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Family tree template for Excel – Blank Tree Chart | Diagram

A family tree template is a genealogical chart may represent ancestry, descent, as well relationship of all family members. This pedigree chart may include relationships of many generations which is similar looks as conventional tree structure. In short, the family tree chart is used to showing ancestry relationship of all members of a family. This actually records of a family’s lineage in the tree structure form. Which is usually includes historical record of ancestry with down relationship with existing family.


Mostly in the school, student get the projects for family tree as homework. Actually, it’s not just a fun but also much important activities, even this is serious about researching your family lines. Typically, the genealogy projects may be start from the family tree projects.

First of all, you have to list out ancestry and then you can design it in the family tree structure.


With our templates, you can design the family tree very quickly and easily, there are multiple boxes and tools that we use it very easy to move, remove, add new and also easy for modify the entire design as per your requirements, you can organize your entire family information with our Excel made template.


Basic of a Good Family Tree template


Before creating a family tree template, you have to keep maintain proper way and systematic design that makes your family tree useful and effective. However, the design is not enough, you have to include all the important details as well all the essential elements in the family chart.


Proper planning


Actually, creating a family tree may be involving many processes and works that makes it huge and complex project. Hence, you need to proper planning for collaborate all the require elements and details that make your family chart more effective.


Understand who are your audience


Whenever you are going to create a family tree template, you have to keep understand – who are your audience is? Keep note that you are describing the confidential details in the family tree – about your entire family descent. I believe your family tree details are highly sensitive and secrets, beware revealing against any unknowingly.



Define the level of complexity


It obvious that some family tree chart may be much more complicated than others. Hence, it is important before creating a tree template you have to understand right live of complexity of a family tree structure. Actually, the level which you define of “complexity” may be directly affect the size and design, hence it is much important to determine the level accurately.


Define the scope


Before creating a family tree template, you have to clarify how big family tree will be? – what information you are going to enter? – what are the limits of the family members’ relations? there are multiple requirements that you have to definitely require to define the scope. You have to avoid some relatives which are far from your actual branch funnel.


Identify inclusive elements


The necessary details which is require to admit in the family tree must be include. Even some bad time – good time which directly associated should be involve in the chart. The history should be much realistic and point to point that make your family tree more effective and accurate.


Keep Accurate the contents


The information you are going to include in the family tree should be much accurate, to making a things much interesting – you should not include any improvement. The accurate information will be keep value of the contents of the family tree template.


Make well-organized the template


Whenever you are going start the making a family tree, you will be realizing that there are so many information, details that you have to needs to organize with specific formation. First of all, you have to determine – what will be structure of your template, and which part of the content will be take place at where?  Well-organized information will be much appreciating helpful for understandable and effective.



Final Touch


Whenever you collected information, design and contents you have finalize, now time to complete the family tree. Make sure, all the information is including which are much relevant to your family members. More ever, each detail are much appreciating helpful to understand about the member, even it should be comprehensive and accurate.


Simple Family tree template for Excel

Blank Family tree format for Excel
Family tree Excel Sheet

Download Sheet

This simple family tree template may help to managing record of your family with specific formation. This specific diagram may helps you to include recent four-generation in the family tree.

If you have large project – you can give cross-reference to each one. This template is made with Excel sheet, which is easy to use, customization and flexible for any changes.


There are also some multiple benefits of the family tree chart, this chart will be help for the future generations; they can get check their entire genealogical data for reference.


Family Tree Template – Printable, Extended, Word & Excel

Printable Blank format - Family tree Format
Family tree template – Printable, Extended, Word & Excel


The family tree template actually describes a full description of a family history – It may be starting form “great great grandparents to current generation”, hence, it much helpful to collaborate genealogical information in single format. Typically, the template helps to creating a relationship links showing between two peoples having actual relations. You can download this template and use for your personal needs such as school project.