressed in the sheet.